The best baby thermometer needs to be many things. In addition to being completely accurate, so that you don’t need to worry unnecessarily about results, it must also be as minimally invasive as possible, in order to ensure the baby remains comfortable at all times and doesn’t get upset by the use of the thermometer.

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SarianDigital Baby ThermometerSarianDigital Baby Thermometer4.8 / 5$More details!
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Dr Madre Infrared ThermometerDr Madre Infrared Thermometer4.9 / 5$More details!
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EnjiBaby Ear Infrared ThermometerEnjiBaby Ear Infrared Thermometer4.8 / 5$More details!
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Best Digital - Best Baby Thermometer Just-Brill Digital Baby Thermometer4.1 / 5$More details!
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ReMEDies Forehead ThermometerReMEDies Forehead Thermometer4.5 / 5$More details!
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San Sero Digital Medical ThermometerSan Sero Digital Medical Thermometer4.1 / 5$More details!
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The History

Medical thermometers and their use are believed to date back all the way to the early 17th century, though the devices used back then were not at all like their modern counterparts. With the baby Thermometer introduction of liquid and mercury into thermometers, they became much more accurate, in addition to achieving increased portability.

However, mercury being a fairly dangerous substance when exposed to the skin, many parents are understandably hesitant to use such devices with their children. This led to the development of the electric thermometer, which is most commonly used for medical purposes today and is capable of providing an extremely quick reading.


The obvious benefit of an electronic baby thermometer is the simple fact that they are much safer than older versions of the device. You won’t need to worry about cracks in the device leading to mercury or other undesirable substances coming into contact with your child, as no such substances exist in an electric thermometer.

Furthermore, they provide a much quicker reading than traditional devices, in addition to being more accurate.


When selecting between the many baby thermometers that are available on the market today, it is important to factor in issues such as accuracy and speed. Ideally, you will also look for devices that are used by professionals and those that have received approval from a licensing body, such as the FDA. All of the following are some of the best baby thermometers, for a variety of reasons.

Best Baby Thermometer Reviews for 2020

1. Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Innovo Forehead and Ear - Best Baby Thermometer

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Innovo’s devices are intended to serve the dual purpose of allowing you to test both the baby’s forehead and ears, which makes it perfect for those who want a thermometer that is as flexible as possible.

The company claims that this baby thermometer was only previously made available to doctors and other medical professionals until being introduced onto the market early in 2015. This means that you will be getting a device that has already been extensively tested and thus should prove to be exceptionally accurate.

  • Capable of measuring temperate via either the ear or forehead.
  • Has passed numerous clinical tests to ensure the results are as accurate as possible.
  • User-friendly interface means you don’t waste time fiddling with the device.
  • Capable of storing the last 20 temperatures taken.
  • Can offer temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
What’s To Like About The Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

The product really seems able to back up the marketing, as it has received rave reviews. Most parents are delighted with the accuracy offered by the device, in addition to finding it exceptionally easy to use. All indications are that this device is exactly as good as it claims to be.

What’s Not to Like

Negative feedback has been minimal, with a small amount of users claiming that their device gives inaccurate readings on occasion. This may be the result of a manufacturing defect, so if you believe the device is not offering accurate readings it may be worth contacting Innovo to look into getting a replacement.

Final Word

With a 4.8 out of 5 rating from thousands of reviews, we may have found the best baby thermometer right off the bat. Innovo’s device is accurate, easy to use and flexible, allowing you to take your baby’s temperature quickly and in a variety of ways.

2. Sarian Digital Baby Thermometer

SarianDigital - Best Baby Thermometer

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Sarian has created a baby thermometer that is intended to offer as many potential methods of taking a baby’s temperature as possible. Instead of going for the non-invasive route of measuring foreheads, their device is intended for oral, rectal or underarm temperature taking, depending on how the user wishes to take temperature.

The thermometer itself is designed to be as accurate as possible, with a handy LCD display offering a quick readout of the temperature taken, while the device itself is also exceptionally lightweight. This makes it exceptionally easy to use, while still providing a level of accuracy that most other thermometers are unable to achieve.

