Sometimes the simple ways are the best ways and this is where one of the Best Acupressure Mats can become interesting. It’s certainly true that modern medicine has produced many miraculous treatments for a host of diseases and conditions. However, if you go to the doctor for back pain, stress, poor circulation, fatigue, or insomnia, you’ll soon discover that they have a tendency to reach for the prescription pad for every problem.

If you report that the pills didn’t help, they prescribe more pills. There’s really no reason to turn your bathroom into a pharmacy for treating back pain and other nagging health problems when there are safer, alternative ways. Once you learn about the benefits of acupressure mats, you might think about throwing all those pills in the trash.

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Best Nayoya Acupressure MatBest Nayoya Acupressure Mat4.5 / 5$$More details!
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Cotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure MatCotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure Mat4.7 / 5$More details!
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Best Acupressure Mat: Top 7 Reviews for 2020Spoonk Cotton Combo Massage and Travel Mat4.3 / 5$$More details!
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Nayoya Acupressure MatNayoya Acupressure Mat4.3 / 5$More details!
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Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure MatZensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat4.3 / 5$More details!
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ProSource Acupressure SetProSource Acupressure Set4.3 / 5$More details!
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Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Lower Back StretcherSpinal Labs PT Lumbar Lower Back Stretcher4.6 / 5$More details!
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Acupressure Promotes Natural Healing

Acupressure isn’t acupuncture, but they are related. Acupressure doesn’t puncture your skin with needles. It applies invigorating pressure to aching muscles and trigger points in order to relieve stress and promote natural healing. Acupressure mats are covered with hard discs that look like little plastic flowers.

When you lay on your mat, the discs provide relief from stress and muscle aches, and their beneficial effects on tension and blood circulation can give users relief from a host of nagging problems. At first, the spiky disks feel like bed of nails, but that’s how they provide the stimulation you need to get the blood flowing and loosen up tight muscles.

Not Just for Lower Back PainBest Acupressure Mat


Acupressure mats are also great for massaging tired feet, and many users begin their sessions by sitting in a chair with their feet on the mat, then lying down to complete their relaxation and healing period. Most mats extend the coverage of their plastic disks to a neck pillow as well as a flat portion devoted to the upper and lower back.

Head and Neck Releif

This increases the amount of tension relief that the mat can provide, and because many headaches are caused by tension in the upper back and neck, mats have brought relief to hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from headaches and migraines.

If you’re tired of taking pills for headaches and backaches, and want to improve your sleep and overall wellness, these mats can help. Check out our reviews to find the best model for you!

Best Acupressure Mats for 2020

1. Best Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Best Nayoya Acupressure Mat

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The Best Nayoya is a number one best-selling acupressure mat, and it’s easy to see why. It’s priced right, and it delivers 6210 pressure points to your sore back and shoulders. It comes with a neck pillow that has even more pressure points that deliver even more invigorating acupressure relief.

The Nayoya has been featured in health magazines and has been subjected to research studies for effectiveness. Well over 90 percent of study participants reported pain relief, increased relaxation, and improved sleep.

  • Tested by doctors for effectiveness
  • Can be used while you’re resting or watching television
  • Relieves upper and lower back pain, plus neck tension
  • Can be used as a flat mat or with included neck pillow
  • Can also be used for an invigorating foot massage
  • Comes in its own carry bag so you can take it with you anywhere
What’s to Like About the Nayoya Mat

The way an acupressure mat like the Nayoya works is essentially foolproof. There’s no need to learn complicated workout routines in order to get the benefits of the mat’s acupressure disks. You can use it while you’re watching television, or even while you’re lying in bed. Some people report that they like to use it while they’re sleeping as well.

The included acupressure pillow lets you extend the acupressure benefits of the mat to your neck and shoulders, and gives relief from tension headaches as well as backaches. The Nayoya rolls up and fits into a supplied carry bag, making it easy to transport and stow away.

