With the rising amount of employment being found in the healthcare sector, the need for a good set of compression socks has become increasingly apparent. Nurses are expected to be on their feet for many hours a day and sometimes extra hours too. Without the proper preparation this ordeal could be more than most can stand.

The best compression socks for nurses can help combat many of the discomforts associated with many hours standing on the job, pregnancy, physical training and even long trips abroad. The legs and feet can be subjected to unusual strain and the construction of a sock can make all the difference at the end of the day.

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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

A-Swift Compression Socks3.7 / 5$$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

Sockwell Women’s On the Spot Compression Socks4 / 5$$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks4 / 5$$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

CompressionZ Compression Socks4 / 5$$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

Mubasel Gear Compression Socks3.8 / 5$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

CompressionZ Compression Socks -- Fun Patterns3.4 / 5$More details!
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Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

Nurse Mate’s Women’s Compression Trouser Socks4.0 / 5$More details!
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How Can Compression Socks Make this Ordeal More Bearable?Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

Standing on your feet can be very uncomfortable after a day of work. Compression socks have been crafted to prevent a variety of uncomfortable vein disorders. As the blood flows into the lower legs conditions of thrombosis, edema and varicose veins can set in easily. Compression socks avoid this with a special design.

Increase Circulation

As their names implies, the best compression socks compress the legs and decrease the size of these distended blood vessels. This increases circulation through the veins and arteries and improves the effectiveness of the arterial valves. Improved circulation alone can decrease the majority of discomfort experienced after long hours of standing and moving about.

As a matter of fact, any job that involves walking and standing for a long time can result in tired achy legs. This discomfort can be significantly reduced with the application by some of the best compression socks for nurses.

For those concerned about more serious conditions, for example, leg ulcers and blood clots, knee-high compressions socks may be the best option.

How Do Compression Socks Works?

Compression socks are made of strong elastic materials that grip the legs, calves, feet and ankles. These are far more formidable than the elastics found in regular socks and the strong grip can take time to get used to, especially with brand new compressions socks.

The Tight Grip

This tight grip around the lower legs becomes less constrictive further up the leg. This forces blood to flow through narrow veins and blood vessels and ensures more blood returns to the heart. Increased circulation prevents blood from collecting in the lower legs and causing damage and discomfort.

What Are the Best Compressions Socks for Nurses?

Let’s find out!

Best Compression Socks for Nurses in 2020

1. A-Swift Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

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A-Swift compression socks have a shining record of service throughout many hospitals across America and the world. These compression socks deliver plenty of crucial support without feeling constrictive or tight, which can be equally uncomfortable. This perfect balance allows the A-Swift Compression socks to alleviate the major pains associated with standing for long hours or even remaining seated for extended periods.

Furthermore, these socks are not nearly as thick or wooly as some other brands. The lightweight materials provide full support and comfort but keep the legs and feet cool and breathing easy. This breathability also keeps the socks from attracting bacteria and causing foul odors during an especially hectic shift.

Originally designed for endurance athletes, the A-swift’s compressions socks are ideal for those on the job. With a top quality pair of compressions socks you need not worry about varicose veins, swollen ankles or sore feet.

  • Top quality materials will not need replacing for some time.
  • Comfortable compression for the lower legs; not too tight, just tight enough.
  • Sturdy leg grips stay in one place and don’t need to be adjusted during work hours.
  • Not constrictive on the ankles
  • Formidable moisture control. Keeps feet dry and avoids blisters
  • These socks have been found to be extra tight just below the knee (for people with larger calves that is). Be careful, the next size up could be too long.
What’s to Like about A-Swift

Consumer feedback has had nothing but nice things to say about the materials and performance of the A Swift Compression Socks. Not only is the compression provided comfortable and adequate. The leg grips are especially comfortable and keep the socks in place over a longs days’ work.

These materials also provide incredible moisture control to protect the feet and ankles from moisture and blisters.

What Not to Like

Some people who have tried this product have mentioned that they are extra tight on those with larger calves. Then the next size larger can be too big and not provide enough support.

