Although the summer is almost over, it does not mean that you have to gain back the pounds you lost with so much effort. Luckily, there are various weight loss methods that you can choose from right now.

One of the best methods to not only lose a few pounds, but to also maintain your weight is exercising with a resistance band. If you have never tried it before now is the time to do it, as it is fun and extremely good for your body. More than that, they are affordable pieces of equipment that you need no extra space to use

Are you ready to get back to the ideal weight? Then try the exercises below and enjoy the benefits:

  1. Rotating lunges

Although this exercise seems very easy to perform at first, you will find it a bit more difficult after approximately 20 repetitions. Take a standing position with one leg in front of the other and the back heel lifted off the ground. Do a lunge and turn your body to the opposite side. Hold the resistance band and stretch it when doing the lunge. Go back to the initial position and repeat the same movements by bringing the other leg in front.

Rotating lunges

  1. Plie squat

Have you ever seen a ballerina doing a plie? This is what you will do while performing this exercise. Stand with your legs close and hold your arms up in the air, holding the resistance band stretched in your hands, parallel to the ground. Step to the right side and bend your knees in order to reach a plie pose, which is just like a lateral squat. At the same time, bring your arms in front of your chest and stretch the band as wide as possible. Go back to the initial position and repeat 15 times.

Plie squat

  1. Push-ups

This is the perfect exercise if you want to lose weight in the upper side of your body. You might think that it is one of the easiest so far and you don’t even need a resistance band, but you are wrong. What you need to do to perform this exercise is to take your normal push-up position and wrap your back with the band, placing its ends underneath your hands. Only then you can start doing some real push-ups that will help you burn the unwanted fat.


  1. Front squats

In order to perform this exercise, you must stand with your legs two feet apart, place the resistance band under your feet and hold its ends in your hands. Then, simply squat all the way down as you would do a normal squat. Your hands should reach the level of your shoulders when doing the squat. Next, straighten your legs, but maintain the level of your arms. Repeat at least 20 times.

Front squats

  1. Squat and Press

This exercise is exactly like the one above, with the only difference that this time; your arms must go entirely up in the air when getting back to the standing position. Therefore, keep your hands at the shoulders’ level when squatting and bring them overhead when rising.

Squat and Press

Do these exercises regularly and improvise some more if you feel like you could still train after finishing them and you will see a difference in less than one month.

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