  • Digital readout ensures accuracy and ease of use.
  • Provides readings to one decimal place, so you don’t have to round to the nearest whole number.
  • Can be used as an oral, rectal or underarm thermometer.
  • Flexible tip is designed to be as comfortable for the baby as possible.
  • The lightweight design makes it exceptionally portable, ensuring you can take it wherever you go.
What’s To Like About The Sarian Digital Baby Thermometer

A number of reviewers commented on the accuracy of the readout offered by this baby thermometer, claiming that it allows them to better track their symptoms. Its lightweight design was also praised, with many commenters being happy about the fact that they could take it anywhere without having to worry about where to pack it.

What’s Not To Like

There is very little in the way of bad feedback, with only one customer so far claiming that their device offered an inaccurate reading. While this may occur on rare occasions, it is important to remember that manufacturing defects are possible so you should contact Sarian in cases where the device does not seem to operate properly.

Final Word

We have another thermometer that has achieved a rating of 4.8 out of 5, showing that competition for the title of the best baby thermometer may be a little stiffer than expected. This device is perfect for people who would prefer taking oral, rectal or underarm temperatures, rather than relying on forehead readings.

3. Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Thermometer

Dr Madre Medical Infrared - Best Baby Thermometer

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The big selling point for this thermometer is the fact that it is no-contact, which means you never have to disturb the baby at all when taking their temperature. This makes it perfect for parents who want to be able to check on their child while the child is asleep, without waking them with a more invasive thermometer.

The Dr. Madre brand claims to offer a high level of accuracy as well, which is a key point of concern for many buyers who may be worried about how the lack of contact can’t lead to high quality results.

  • Offers results in less than a second, making it one of the fastest baby thermometers around.
  • Requires no contact with the child, making it one of the least invasive on the market.
  • Tells you the results in either English or Spanish, though there is also a silent mode.
  • A 2 year manufacturer’s warranty is offered.
  • Easy to use and comes with a handy set of instructions.
What’s To Like About The Dr. Madre Medical Infrared Thermometer

As you may expect, the majority of customers are delighted about the contactless nature of the device, as it allows them to ensure their baby remains comfortable at all times. Reliability and ease of use have also been highlighted as particularly good points in favor of this thermometer.

What’s Not To Like

There is only one negative review that claims the other reviews are fake, which is a claim that has no grounding in fact from what we can see. A few have noted minor variance in results gained from the device, though this is nothing that should worry most people as it is usually only by a fraction of a degree.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a device that will ensure your baby is comfortable at all times when having their temperature take, this may be the best baby thermometer around. It’s easy to use and non-invasive, allowing you to get accurate results quickly. The 4.9 out of 5 rating it currently boasts is a testament to that fact.

4. EnjiBaby Digital Ear Infrared Thermometer

EnjiBaby Digital Ear Infrared - Best Baby Thermometer

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The Enji baby thermometer comes with recommendations from pediatricians who use it on a regular basis, which instantly puts it near the top of the list when looking for the bets baby thermometer. After all, if it’s good enough until for professionals then that suggests it offers high quality performance.

With built-in memory, a handy LED screen, and a user-friendly interface, it is not surprising that the device has quickly become a favorite amongst users. It allows for very quick temperature taking while also carrying FDA approval, for the extra stamp of quality.

  • Offers a fast temperature readout, offering results in just 1 second.
  • Takes the baby’s temperature using the ear, making it less invasive than other models.
  • Records the last 10 temperatures taken, allowing you to track differences.
  • 100% refund offered if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • Each Enji thermometer is individually tested before shipping.
What’s To Like About The EnjiBaby Digital Ear Infrared Thermometer

A lot of users have praised the device for being exceptionally easy to use, with some people also claiming that they were able to teach older children how to take their temperature independently without too much trouble. The quality of the results has also been praised, which is no surprise given the professional quality of the product.

What’s Not To Like

The only negative feedback is from a customer who didn’t understand how to use the product, though this is an exceptionally rare occurrence as every effort has been made to ensure the thermometer is easy to use.

Final Word

When it comes to quality of results and user-friendliness, there are few better baby thermometers than this product from Enji. Boasting a 4.9 out of 5 rating, it has received rave reviews from practically everybody who has used it and comes with the professional backing that improves confidence in the device.

5. Just-Brill Digital Baby Thermometer

Best Digital - Best Baby Thermometer

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Like a number of the other baby thermometers on this list, Just-Brill measures the internal temperature of the baby by taking a reading after being placed in the ear. It uses infrared laser technology in order to provide the most accurate output possible, making it a frontrunner on this list.