What’s Not to Like

Some users report that they wished that the mat came with some form of instructions for its use.

Final Word

Because the Nayoya is a runaway best seller, and has been featured in so many health and fitness magazines, it’s easy to find hundreds of in-depth reviews from users and health experts. The Nayoya receives some of the highest ratings of any product we’ve reviewed. An amazing percentage of users give the mat at least a 4 rating, with a large percentage rating it a perfect 5. The Nayoya acupressure mat should be considered a best buy.

2. Cotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure Mat

Cotton Pagoda Blue Acupressure Mat

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If you’re looking for a simple way to get relief from back pain, the Cotton Pagoda Acupressure massage mat from Spoonk is a great place to start. It’s inexpensive, but well made and attractive. It’s one of the few acupressure mats made from natural fibers. Its lightweight cotton and eco-foam construction makes it easy to roll up and stow away in its supplied drawstring pouch.

Cotton Pagoda Blue mat will increase your circulation, relieve aching muscles, and get rid of the muscle tension that leads to headaches and high blood pressure.

  • Design imprinted on colorful natural cotton fiber mat is more attractive than other brands
  • Big enough to cover your entire back
  • Can be used for an invigorating foot massage in you stand on it
  • Boosts circulation without any exercise
  • Covered by a 5-year warranty, with a 30-day money back guaranty
  • Can be rolled up to make a neck pillow
What’s to Like About the Cotton Pagoda Mat

The Cotton Pagoda Mat has simplicity on its side. All you need to do to get the acupressure benefits is to roll it out and lay on it. It doesn’t require any workout routine, so you can use it anytime, even when you’re lying in bed. While you are mostly lying on a grid of pointy plastic disks, the natural cotton fiber mat feels much nicer than other brands made from synthetic fibers or foam rubber.

The Pagoda Blue doesn’t have a separate pillow for your neck, but you can roll it into a sausage shape and get the same stimulating effect that you get on your back.

What’s Not to Like

Some people object that the carrying bag is made from another color fabric. A few feel the acupressure points are too pointy to lie on for long periods.

Final Word

Acupressure pads like the Cotton Pagoda Blue from Spoonk have delivered proven results to hundreds of thousands of users around the world. If you suffer from back pain, poor circulation, headaches due to tension, or general muscle stiffness, the benefits of acupressure treatment will give you the benefits of improved circulation without drugs or exercise.

Users are almost unanimous in their praise of the Cotton Pagoda mat, with almost everyone giving it a 4 rating or more, and a high percentage giving it 5 out of 5. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to improve your health.

3. Spoonk Cotton Combo Massage and Travel Mat

Spoonk Cotton Combo Massage and Travel Acupressure Mat

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This is a combination of the Spoonk Cotton Pagoda Mat packaged with a similar, smaller travel mat. While it’s possible to use the smaller mat instead of the larger mat, most users lie on the larger mat while rolling up the smaller mat and using it for a neck pillow. The smaller mat is also a handy size for to be used as a foot massage mat.

They’re both made of soft cotton, with non-allergenic foam padding and durable plastic disks that contain the spikes that make the mats work. These spikes aren’t sharp enough to break the skin, but they are sharp enough to get your circulation moving, and they bring an intense feeling of relaxation when used for as little as ten minutes a day.

  • Two-piece set allows you to set it up for use in numerous ways
  • Natural cotton fiber has a pleasant texture
  • Hundreds of plastic disks provide instant improvements in circulation without pills or exercise
  • Rolls up and stores in a handy carry bag (included)
  • Can be used while seated or lying down
  • Travel mat makes an effective acupressure neck roll
What’s to Like About the Spoonk Cotton Combo Mat

The Spoonk acupressure mat is a simple, effective way to get relief from back and neck pain, and it also helps many users lower tension levels. That leads to improved sleep and fewer headaches. If you prefer to get acupressure treatment on your neck at the same time you’re lying on your floor mat, the travel mat works great as a neck pillow.