Final Word

Long distance sports enthusiasts, long-distance travelers and those working in the nursing, retail or hospitality industry, have all handed in their reports. The A-Swift are some of the best compressions socks for nurses providing comfort and the needed support. These are also a high quality product that won’t flake out when you need them most.

2. Sockwell Women’s On the Spot Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

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The Compression socks being offered by Sockwell provide the support you need for comfortable work with stylish designs and colors to match the wearer. The graduated compressions offered here provide bespoke pressure to suit the needs of the individual. Two graduated compressions are ideal for all types of work and play, these are: Moderate (15-20mmHg) and Firm (20-30mmHg).

Sockwell’s Compression Socks help to energize the feet and legs, promoting better circulation and reducing the fatigue that is associated with long hours on the floor or even long trips that involve travel time and waiting in long lines, etc.

These socks are all made in the USA from innovative material sources. Super fine merino wool is combined with alpaca or bamboo in some state-of-the-art manufacturing plants right here in the USA. These materials and the manufacturing process are geared toward balance and thermoregulation for extra comfort with their attractive designs.

  • Varying degrees of compression for bespoke support.
  • Accurate fit supported with top quality spandex so they fit the same before and after work.
  • Intricate design provides immovable support with a clever toe box design.
  • Many attractive styles and colors to better suit your daily wardrobe.
  • Durability has been a point of complaint. (One reviewer reported the heel being worn through in just 3 months of use).
What to Like about Sockwell Compression Socks

The most positive comments from customers’ reviews were all on the way these socks have the same fit after work as they did at the beginning of the day. The innovative design also allows plenty of toe room in a specially designed box at the tip of each sock. Furthermore, the many attractive styles and colors are sure to be welcome in any wardrobe.

What Not to Like

Durability has been a consistent complaint with these compression socks. One customer reported wearing through the heels of their socks after just 3 short months of use.

Final Word

Those looking to splash some color and life into their support system will love the options available from Sockwell’s Compression Socks. With a moderate compression ideal for vacations and sports and a “firm” compression for long hauls of standing and working, there is something for everyone.

3. Dr. Motion Graduated Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020


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If stylish appeal takes a second place to performance and cost-efficacy, the graduated compression socks by Dr. Motion may be the very thing for you. Graduated compression will keep circulation at optimal levels while reducing the pain and discomfort of being on your feet all day.

These non-binding compression socks also feature wide comfort bands of varying degrees of elasticity for a more comfortable compression than most compression socks offer. They also have a seamless toe box design that keeps the sock in place and adds to the comfort of the fit.

Graduated compression has been found slightly weaker than in other socks, nevertheless women who are taller and have wider calves have found these to be the perfect fit. Available in a variety of no-nonsense colors, these compressions socks are bought in packs of six.

  • Affordable value for top quality products.
  • Comfortable design, even if not as tight as other options.
  • Great preventative treatment for edema, varicose veins and thrombosis.
  • Perfect for those with large calves and greater height.
  • Some customers have reported that these are more comfortable than they are effective, although we can assume these customers had smaller calves). It is important to consider size when making this purchase.
  • Uninspiring but professional color scheme; black, grey, navy, coffee and tan.
What to Like about Dr. Motion

The best thing about Dr. Motion Graduated Compression socks are their incredible price-over-value deal. While not as tight as other options, these are especially well-suited to the needs of those with larger calves or a greater height. They are also specially designed to diminish the occurrences of thrombosis, varicose veins and edema.

What Not to Like

Many of the consumer’s comments were on how these socks can be more comfortable than they can be effective. We can assume that most of these people were those with smaller calves, but it is important that the size and graduation are correct before selecting your pair of compression socks.

The color scheme offered here is uninspiring and professional, while this in no way taints the experience of the compression sock it can have an effect on style and should be considered.

Final Word

The Dr. Motion Graduated Compression sock has been found ideal for women who need to keep a good stock of compression socks for professional purposes, these are a cost-effective and simply effective. These are also an especially good choice for those with larger calves.

