Be Happier in Life

We are indeed living in one of the most exciting times in human history, but incredible technological advances and experiences are making life more accessible than ever for most of us. The truth is that we too live in one of the most rapidly changing and stressful times in human history – and this has caused great anxiety for many of us

People report high levels of anxiety and low levels of chronic stress on an almost daily basis, and it’s easy to see why. The daily news bombards us with one scary story after another, and our social media feed is filled with choreographed images of idealized lives lived by our “friends” or more nightmare stories, and the economy bounces from one extreme to the other without rhyme or reason.

Fortunately, we no longer have to be hidden from happiness. The beauty of true happiness is always making sure that we really feel good and want to embrace all that happiness has to offer – and what it really takes to have those feelings is All you have to do is recognize and accept them. The following seven tips and tricks will really help you when you apply.

Come on let’s dance!

Start to listen more to your inner child

It seems that the daily hustle and bustle of adulthood is basically designed to consume us, overwhelm us, and force us to “go with the flow” and take more responsibility in the process.

Children don’t have to deal with all that static, but rather see the world as a land of opportunity rather than a land of problems and challenges so they can live their lives without too much stress and hassle. worry.

Embrace your inner child and enjoy the life you live and almost everything changes overnight.

7 Ways to be happier in life

Hunt for things to be grateful for

It’s very, very difficult not to be happy while trying to be grateful and express your gratitude because these two emotions are on opposite ends of the emotional spectrum and cannot co-exist.

Stop looking for what you can “take” from others and instead try to acknowledge all that you already have and can be thankful for.

Take one hand off the wheel

When we’re young we want to embrace whatever comes our way and really take the opportunity to control the things we couldn’t control as kids… but sometimes we do, the way we try to micromanage our lives without really acknowledging that nothing happens in a vacuum — most of the experiences we had would be totally out of our control.

Continue to direct your life as you wish, but also let go of the steering wheel and accept that you can never control everything.

Pull yourself out of the media mud

The media today (and, honestly, the media since the heydays of Yellow Journalism) is less interested in making sure that you are informed about the world around you and much more interested in publishing sensational and outlandish stories designed to strike fear into your hearts.

Long ago the media began to understand that fear works better than absolutely everything else when it comes to persuasion and capturing attention. This is why you hear stories about terrible car accidents, terrorist attacks, and other nightmare scenarios and so little about local volunteers and positive programs happening each and every single day.

Get out of the mud and you’ll find that happiness becomes a lot easier to embrace.

Learn the value of saying “no”

Most people are under the impression that they will be happy if they take on everything and everything they can and every opportunity that comes their way, but really all that does is add a lot of pressure, a lot of stress, and a lot of complexity while reducing happiness at the exact same time.

Say no more often and you’ll be able to “clear your deck” and pursue only the things that really make you happy.

Nurture happiness wherever you discover it

It’s a big mistake to think that you don’t have an active role in developing happiness in your life, but it’s an even bigger mistake to believe that once you find happiness you can just kind of put it on autopilot and let whatever it is that makes you happy right now do all of the heavy liftings.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Like anything worthwhile in this world, you have to be dedicated to working on developing more happiness, nurturing the things that make you happy right now, and finding new ways to expand the happiness that you have already discovered.

Organize your life, clean out clutter, and release yourself from the past

It’s really, really difficult to move forward while still carrying the anchor of baggage from the past – which is exactly why you have to jettison as much of that as you are able to in a conscious and active way.

By cleaning up the clutter you make more space emotionally for you to bring happiness into your life and everything becomes a lot more enjoyable from that moment on.

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