Many medicines are mixed with unhealthy ingredients and often harmful for the body and which is why half the world tries to avoid medicines and antibiotics where possible.

Not to derail from the topic here, but for lower back pain, many people consume painkillers to do the job, but such painkillers only temporarily soothe your pain and who knows the various chemicals in those pills could harm your body internally. So if you have a lower back pain, don’t panic, no need to spend big bucks on medicines and painkillers, just try these easy remedies that can help you heal.


1. Rest

So first you have got to rest. Everything else in the world can wait or be substituted, as your health is your number one priority. So take leave from your office, if you’re a housewife, cut down your chores or simply hire a temporary maid to help you out, don’t lift up heavy cartons and avoid such physical movements that will only hurt you more. So rest as much as possible

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2. Ice-Packs

Studies have proved that icepacks really do the trick! Just fill lots of ice in a plastic shopping bag and press it to your lower back, the ice helps reduce inflammation hence providing you the relief you’re looking for. This can be done for four or five times a day for a certain period of time depending upon the intensity of the pain you have.


3. Or Heat

For many people, hot is also their to-go plan. Where others benefit from ice packs, this is that part of the crowd that feels relief when the area is exposed to heat or hot temperature. Try soaking yourself in hot water or having hot water bottle pressured on the area aching, heat sources stimulate your blood flow easing your pain nonetheless.

4. Exercise

Back pain exercises are also a remedy and can be very simple and effective. You lie down on the floor with your legs making a 90 degree angle with a chair; your hands should be aligned with your torso, your palms facing up. Next, just breathe in through your stomach making your back relax. Do this for ten to fifteen minutes.


5. Lower Heals

When you have a screaming pain in your back, try wearing low heels. Heels more than one inch can regulate an uneasy posture putting stress on your spine, hence aggravating your pain.

6. Get a Massage or Two

Oil massages are usually a great way to ease your body. Many times when your lower back is hurting it is because of pressure or in some cases the muscles have stiffened giving a hard time to your back and spine, so dip your fingers in olive oil and slowly massage your back, this will not only soften up your muscles but also give you a sense of ease making it easy for you to recover. Massage it with gentle strokes, not too hard.

 Oil massages

7. How about a New Mattress

Another reason for aggravating back pain could be your mattress. Often old mattresses have lost all its softness and sometimes springs pop up, so be sure to change your mattress. When you sleep, make sure that your back gets a cushioned place to help it rest; hard mattresses are often the reason why your lower back pain doesn’t recover fast.

8. Painkillers as a Last Resort

If the above home remedies don’t work, feel free to consume pain killing supplements or acupuncture which is a recommended by doctors to reduce your pain.

Natural remedies are best. Do everything you can to alleviate your pain with medication. All drugs have side effects and should only be used as a last resort.

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