4. CompressionZ Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020


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The Compression Socks made by CompressionZ are a great option for nurses and anyone that has a job requiring them to remain standing for the better part of the day. Graduated compression ensures optimal blood flow by becoming gradually tighter around the ankle and less so up near the knees.

The compression provided here is also suitable for athletes, traveler and pregnant women who may even want to use these socks while resting. CompressionZ also make their socks in a vibrant variety of colors, patterns and motifs. Half the fun will be selecting your favorite designs to match your outfits.

Finally, the top quality materials are designed to keep the feet and legs dry and comfortable throughout the day. The elastics fibers are top grades and will stay in the same place as your day comes to an end as they did when you were getting ready for work. Anti-itch fabric adds to the comfort of the compression experience.

  • Anti-bacterial fabrics keep your attire fresh and clean throughout the day.
  • Breathable materials reduce moisture accumulation and protect from blisters; a great option for athletes as well as professionals.
  • Support bands keep the sock in place without slipping throughout the day.
  • Offers stability and compression with no adverse effects to range of motion or mobility.
  • Customers have mentioned that the “M” and “L” sizes are more like “S” and “M”. Size is important to proper compression.
What to Like about CompressionZ

The top quality anti-bacterial fabric found in the CompressionZ Compression Socks are the ideal thing for wearing all day on a difficult job with lots of walking or standing, such as a nurse would have in a hospital floor. The materials are also highly breathable which increases the comfort by reducing the moisture, this also protects against blisters.

This was another product that customers reported to be in the exact same place at the end of the day as they had been at the beginning. This is due to some clever support bands that are both effective and comfortable.

What Not to Like

According to much customer feedback, the “M” or “L” sized products here are more like “S” and “M”. It will be important to consider this if you want the best size and experience.

Final Word

Customers have found these to be a bit less supportive than what is needed for hard and heavy hospital work. As an entry level compression sock, for those new on the job or those looking to improve travelling or exercise comfort, this is an ideal choice.

5. Mubasel Gear Compression Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

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With scientific innovation and optimized compression technology, the Mubasel Compression socks take an innovative approach to relief and comfort. These compressions socks are the ideal choice for a great number of purposes including pregnancy, long distance running, jogging, basketball, cross training, cycling office work and, of course, the hospital nursing scene.

Featuring a 200-Thread count fabric, you can be sure you are buying quality when you purchase the Mubasel Compression socks. The exclusive material is a special blend of lycra and nylon. This is highly resistant to fungal and bacterial growth and also keeps the legs and feet dry and breathing throughout your busy day.

High tech graduated compression optimizes blood flow through the lower extremities making distended blood vessels a thing of the past. These socks are the perfect choice for prevention and control of conditions related to poor circulation.

  • Top quality materials for better comfort and breathability.
  • Moisture wicking action keeps skin dry and blister free.
  • Excellent compression for long hours on the job or at sports
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money back
  • There seems to be a limited color choice; this reviewer had a hard time finding anything wrong with these compression socks.
What to Like about Mubasel Gear Compression Socks

The wicking action of these Mubasel Gear Compression socks is of high value to nurses working in warmer climates. The materials are not only highly breathable, but the specialized material works to wick moisture away from the feet. This keeps your feet and socks dry and comfy all day. This is also backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like them, just call in for your money back.

What Not to Like

This reviewer had a difficult time finding a single point of discontentment from consumer reviews but found none. Maybe the fact that there is a limited color choice could be one problem.

Final Word

For customers looking for an innovative approach to better comfort and proper compression, the Mubasel Compressions socks have been found to be a terrific option and are considered some of the best compression socks for nurses. The top quality fabrics and graduated compression are all you need to prevent circulation difficulties and weary legs.

6. CompressionZ Compression Socks – Fun Patterns

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

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Those who will be facing long days on their feet will be greatly pleased to find the support of CompressionZ Compression Socks is also available in many fun patterns. These fun printed compression socks feature the exact same graduated compression quality found in other compression socks by compressionZ.

