What is a Dog Clipper?

The best dog grooming clippers make the task of grooming your canine companion considerably faster and more cost-effective. Much like the hair on your head, your dog’s coat will need constant attention. Even small dogs can have especially thick coats and you will need a quality device to keep them short and manageable.

Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Top 7 Reviews for 2020 Wahl Professional Pet Grooming Kit4.3 / 5$More details!
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Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Top 7 Reviews for 2020

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit4.2/ 5$$More details!
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Oster A5 Professional Turbo Animal Clipper Oster A5 Professional Turbo Animal Clipper4.0$$$More details!
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ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper4.5$$$More details!
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Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper4.4$$More details!
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Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit4.3$More details!
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Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Grooming Trimming Kit Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Grooming Trimming Kit4.3$More details!
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The Advantage of Owning Your Own Dog Clippers

Regular grooming is a big part of keeping your dog happy and healthy. This is obviously true for those dogs living in warmer climates with hotter summers. But proper grooming and cleaning also protects the insulation and weather resistance of fur, making this task equally important to those living in cooler regions.

At roughly $30 per visit, having this task done at the professional dog groomers can cost you upwards of $300 in a single year, and twice that much for some dogs. You will find that a good quality pair of electric dog clippers won’t cost you that much and will last a long time. Only two or three grooming sessions with your newly acquired dog clippers and they will pay for themselves.

How to Choose the Best Dog Clippers

The best dog clippers are those that match the needs of your dog’s coat and your capacity as a dog groomer. The most important quality will be a powerful rotary motor that can cut through dog fur quickly and easily without overheating.

The rotary speed per minute will indicate the kind of power you are working with. Dogs with thicker heavier coats like your Akita, Malamutes and Chow Chows will need clippers with heavy duty design features to keep functioning smoothly.dog-grooming-1

Following are a few more key considerations for the best dog clippers:

  • Size and Weight

The size and weight of your dog clippers will affect your user experience considerably. Dog grooming can’t be rushed and an especially heavy set of clippers can make this task very difficult after a while. For those with larger dogs or many dogs having something light and compact will allow you to explore your creativity with minimal muscle tension.

  • Cord or Cordless

The advantages of the cordless options are pretty obvious; greater mobility and access to hard-to-reach areas. But, there may be other reasons why the corded option will suit your needs better. Corded dog clippers can be relied on for uninterrupted work, whereas the cordless variety will need charging eventually. Furthermore, corded dog clippers usually provide increased power, making them more suited to heavy-duty work on thick coats or multiple dogs.

  • Blades

Improved alloys and laser technologies have made clipper blades better suited to their tasks. Some dog clippers will feature replaceable blades. This can significantly enhance the longevity of your clippers, but also brings up the compatibility issue. Be sure you can access a good supply of replacement blades for the dog clippers you choose.

  • Maintenance

Without proper maintenance your dog clippers will soon malfunction. Teeth can lose their edge resulting in uneven cuts and greater strain on the motor. This can even inflict nips to the skin. Be sure to use manufacturer recommended lubricants and properly service your clippers.

  • Combs Are Important

It would be difficult to get an even all-round trim without a set of snap on combs. Check the accessories that come with your dog clippers. In addition to adding structure to your grooming work, these can also allow you to have some fun with your creative side and go all out when styling your dog’s coat.

Best Dog Grooming Clipper Reviews for 2020

1. Wahl Professional Pet Grooming Kit (16 pc.)

Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Top 7 Reviews for 2020

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This 16 pz. Grooming Set from Wahl contains all you will need for easy touch-ups, trimming and even full body clipping for dogs with fine to medium thick coats. Many valuable additional features ensure that the most novice dog groomer can keep their dog clean and comfortable in the first try. Professional looks and styles are just a matter of practice.

Key Features
  • Reliable power from a “Super Shunt” Motor designed to easily manage fine to medium coats like Labradors, Maltese, Spaniel, Cavalier and Lhasa Apso.
  • 7200 SPM (strokes per minute) from a surprisingly silent motor provides clean cut trims and an easy interface to the grooming process for fine to medium coats.
  • Includes all the extra materials like snap on combs, mechanical oil, trimming shears, a grooming apron and even an instructional DVD which illustrates the proper way to begin this task.
  • Backed by a 2-year warranty. 2 years of quality dog grooming will more than recover the investment on this product.
What to Like

We can begin with the Wahl Company and their reputation for quality dog clippers. Replaceable blades made of high quality steel will go a long way in preserving the mechanical function of these dog clippers. Smaller dogs can be skittish and uncomfortable around louder clippers so the super silent motor is much appreciated. Finally, the lightweight and ergonomic design will make grooming many dogs or larger dogs a less exhausting task

What Not to Like

Being specifically designed for fine to medium coats does limit the versatility of these clippers, but this will only be a problem if you purchase this for a thick coated dog. These clippers are also corded which may interfere with mobility, but by the same measure, can also be counted on for more reliable power.

The Final Word

For addressing the grooming needs of your fine or medium coated dog, you could not expect a better set of clippers. In addition to the formidable power and quality manufacturing, these clippers come with everything you need to perform a professional grooming job every time.

2. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit

Best Dog Grooming Clippers: Top 7 Reviews for 2020

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For an innovative approach to blade durability, the Andis EasyClip features ceramic blades which stay sharper for longer and run cooler than steel blades. A heavy-duty motor can easily cut through all coat thickness with equal strength and precision.

Key Features
  • Ultra-quiet operations for greater canine comfort when grooming.
  • Powerful rotary engines cut through the coats of Chow Chows, Huskies and German Shepherds as well as the finer coats of a Poodle, Pekinese or Spaniels.
  • Ceramic blades stay sharp and will not require replacing any time soon.
  • Detachable blades improve cleaning capacity.
  • Kit includes a sturdy housing unit and 4 snap on combs in the most convenient sizes.
What to Like

Ultra-quiet grooming is a considerable advantage when working with sensitive dogs who can find the “buzzer” scary. The time spent trimming and clipping can be greatly minimized thanks to a powerful rotary engine capable of handling the thickest canine coats with ease. Cutting-edge ceramic blades will endure for years and can then be replaced with any UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades – the largest blade selection in the industry.

What Not to Like

Perhaps the biggest drawback to a powerful implement like this would be the cord. While the heavy duty 12’ long cord can easily reach around any dog, it does limit the mobility when addressing hard-to-reach areas. This kit contains only contains 4 snap on combs, while the average dog only require 2 at the most, it is less than other kits contain.

The Final Word

Andis Dog Clippers have received much acclaim from the international dog loving community. Many have found the job of regular dog grooming to be much easier than they had initially expected after trying out these impressive clippers. For grooming St. Bernards, Collies and ShihTzus alike, this is an excellent option.

3. Oster A5 Professional Turbo Animal Clipper

Oster A5 Professional Turbo Animal Clipper

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With a heavy-duty design and variable 31000, 3600 or 4400 SPM, the Oster Animal Clipper can be used on thick hair dogs, fine hair cats and even horses and other livestock. A state-of-the-art detachable blade system adds versatility and longevity to the Oster Turbo design.

Key Features
  • Detachable and replaceable blade system makes cleaning and preserving these clippers more effective.
  • Powerful triple speed system allows for more professional styling techniques and effects.
  • Comes with blade oil, clipper grease, cleaning brush and other maintenance equipment.
  • Adjustable power can be applied to cats, dogs, horses and other animals.
What to Like

It is the versatility of the Oster A5 that makes it a professional grade implement for addressing all fur and hair types. The multi-speed system is capable of trimming and clipping the fine hair of a persian cat or the thicker coat of an Alaskan Malamute. High-quality blades can be removed and replaced to preserve the functionality of the mechanical system.

What Not to Like

In addition to being corded, this heavy-duty dog trimmer weighs a full 2 lbs., which could make it very unwieldy after a while. Multi speed dog clippers are also better suited to the experienced groomer who can deftly switch between speeds without damaging the motor. While neither of these are deal breakers, they do deserve consideration.

The Final Word

For professionals and aspiring professionals the Oster A5 provides a versatile tool for addressing coats and furs of all sorts. For owners of several dogs or those who would like more styling options this is a great choice.

4. ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper

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Professional Animal Grooming has never been easier with the Super 2-Speed Blade Clipper by ProClip. Strong blades are compatible with any of the CeramicEdge or ShowEdge blades, making cleaning and changing a cinch. Dual-speeds allow for plenty of styling options for the professional or aspiring professional.

Key Features
  • Cool and quiet operating system makes grooming a comfortable activity for all involved.
  • Super-duty motor is powerful enough for the thickest coats of a Malamute, German Shepherd or Akita.
  • 2-Speed performance is ideal for a wide range of professional grooming techniques.
  • Extra-durable “shatter-proof” housing prevents damage upon impact.
What to Like

An effective dual-speed function adds great versatility to the ProClip Super Clipper in the hands of an experienced professional groomer. Corded power means you will never be caught with a dead battery in the middle of a trim. A 14’ heavy duty power cord allows considerable mobility around all sized dogs and additional equipment. Finally, top-quality replaceable blades mean this tool could outlive your dog and possibly you too. This also features a locking “on” switch so you don’t lose power while working.

What Not to Like

Corded power will reduce your mobility to a certain degree. Owners of especially small dogs or grooming tasks that take less than 1.5 hrs. will probably prefer a cordless variety. The size and weight are also greater than other varieties; great for professional, wearisome for amateurs.

The Final Word

This is a professional grade set of dog clippers that will last forever. An enterprising entrepreneur could build a large scale dog grooming service on this tool and little else. Dog lovers with multiple dogs of all sizes will also find this tool to be ideal.

5. Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

Andis 2-Speed Detachable Plus Pet Clipper

Click here for current price and more details

With a powerful super-duty motor the Andis Plus Pet CLipper is the ideal tool for clipping through coats of all thickness. The lower speed is designed for delicately trimming fine coats while 25% more power of the high speed setting easily glides through tangled matted coats. It also features a durable “shatter-proof” housing.