Better yet, it is capable of conserving battery life due to its ability to shut down on its own when it is not in use, while the interface is very easy to understand. This ensures that amateurs can get to grips with the device in no time at all, recording accurate readings without any issues.

  • Reads the baby’s internal temperature using infrared sensors.
  • Can provide readings in both Celsius and Fahrenheit depending on your preference.
  • Free shipping is offered if you purchase two thermometers.
  • Rechargeable battery is included in the package.
  • Auto-shutdown is offered to ensure that battery life is preserved for as long as possible.
What’s To Like About The Just-Brill Digital Baby Thermometer

A lot of reviews have praised the sturdy feel of the product, stating that you can tell you’re getting your money’s worth when you hold it in your hand. The speed of delivery and accuracy of the readings provided have also been praised, though some users do highlight the fact that you need to ensure you use the device correctly to get accurate readings.

What’s Not To Like

A small number of users have noted problems with the accuracy of the device, though this may be due to incorrect usage rather than a mechanical flaw. A few have also claimed that the probe is too large for the ears of smaller children, despite being designed for babies.

Final Word

While the majority of reviews suggests that this is an excellent baby thermometer, the fact that it has a 4.1 out of 5 rating from a few hundred reviews suggest that a few users have had difficulties getting an accurate reading. Be aware of this before buying and make sure you follow the instructions to get the best out of it.

6. ReMEDies Forehead Temporal Thermometer

ReMEDiesForehead Temporal - Best Baby Thermometer

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Slightly pun-based name aside, ReMEDies have created a device that focuses on accuracy above speed. Instead of taking an instant reading, this baby thermometer asks you to take the baby’s temperature three times using a special technique, which gives you a set of results from which the true temperature can be determined.

While this makes it a little less user-friendly than many of the other devices on this list, it is still quite easy to do in practice. Plus, the increased levels of accuracy this method is meant to provide will ensure that users are happy with the results.

  • Requires no contact with the child, making this one of the least invasive thermometers we have featured.
  • Three quick readings provide an accurate temperature.
  • Can be used to read both body, room and surface temperature, making it exceptionally versatile.
  • Easy to use thanks to a three button interface and handy LED screen.
  • FDA certified and comes with a 1 year warranty.
What’s To Like About The ReMEDies Forehead Temporal Thermometer

Many users are delighted with the versatility of the product, with one going so far as to claim that it makes all other thermometers feel obsolete. The fact that it requires no contact in order to measure temperature has also been praised by the parents of children who find that regular thermometers make them irritable.

What’s Not To Like

Some have claimed that the battery life is fairly poor, with the 2 AA’s that you will need to use running down in fairly short order. A few others have claimed that it is a little confusing to use, though a little practice will usually remedy this issue without too much fuss.

Final Word

With a 4.6 out of 5 rating, the only thing holding this back from being the best baby thermometer is a suspect battery life and slightly more complex design. Even so, its accuracy is up there with the best and you won’t find a more versatile thermometer on the market.

7. San Sero Digital Medical Thermometer

San Sero Digital Medical - Best Baby Thermometer

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Ease of use is the name of the game with this thermometer, as all you need to do is push the power button and place it near the baby’s head in order to get a fast reading that instantly lets you know about their condition and temperature.

The fact that it is contactless is ideal for parents who want to be able to measure their baby’s temperature without waking them, while the infrared display also allows the user to view the reading without having to turn the light on.

  • Measure temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit in less than a second.
  • Features an infrared screen that allows for readings to be seen in low light conditions.
  • Built-in alarm notifies you if your baby’s temperature has risen.
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • A free teether toy and e-book is offered with the thermometer in some cases.
What’s To Like About The San Sero Digital Medical Thermometer

A lot of users are happy about the fact that San Sero does seem to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. Others have praised the product itself for being exceptionally easy to use while also allowing them to take their baby’s temperature without disturbing the child in any way.

What’s Not To Like

A minority of users have experienced issues with the accuracy of the readouts provided by the thermometer, with some claiming that they had to return the product as a result. This sounds more like a manufacturing defect though, which the lifetime warranty allows you to remedy with few issues.