The mat has more attractive styling than competing brands, and the included carry bag makes it handy to store and carry. It’s also one of the few mats on the market that’s made from cotton, so it has a more pleasant feel than synthetic materials offer.

What’s Not to Like

It’s hard to find anyone that has something bad to say about the Spoonk acupressure mats. Some find the spikes on the plastic disks too painful when they lie on them, but that’s not really a fault, as that’s how a mat increases circulation and loosens muscles.

Final Word

The Spoonk has been feature on popular TV shows like Oprah, and doctors and therapists recommend it. It’s a best seller, and has hundreds of reviews from users that swear by its ability to improve circulation, relieve stress, relieve tension headaches, and improve sleep.

A remarkable percentage of users give the Spoonk at least a 4 out of 5 rating, with a high percentage giving it a 5 out of 5. It’s easy to use, versatile, and its reasonable price tag makes it a best buy.

4. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Nayoya Acupressure Mat

Click here for current price and more details

Nayoya is one of the biggest names in acupressure mats. This version of their popular mats is slightly smaller than other mats, but still large enough to cover from your hips to your neck. It has more padding in it than many competing brands.

It packs hundreds of prickly disks on its surface, and these stimulate increased circulation and the release of endorphins. This not only relaxes tense muscles, it helps improve the quality of sleep and releases tension, which can minimize headaches.

  • Weighs barely a pound and stows away easily
  • Relieves back pain without drugs
  • Can be used while watching TV or reading
  • Can be used for neck acupressure if you put a pillow or rolled-up towel under it
  • Saves money on massage therapy, chiropractors, and doctor visits
  • Great for use when seated
What’s to Like About the Nayoya Mat

Acupressure mats don’t come any simpler than the Nayoya. It’s only 17” x 26”, just big enough to do the job. While some users might prefer a larger mat, the Nayoya can be used in more ways, and in more places. You can place it on a recliner or car seat back to get stimulating acupressure while sitting up, or roll it up and use it as a neckroll if you’re suffering from a tension headache.

The Nayoya has a bit more padding than other brands, so it’s a little easier on people with sensitive skin. You can also use it for an excellent foot massage.

What’s Not to Like

The pad is too small for use over the whole back and under your neck at the same time unless you’re petite. Some users say they would have preferred to get instructional material with the mat.

Final Word

The Nayoya is an inexpensive way to get acupressure relief for your back, neck, and feet. It’s a popular design, and gets many glowing reviews. A remarkable percentage of users give the mat a 4 or more rating, and report that they receive real relief from a host of ailments.

Most users give the mat a perfect 5 out of 5. If you want to give acupressure a try, it’s well worth the investment.

5. Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat

Zensufu Back Pain Relief Acupressure Mat

Click here for current price and more details

The Zensufu is a combination set with a mat and a pillow. Both have acupressure disks that give the user quick relief from back and neck tension and stiffness. If you’re tired of rolling up a towel and slipping it under your acupressure mat, you’ll appreciate the neckroll pillow that comes with the Zensufu.

The two-piece set also makes it more versatile. You can use the mat or pillow when sitting up, or reclining, as well as the more conventional approach of lying flat on the floor.

  • Affordably priced mat and pillow combination
  • Can be used sitting up or lying down
  • Stimulation points on plastic disks are slightly less sharp than other brands
  • Improves circulation while it loosens tense muscles
  • Comes with its own clear plastic carrying bag
  • Great for treating tension headaches that originate in the neck and shoulders
What’s to Like About the Zensufu Back Pain Relief Mat

Accupressure mats aren’t complicated, and the way they work is well documented. Choosing one mat over another can be a matter of personal taste. Many users report that they like the Zensufu over other brands because the spiky disks are slightly less sharp than on other pads.

While no acupressure mat has spikes that will break the skin, some users struggle to stay on the mats long enough to get the full benefit of the acupressure session. The Zensufu is slightly more forgiving, and lets sensitive users lay flat on the floor with their whole weight.