Key Features
  • Powerful motor and design allows for clipping hair on all dog types without a hitch.
  • Dual Speed settings allows professional trimming for finer and coarser dog coats.
  • Cool and quiet operations won’t make your canine pal nervous or uncomfortable.
  • Shatterproof housing increases durability and longevity
What to Like

Professionals working with many different dogs with different coats will appreciate the multi speed system and powerful motor. A heavy duty 14’ cord allows for plenty of mobility all around the pet in question and won’t run out of charge. Corded clippers also provide stronger output than their cordless varieties, which is better for the professional trim. Top quality CeramicEdge blades blast longer and stay sharper.

What Not to Like

These are professional grade dog clippers and carry the design and power to last many years. While corded clippers are more powerful, some novice dog groomers, or those only addressing the needs of one very small dog, will find the heavy-duty features and multi speed functions are just overkill.

The Final Word

The Andis 2-Speed Plus Pet Clipper is the perfect option for a serious groomer with many different dog coats to address. Experienced groomers will appreciate the dual-speed system allowing for many interesting styles and design options.

6. Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit

Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit

Click here for current price and more details

The Wahl Dog/Pet Groomer is designed for all types of coats and includes the precision self-sharpening blades to do quick work. A cordless design allows for greatly increased mobility when trimming and clipping those harder to reach areas.

Key Features
  • Lithium Ion Batteries provide 2 full hours of Dog Clipping and Grooming a quick charge
  • Simplistic design and quiet operation allow for comfortable home operations.
  • Self-sharpening Precision blade for maximum durability
  • Heavy-duty Lithium Powered Motor is suitable for all dog coats
What to Like

Being cordless makes these dog clippers mobile and allows easier access to all sides of the dog. Blades are very important and this top-quality number features self-sharpening blades that can be replaced as needed. A quick charge can be reached in less than 10 minutes.

What Not to Like

Cordless clippers have an unexpected power supply and this option may not be the best for extensive use. While this is not a deal breaker, the power supply can only be used with USA electrical output.

The Final Word

For professionals or those novice groomers working with an especially large dog or many different dogs, the Wahl cordless Dog/Pet Clipper is the idea support to a more powerful corded dog clipper. Groomers who will only be addressing the grooming needs of a small dog, will also find the two-hours of heavy-duty power more than sufficient.

7. Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Grooming Trimming Kit

Maxshop Low Noise Rechargeable Grooming Trimming Kit

Click here for current price and more details

The Trimming and Grooming kit by Maxshop features all the components a professional dog groomer could possibly need. The Cordless Dog clippers feature a high velocity copper-axis motor designed for grooming all dogs.

Key Features
  • Super quiet design is comfortable for both dogs and groomers.
  • Cordless clippers are ideal for quickly and easily addressing all aspects of dog grooming for professionals and amateur groomers alike.
  • 4 guide combs allow for precision trimming of all different hair lengths (additional combs can be found online for the professional needing a full set).
  • Works for humans and furry animals with equal precision and functionality.
What to Like

The lightweight cordless design can certainly make the job of cutting back untamable hair an easier task. Titanium and ceramic blades can be expected to last a long time; the blades can also be fine-tuned for precision clipping on all fur types. The ultra-powerful motor can take on hair of all thickness (See Notification).

What Not to Like

The cordless design is very attractive, but users should know that a 5 hour charging will only allow for about 70 minutes of use before it will need to be charged again. This is definitely a consideration for the professional groomer. Mechanical oil is not included for regular maintenance; this will need to be found at your local hardware store.

NOTIFICATION: Manufacturers suggest using the included scissors to trim down the hair of a Yorkie, Havana or Himalayan breed before trying to use the clippers.

The Final Word

The Maxshop Dog Trimming and Grooming Kit is a great option for casual groomer looking to perfect their techniques. The decreased operation time and lack of certain components would not be well suited to the professional dog groomer, unless used as a support for a more powerful device.

Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Clippers for your Petbest dog grooming clippers

While all of the options found here can be relied on for an excellent grooming job, it will be the demands of the situation that dictates the best option for you.

1. Best Home Grooming Dog Clippers (Multiple Dogs)

Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal Clipper Kit — those with more than one dog or a single very large dog will appreciate the quiet operations and sheer power of the Andis EasyClip. With a heavy duty and detachable blade system you can slash back the cost of professional dog grooming and spend more time with your canine pal.

2. Best Professional Dog Clippers

ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper — Professional Dog Groomers will need unending power and high durability if their investment is to make some profits. With a multi-speed option that adds versatility you can groom the finer coats and thicker coats with equal ease.

Link: https://andis.com

3. Best Rookie Groomer Dog Clippers (One Dog)

Wahl Dog/Pet Home Grooming Rechargeable Clipper Kit — with a full two hours of impressive power you will be able to perform an easy and professional look. The increased mobility and accessibility of a cordless design will be most appreciated by the dog lover looking to cut the costs of regular pet grooming.

Link: https://home.wahl.com/products/category/pets

How to Groom Your Dog at Home

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