The overwhelming majority of people out there are living with a lot of neck pain, a lot of tension in their shoulders, neck, and upper back area, and most just can’t get any relief.

Combine that with incredibly stressful days because even more pressure to be added on a daily basis and we’re talking about a volcano waiting to erupt. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that folks are some cranky and find it next to impossible to unwind even after they have been out of work for a handful of hours.Neck Pain

Thankfully though, with these 5 pain exercises, you’re going to be able to finally kick that pain to the curb once and for all. Not only are you going to be able to effectively treat and eliminate the neck pain that you’ve been struggling with (no matter how long that may have been), but you are also going to be able to eliminate the sources of the neck pain that you were dealing with – and that means that once the neck pain is gone it is gone for good.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

So let’s kick things off with these 5 neck pain exercises that you’re going to be able to get started with right away.

“Freeze” your back and banish neck pain

One of the best of the 5 neck pain exercises we are going to share with you below, “freezing” your back while you lay down is going to release a lot of tension in your neck and upper back. All you have to do is lie down on the floor with your legs up on a chair, bending at the knees. Simply raise your arms up off the floor until you get to a 45° angle and tighten your upper back muscles.

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Legs on Chair

Hold that position for as long as you can – ideally longer than 30 seconds – and you’ll literally feel a lot of the stress in your upper back and neck melt away.

The hairball position works wonders as well

Probably the easiest of the 5 pain exercises we have for you, all you have to do for this one is start off on all fours, walk your hands out about 6 inches, and then push your back into the air while allowing your head to hang loosely. Hold this position for two minutes without moving and you’ll notice your pressure release completely.

Squeeze back against a wall in the invisible chair positionInvisible chair

The invisible chair position is definitely a little bit more advanced, and it’s not exactly for folks that haven’t been even just the least bit active in the last year or so. There is a little bit of lower body strength necessary to get this process to work, so if you have to cheat a little bit to make it work until you build up that lower body strength don’t worry.

Essentially all you have to do is squat down to the sitting position, push your back up against the wall behind you, and then hold that position for as long as you’re able to with squeezing your shoulders and your shoulder blades together as forcefully as possible.

Eventually you’ll want to slowly roll your head from side to side while you are doing this, but don’t worry if you don’t have the time to write off the bat. Like we mentioned, this isn’t super easy right away.

If the invisible chair isn’t working, sit right on the ground

Should you find the invisible chair too much of a challenge right off the bat, you can always sit right on the floor with your back up against a wall and then pull your shoulders forward without allowing your back to leave the wall at the exact same time.

Hang your head, hold your neck, and keep this position for three minutes. The pressure will just go away, making this one of the best 5 neck pain exercises we know.

Laydown like a frog for 5 minutes to work out all the kinks

Lay down on the ground with your feet together put your knees apart and then push your palms out on the floor at 45° angles to your body. Lower yourself as close floor as you can get (so that you look like a frog) and hold that position for as long as you’re able to.

Allow your body to naturally relax, and make sure that you don’t tense up or put too much pressure on any of your muscles. After a short while (maybe 30 seconds or so) you’ll start to feel your muscles relax, and after two minutes you’ll feel like a completely new person.

It really doesn’t get much better than that, so make the most of the best 5 neck pain exercises we’ve been able to share with you in the details above!

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