The compressing power has been found especially well-suited to those looking to prevent the onset of circulatory conditions. Pregnant women and those about to enter a job in which they will be subjecting their legs to unusual amount of strain will benefit the most from these compressions socks.

In addition to the fancy colors and design, these compression socks have some pretty fun pattern that can spice up your day. Spectacles and moustaches, polka-dots, hearts and puzzle pieces are just some of the fun colorful prints available.

The biggest difference between these and the other compression socks by CompressionZ reviewed here are the vibrant patterns and cool colors. This feature makes these compression socks one of the best gifts you can find for the loved-one under physical strain. A thoughtful gift like that will inspire and delight while keeping legs comfy and invigorated.

  • Quality materials fight bacteria and smell great all day.
  • Breathable fabrics allow for moisture to be dried away and prevent blisters
  • Strategically placed grip bands hold the socks in place preventing slippage.
  • Be sure to get the right size, the large socks may be closer to a medium size.
What to Like about CompressionZ Compression Socks — Fun Patterns

The CompressionZ Compression Socks are made of good quality material that keeps feet dry, protects from blisters and fights bacteria all day long. They also have those grip pads that work to keep the socks in place no matter how much activity your feet see.

What Not to Like

Size issues have been the biggest complaint found in consumer reviews. The “large” socks are closer in size to “medium”.

Final Word

These compression socks are the best option for preventing the onset of circulatory conditions rather than actually controlling them. For expecting mothers, new jobs and long trips, these are the best compression socks for nurses you can find.

7. Nurse Mate’s Women’s Compression Trouser Socks

Best Compression Socks for Nurses: Top 7 in 2020

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In addition to the fabulous styles and patterns that will make the other nurses smile in delight (EKG patterns are especially popular), these compression socks provide moderate compression especially designed for the nurses work environment.

Not everybody needs the full constricting power of a tight compression sock and these provide the perfect balance between loose and tight. They have also received an enthusiastic response from the nursing community, so they have to be well suited to their audience.

It doesn’t hurt that they come at such a great price either. When you get that rare combination of a great product and a great price, you have a killer deal. These compression socks have seen plenty of use on hospital floors and have received excellent points for performance, durability and comfort.

  • Perfect compression levels for the task at hand — according to many other nurses.
  • Excellent prints are fun and fascinating.
  • Comfortable even after long hours of standing
  • Cost effective deal; lots of quality and design features for a small price.
  • May not provide sufficient compression for certain conditions.
What to Like about Nurse Mate’s Women’s Compression Trouser Socks

Compression can be perfectly adjusted to the needs at hand and can be selected for the needs of the individual. They also feature some very impressive designs and patterns made for the nursing community specifically. The comfortable fits are still comfortable and in place even after hours of grueling foot work.

Finally, these socks are one the most cost-effective options you could find.

What Not to Like

Many customers mentioned in their feedback that these socks lack some of the compression strength found in other socks.

Final Word

A thousand nurses can’t be wrong, these compression socks have gotten such a great response from the nursing industry that it’s pretty obvious the manufacturers were right on the money with their design. Good support and excellent design options make this a great gift for the special nurse in your life.

Our Best Picks for Compression Socks for Nursescompression socks for nurses

No. 1 — Nurse Mate’s Women’s Compression Trouser Socks

A dedicated design geared toward providing relief for tired nurses, the Nurse Mate’s Women’s Compression Trouser Socks outperform the competition in every way. From the best compression for the job to the thoughtful motifs that can brighten a dreary day, these are the best compression socks for nurses.

No. 2 — CompressionZ Compression Socks — Fun Patterns

With all the top quality materials in a design dedicated to better comfort, the CompressionZ compression socks are the right stuff for keeping comfortable and inspired no matter how long the shift runs on. With their comfortable fit and attractive designs these are an excellent compression sock for all kinds of people.

No. 3 — Sockwell Women’s On the Spot Moderate Graduated Compression Socks

In addition to its many inspiring options of color and design, the Sockwells Graduated Compression socks provide exactly the compression your need with two choices of firmness. Whether looking for compression socks to prevent or to control the circulatory conditions, you will find an excellent product here.

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