Final Word

While this thermometer is an excellent product in most cases, the fact that a few users have reported manufacturing issues may lead to some being wary. Assuming this is not an issue for you, the device itself offers an excellent level of quality in most cases, and is particularly useful for people who don’t want to disturb their child.

Choosing From The Best Baby Thermometer ReviewsBest Forehead Thermometer

There are a lot of great baby thermometers in this list, but if we had to choose just one we would go for the Dr Madre Medical Infrared Thermometer for the simple fact that it provides exceptionally accurate readings while also being contactless, which means you never need to disturb the baby.

If you are wary of the accuracy of a contactless device for whatever reason, the Enji Baby Clinical Digital Ear Infrared Thermometer offers an excellent alternative, with the added benefit of a comprehensive refund policy. Finally, if versatility is more your sort of thing, you can’t go far wrong with the ReMEDies Forehead Temporal Thermometer due to its ability to measure body, room and surface temperature accurately.

5 Tips for Using a Baby Thermometer

Even though it’s often quite easy for parents to tell when their children are a little bit warm, usually just by feeling or paying attention to the way they are acting, a baby thermometer is the only way to tell exactly how high their temperature really is.

You need to be sure that you have a quality digital baby thermometer on hand to provide you with almost instant feedback on your baby’s temperature. This is especially important when your baby is still really, really young – as that’s when the fluctuations in their internal temperature can cause the most damage.

Take advantage of all the tips and tricks that we are able to share with you below when it comes to making the most of your new baby thermometer. All of these tips will make using the thermometer a lot easier, and in turn will make your life as a parent much easier as well.

Let’s dive right in!

1. ALWAYS choose a digital thermometerBest baby thermometer

Yes, traditional thermometer technology has definitely come a long way since the early days, but there’s absolutely no reason whatsoever not to have an incredibly accurate and almost instant digital thermometer on hand when it comes time to register your baby’s temperature.

Traditional thermometers (including those that continue to use mercury) aren’t anywhere near as accurate as digital thermometers and will take much too long to register a final temperature – and even that you cannot be 100% confident in.

With a digital thermometer, you will be able to get a laser accurate temperature readout – to about 2 decimal places out – in a fraction of the time, usually only two or three seconds.

2. Multi-use thermometers have advantages you might not want to miss out on

If your baby is really young, say under the age of three years old, a digital multi use thermometer is probably the purchase that you are going to want to make.

This kind of thermometer is going to be able to be used to read bdy temperature just by touching the exterior of any body part, but can also be used as in oral, rectal, or axillary thermometer as well. Readout is going to happen in about two seconds, and many of these thermometers will have beeping sounds or alarms to let you know when temperatures are getting into dangerous levels.3. Make sure you know how to get the most out of your new thermomete

After you have purchased your new thermometer you’re going to need to make sure that you are using it correctly to get the most accurate temperature possible.

Babies that are younger than three years old should probably have their temperature taken rectally, as it is going to provide the most accurate temperature and the one that you can consistently count being correct. Clean the thermometer with rubbing alcohol before you use it, place a small amount of petroleum jelly on the end before insertion, and then clean it carefully with rubbing alcohol when you are done.

4. Always record temperature and timeBest baby thermometer

It’s of the utmost importance that you pay close attention to how your baby’s temperature is changing and shifting throughout the day and depending upon the solutions and interventions that you are taking advantage of. By measuring their temperature after trying a new solution you’ll be in the know whether or not what you’re doing is working or if you have to adjust course.

Always record temperature and the time at which you take the temperature on a piece of paper that allows you to effortlessly compare readings on the fly. This will better allow you to understand the situation as it progresses, but will also provide critical information for your doctor or podiatrist should you have to go in that direction.

5. Make sure you have a backup or two on hand

Purchasing a great digital thermometer isn’t going to set you back any more than maybe $30, which is exactly why you’re going to want to invest in at least two – if not three – baby thermometers that you can use as backup devices should something happen to the main one that you are using.

It’s never a lot of fun to purchase duplicates and redundant pieces of technology, especially if you never end up using them. But if your main thermometer does fail (and all man-made things have a tendency to do exactly that when you least expect it to) you want to have a backup close at hand that you can use without delay.

When it comes to your child’s health and wellness you just cannot take any risks. Leverage the safety and security provided by a backup digital thermometer and you won’t ever have to worry about what might have happened if you weren’t able to monitor and measure their temperatures accurately.

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