Practically everyone at some point in their lives will encounter back pain of some sort. No matter what causes the pain or when it occurs, it is important to know ways of alleviating the pain. There are a few simple tricks you can use to end your pain.

1. Get a Proper Amount of Sleep

Get a Proper Amount of Sleep

One of the most common causes of back pain is getting an improper amount of sleep. The first step you should take is getting a full nights rest so your body can heal and repair itself. Good sleep is necessary for helping alleviate strained muscles and inflamed joints. A good rest begins with a good bed.

If you have noticed recent bouts of back pain but have not changed any major part of your typical physical routine, maybe it is time to invest in a new bed. Back pain could also be a traced back to poor sleeping posture. While many people find it comfortable, sleeping on your stomach is considered one of the worst sleeping positions for your back.

The goal is to sleep in a position that does not put a great deal of curve on your spine. The suggested position is flat on your back with only one pillow so as to not raise your head too far. At first, it may be difficult to change your sleeping position but can be a major difference in the long run.

2. Do Light Exercise

When back pains become a problem, one important step you can take to alleviate them is to do light exercise.Sometimes trying to rest through the pain is not enough so you should try various low impact exercises. These exercises will help relieve back pain by strengthening your muscles.

Exercises to try include walking, stretching, and yoga. Walking is a great way to relieve back pain. Start slow and pick up your pace over time. When you start out exercising, do not jump straight into anything too strenuous. It is important that you take it slow and do not worsen your back pains.

Do Light Exercise

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3. Lose Weight

Often times back pain is caused by an excessive amount of weight. The older you get the more detrimental your excess weight can be. Carrying around an overweight body puts an around the clock strain on your spine. This weight leads to a compression and overall pain in your back.

Often times, losing even just a few pounds can lead to a great change in back problems. Sometimes losing weight can be a difficult journey, but it is easier when you consider all of the benefits involved with weight loss, a healthy back included.

 Lose Weight

4. Try Physical Therapy

When trying to combat back pain, a helpful step to take is doing body weight exercises. There are classes all over that people with back pain can join. These classes specialize in working out any kinks that may be leading to your back pain. These classes also improve on your total health and will promote better posture.

Working on your posture is a good way to align the head, neck, and trunk. This new alignment will alleviate pain by distributing pressure across every part of the back and spine rather than specific places.Try Physical Therapy

5. Painkillers

While painkillers work to alleviate pain, they should only be used as a short term solution. There are several over the counter medications that you can take to lessen back pains. Most of these medications are anti-inflammatories. The typical drugs that can be bought in any over the counter drug store are aspirin, ibuprofen, and acetaminophen. These painkiller solutions should only be used for short term pain relief as they do sometimes come with side effects.

The most common side effects are problems dealing with the stomach or liver. Using these medications in excess can even result in death. It is important to talk with your primary care physician if you believe your pain has led to a point where you are now abusing over the counter medications.


6. Hot and Cold Packs

Another great way to help with back pain is by alternating with hot and cold. You Hot and Cold Packs should start with the cold and thenmove to the hot. You can either purchase a cold pack designed specifically for this reason or simply use the old frozen peas method.

It is important to remember that when using ice to never place it directly to your skin. Always use a towel and do not leave it on the area for more than twenties minutes at a time every couple of hours. After the cold pack is removed, you can immediately apply a warm pack or take a hot bath. This helps to reduce inflammation and penetrates deeper than what the cold packs can.


If or when you experience back pain, there are several ways you can work to get your body back into tip top shape. If none of the solutions seem to work for you, it may be time to see your doctor. Back problems are common, but can also be a sign of worse problems.

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