Our bodies weren’t built for sitting down at a chair for hours and hours on end, literally hunched over and breaking our backs in the process.

Sure, the modern world has allowed us to lead better quality lives in most every respect – there’s better food, better healthcare, and a lot of leisure time for most everyone – but at the same time, our sedentary lifestyles are literally (and we mean LITERALLY) killing us.

If you’ve begun to feel like your back is betraying you, if you feel like your back is going to buckle at any point in time, and if you feel like just rolling out of bed after waking up every morning is going to cripple you, now’s the time to get back into shape and fix that posture of yours.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Stretch from the floor to the ceiling and back again

The most important thing you can do first thing in the morning – right after drinking as much water as you can manage – is to stretch from your floor to your ceiling for at least two minutes.

Stand up straight, reach down in front of you, and try to grab your toes without having your knees bend along the way. Reach down as far and as deep as you can, but take your time getting down there. You don’t need any herky-jerky motions throwing your back out bright and early!

Hold that bent over stretch for 15 seconds or so, and then slowly reach up to the sky and really stretch as much as you can. Hold that stretched out position for another 15 seconds, before rinsing and repeating the process for two minutes or so.

Stretch from the floor to the ceiling and back again

2. Spin some arm circles

After you’ve knocked out the floor to ceiling stretch, you’ll want to go right into making arm circles.

Spin your arms in circles, first going forward for a minute or two and then changing things up and spinning them in reverse. Start off with small circles that are tight and in close before widening things up again.

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Spin some arm circles

3. Bend-ups are going to make sure your spine is perfectly straight and super strong

Think of this move as kind of a reverse pushup.

Start off by sitting on the floor with your legs out in front of you. Slide your arms back as far as you can reach them (while keeping them at your side) and then push your hips up from the floor.

Do everything you can to get your body straight while pushing your arms out until your elbows lock. Hold this position for about 30 seconds or so, and then lower yourself back down. Rest for about 15 seconds, and then repeat this little back strengthening workout for as many reps as you can manage in the time you have available.

Bend-ups are going to make sure your spine is perfectly straight and super strong

4. Become a fish out of water and your back will thank you

This is a powerful move to really boost the strength and flexibility of your back, and to help you banish any of the tightness you’re dealing with from a less than perfect posture.

Start this killer stretch by laying down on your stomach, reaching your arms and legs out as far as you can. Tighten your stomach and abs and then raise your arms and legs up off the ground while leaving your tummy still tight on the floor.

Pretend that you’re swimming around for 30 seconds, kicking and splashing with both your legs and your arms (just like you would to swim in the pool) and then slowly bring your body back down to the floor.

Become a fish out of water and your back will thank you

5. Cobra pushups will work out all your kinks

This is a really simple and straightforward solution to fix any of your back issues, and it’s one you can bang out at the office or at home with no problems at all.

Get into the traditional push-up position, but instead of pushing your body up while keeping your back straight, instead, keep your thighs glued to the floor and bend your back up as much as you can.

It’ll do wonders for your posture!

Cobra pushups will work out all your kinks

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