What’s Not to Like

A few reviewers complain that the mat isn’t wide enough to reach from shoulder to shoulder.

Final Word

When you read reviews for acupressure pads, it’s amazing to see the percentage of people that report getting relief from back pain, neck pain, and headaches after years of trying other treatment approaches. Over 83 percent of reviewers give the Zensufu a rating of 4 or more, and almost 68 percent rate it at 5 out of 5.

Many users mention how comfortable the neck roll is to use, and report that they sometimes use it by itself while sitting in an office chair to relax muscles that tense up after office tasks like typing. The Zenzufu is attractively priced and highly rated, and should be considered a best buy.

6. ProSource Acupressure Set

ProSource Acupressure Set

Click here for current price and more details

Acupressure mats and pillows are recommended to people who suffer from stiff backs, neck strains, headaches, poor circulation, and insomnia. Chronic back pain makes people try one approach after another to get relief, and many end up relying on addictive painkillers to manage their symptoms. That’s a shame, because there are all-natural approaches to back and neck pain that take only a few minutes a day.

The ProSource Acupressure Set only costs as much as a pizza with all the toppings, but it might be the last thing you ever need for chronic backaches.

  • Separate pad and neck pillow make it easy to get relief from your hips to your head
  • Available in 7 colors
  • Set has almost 8,000 pressure points that improve circulation, relax muscles, and help your body release endorphins
  • Made from natural cotton fabric and eco-foam
  • Can be used when lying down, reclining, or sitting up
  • Gives real relief when used for as little as 20 minutes a day
What’s to Like About the ProSource Acupressure Set

Having a dedicated neck pillow that can be used separately from the rectangular mat makes it easier to use the acupressure set in more ways to bring relief to any part of the body. You can use the ProSource while lying flat, or put it on an inclined surface to lean against if the pressure points are too sharp for your sensitive skin.

The ProSource comes in a range of attractive colors, which is unusual for this type of product, and comes in handy to identify them if more than one person in a household uses them.

What’s Not to Like

A few users complained that the mat wasn’t wide enough to suit them. A few other users mentioned that you shouldn’t let a pet step on the mat when it’s on the floor because the spiky disks frighten them.

Final Word

The ProSource is one of the least expensive acupressure mats we’ve reviewed, but it’s not a skimpy unit. The two-piece design is well made and offers versatility, and it comes in seven colors. Users love the ProSource.

Well over 80 percent give the mat and pillow combo 4 or more rating, with over 60 percent giving it 5 out of 5. Reviewers express surprise at how effective acupressure is at helping their back and neck pain, and report improved sleep and fewer headaches after using the mat and pillow for as little as 10 minutes a day.

7. Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Lower Back Stretcher

Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Lower Back Stretcher

Click here for current price and more details

If you’re looking for acupressure relief for your lower back, most of the choices are simple mats that have hard plastic disks applied. The Spinal Labs back stretcher is a little different. It’s a lumbar support more than a pad, and it’s designed to increase your flexibility along with increasing circulation. If you spend long hours in an office chair, you know how stiff your lower back can get from hunching over and reading a screen.

The Spinal Labs stretcher combats the hunch by reversing the curve of your spine as you lie on the floor. It’s covered with little pyramids that offer acupressure stimulation to sore muscles as well.

  • Increases back flexibility while delivering acupressure stimulation
  • Treats sciatic pain as well as lower back stiffness
  • Excellent for active people like golfers that suffer back strains from repetitive motions
  • Gives relief with just ten minutes of use a day
  • Can be used as a lumbar roll while sitting up if you prefer
What’s to Like About the Spinal Labs Back Stretcher

Regular acupressure mats don’t incorporate much stretching. If your back needs to regain flexibility, bending it over a semicircular pad like the Spinal Labs stretcher will decompress the discs in your spinal column while stimulating and loosening the muscles in your lower back. It’s especially useful for addressing problems with the sciatic nerve that gives you pain at the hip when your back is strained.

