Believe it or not, getting to bed at a reasonable hour – and waking up on time WITHOUT your alarm clock – is easier than many people make it out to be5 better sleep tips .

In order to good night’s sleep, you just have to be really smart about how you go about your pre-bed routine and focus on all of the five tips and tricks we were able to share with you below.

The overwhelming majority of folks out there aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep as they could or should be and are paying the price for it across the board. People are walking into work absolutely wiped out, crippling their productivity and causing all kinds of problems in their careers. Other folks are finding that a lack of sleep is devastating to their body and their mind, wreaking havoc on their health in a way that many people couldn’t have expected or anticipated.

Thankfully though, with the tips and tricks below, you’re going to look at how to sleep better at night naturally, get your sleep schedule right back on track and dramatically improve the quality of sleep that you enjoy at the exact same time. It really doesn’t get much better than this!

No matter what its likely time to upgrade your mattress to improve your sleep

The odds are pretty good that you have had your mattress for longer than five years, and the odds are even better that this is the number one reason that you aren’t getting anywhere near as much sleep – or as high-quality sleep – as you should be.

According to recent research, about 47% of all people lose at least three hours of sleep each week because their mattress is old, tired, worn out, and poorly suited to their sleeping habits. Mattresses are designed to be upgraded every five years or so, and if it’s been longer them that it’s now time to make a big change in the bedroom with this kind of purchase.

Get rid of as many screens in your bedroom as you’re able to

Scientists at the University of Philadelphia have found a very serious link between insomnia and high-level brain activity with the mobile devices and screens that we spend so many hours looking at each and every single day makes it harder to fall asleep.

Our brains have been developed over thousands and thousands of years to react specifically to light, and when the light from our screens interacts with our brains we aren’t able to “turn off” our minds and go to sleep. You may not be able to fall asleep without a little bit of white noise in the background (and that’s likely why most people leave their TV on), but it’s always a good idea to switch to the radio and keep your cell phones and tablets in a drawer somewhere to get sleep faster.

Cool things down

It’s always, always harder for the body to cool itself down as opposed to warm itself up which is why you’re going to want to make sure that you keep your bedroom as cold as possible.

You’ll definitely want to have blankets around to make sure that everyone sleeping in that room is comfortable, but start off at a baseline of a much colder temperature than you would have gone with originally and add blankets as necessary. You’ll speed up your ability to fall asleep and you’ll get higher-quality sleep on top of it!

Sleep on your side

There are all kinds of studies out there telling you the best sleeping position on your back, stop sleeping on your chest, or sleep in some crazy position to really maximize the quality of sleep you get each night but most people recommend sleeping on your side to get the best benefits – especially if you’re lucky enough to cuddle up in bed with someone close to you.

This leading position has also been shown to lower stress levels and relax the body more effectively, something that chiropractors recommend to each and every one of their patients.

Train yourself to wake up without your alarm clock

It’s really, really easy to hit that snooze button when your alarm clock goes off. Still, it’s almost impossible to hit your own internal snooze button after you have trained your body to wake yourself up at a particular time each and every single morning.

There are numerous different programs available online to help you train your body to know exactly what time it is internally and to wake you up automatically on a daily basis, and some of the best ones are available on YouTube.

It may take you about a week to really master this kind of approach but once you ingrained this activity and disability into your mind and your body you’ll have this skill for the rest of your life. It sounds kind of crazy and even a little bit metaphysical, but we can assure you that it is possible to train your body to know exactly what time you need to wake up – even if it’s something a little bit out there like 6:19 AM every morning – and it will definitely boost your quality-of-life and your quality of sleep from here on out.

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