The acupressure action of the Spinal Labs pad is supplied by bumps that look like small pyramids, instead of the more usual prickly spines on other mats, and these give more of a feeling of a fingertip rubdown than an acupressure session.

What’s Not to Like

The Spinal Labs Lumbar Stretcher is pricier than other acupressure products, and it’s not as versatile as mats and pads.

Final Word

Users like the Spinal Labs Stretcher, but it has fewer reviews than some other products to choose from. It’s one of the only acupressure products designed to increase flexibility. It works by loosening the muscles on both sides of the spine while it flexes the spine backward to alleviate compression on the disks.

A little over 95 percent of users give the Spinal Labs stretcher at least 4 out of 5.

How To Choose the Right Acupressure Solution for YouBest Acupressure Mat

If you’re looking for relief from lower back pain by using acupressure, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable these products are. There’s no reason to suffer with poor sleep, stiff backs, and tension headaches a minute longer.

If you’re interested in improving flexibility more than increasing circulation, the Spinal Labs back stretcher might work best, especially if you play golf or racquet sports. If you have very sensitive skin, the Zenzufu is the least spiky of the mats we’ve reviewed, but that might lessen its stimulating effects somewhat.

If price is your only concern, the ProSource Acupressure Set is very affordable and well made. If you’re not sure which one you might prefer, they’re all so affordable that you could purchase more than one to test them out.

How To Use Acupressure Mat For Migraine

We are currently in a golden age of medical research. With more doctors in highly specialized fields then ever before, our understanding of medical treatment is growing by the day. Along with this information come numerous treatments that can provide relief from pain. HemingWeigh-Complete-Acupressure-Mat-and-Pillow-Set-with-Bonus-Carry-Bag-Black-0-0

Whether it be new devices, pills, or even surgery, modern medicine seeks a 21st century solution to all of lifes problems.

While these advancements are certainly necessary and incredibly helpful, they sometimes pave over older alternative methods for achieving the same goal. These alternative methods live on today because they are cost effective, do not involve taking drugs, and can still result in improvements.

Lets take a moment to review the acupressure mat. In addition to describing what it does, we will review how to use acupressure mat for migraines.

What Is An Acupressure Mat?

The first thing people think when they hear acupressure is acupuncture. These are two completely different things. Acupuncture frequently involve puncturing the skin with needles, as well as other techniques designed to relieve muscle and joint pain all over the body. acupressure mat

Practiced for thousands of years, acupuncture is generally not accepted in western medicine as a treatment type. Acupressure is like acupuncture in that it looks to provide the same relief without all of the needles. In this way, you end up saving a great deal of money purchasing a pad over an expensive visit to your acupuncturist.

The acupressure mat is something that you lay down own. The individual bristles are designed to press into you, providing long-term and short-term relief. These mats usually cost below a hundred dollars.

How To Use Acupressure Mat For Migraine

You can use an acupressure mat for migraines and the process is relatively simple. First, find a hard surface to lie down on. More often then not, wood flooring is your best choice as it provides plenty of hardness without being as cold or hard as bathroom or kitchen tiles. acupressure mat

Find a small pillow and lay it on the ground. Take your acupressure mat and drape it over the top of the pillow, with the rest of the mat laid out in front. Nice and slowly, sit down in front of the mat and lower yourself onto it with your head on the covered part of the pillow. Relax into the position and breathe through the initial shock people have when first resting their bodies on acupressure mats. From here, you can elect to either remain motionless, or to slowly rock your head from side to side.

Continue in this manner until the headache has gone away.

Parting Thoughts

For the same cost as a bottle of painkillers and far less then an acupuncturist or doctors trip, the acupressure mat can provide you the relief you need. Given the intensity and even sudden onset of migraines, finding a way to relieve them as soon as possible can make all the difference in the world.

With an acupressure mat, you can find relief much quicker then even the most modern, 21st century medical treatments.

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