It’s a mistake to assume that it’s more relaxing to sit than it is to stand up. Sitting down, especially on a hard surface, puts an enormous strain on your back. It concentrates the weight of your entire upper body onto the end of your spine. That puts extra pressure on the discs in your lower back, and it decreases circulation in your lower extremities. It’s smart to fight back against poor posture and back strain with one of the Best Ergonomic Office Chairs you can find.

Old-fashioned chairs aren’t really built with ergonomics and good posture in mind, and they just aren’t comfortable enough to be used for hours at a time.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Space Seating Pro Managers ChairSpace Seating Pro Managers Chair4.3 / 5$$$More details!
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The Boss Black Leather Executive ChairThe Boss Black Leather Executive Chair3.8 / 5$$$More details!
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The Boss Black Leather Executive Chair High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair4.2 / 5$$More details!
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Flash Furniture High Back Leather ChairFlash Furniture High Back Leather Chair3.8/ 5$$$More details!
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Aeron Chair by Herman MillerAeron Chair by Herman Miller4.1 / 5$$$$More details!
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Mid Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair4.1 / 5$More details!
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Flash Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer ChairFlash Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer ChairElectronic Pulse Massager4.0 / 5$More details!
Click Here
Lorell Executive High-Back ChairLorell Executive High-Back Chair4.1 / 5$$$More details!
Click Here
Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel/Tilt ChairAlera Elusion Series Mesh Swivel/Tilt Chair4.4 / 5$$$More details!
Click Here
VIVA Office Hot Fully Adjustable Office ChairVIVA Office Hot Fully Adjustable Office Chair3.8 / 5$$$$More details!
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Working at a Desk All Day Leads to Poor PostureBest Ergonomic Office Chair

In today’s economy, more people than ever are working at a desk all day, and being seated while looking at a screen can have a terrible effect on your posture. That’s why people who work at desks for long periods of time require well-designed, posture supporting office chairs to give themselves a fighting chance to avoid bad posture and the back pain that bad posture inevitably causes.

Fight Back Strain With Ergonomic Design

The best ergonomic office chairs are built to provide the ultimate in comfort and convenience for the user. Not only do they provide the proper support for your back, they’re infinitely adjustable to suit every user. They’re the result of years of scientific research into the stresses that sitting for long periods puts on the spine and the muscles of the back, neck, and limbs.

A properly designed and engineered office chair will reduce discomfort and fatigue, increase your circulation, and lessen the chance of an injury. They’ll even increase your productivity!

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for 2020

1. Space Seating Pro Managers Chair

Space Seating Pro Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

The Space Seating Professional Managers Chair with black eco-leather seat and dark air grid back is a simple solution to a complex problem. When you sit for long periods of time, it’s important to be able to shift around in your chair to avoid back strain.

The Space Seating Managers Chair has a spring tension mount that lets it tilt back and forth with your movements, and it quickly adjusts to the user’s height. It also has built-in lumbar support and a springy mesh back that helps you maintain good posture but doesn’t feel stiff and make you sweat.

  • Height is easily adjusted with the touch of a button
  • Arms are padded for comfort, and can be adjusted for height
  • Oversized casters roll easily over hard flooring or low-pile carpet
  • Chair back has a bit of springiness for extra support and comfort
  • Mesh fabric on back for good air circulation
  • Seat is mounted on spring base to automatically tilt when you lean
  • Tension in tilt spring can be adjusted for different user weights
What’s to like about the Space Seating Managers Chair

The Space Seating chair has a one-touch button to set the height of the seat, and easy height adjustment on the arms. Most of the other ways the chair adjusts to your posture are automatic. The seat is mounted on a solid base using a coil spring. This allows the chair to lean forward and back with you without fiddling with it. The spring tension can be adjusted for your weight, and then you can forget about it.

If you’re tired of fussing with your chair all day, but still want ergonomic performance, the Space Seating Managers Chair is a great choice.

What’s not to like

Very short users would prefer that the seat height could be lowered further. Other users find that the seat cushion, while well padded, is too flat for their liking.

Final Word

For a full-featured ergonomic office chair, the Space Seating Managers Chair is affordably priced. It’s a best seller, and it gets great reviews from users. A very high percentage of users give the chair four out of 5 or better, with a large number giving it 5 out of 5.

While there are many very expensive office chairs on the market that give good support and comfort, it can be hard to find one in this price range that performs so well. It should be considered a best buy.

2. The Boss Black Leather Executive Chair

The Boss Black Leather Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

Many ergonomic office chairs have a tendency to look like a medical experiment than a padded chair. If you want a chair that offers a more plush and elegant look, the Boss LeatherPlus Executive Chair might be perfect for you. It has inviting padded loop arms, and is completely upholstered in soft leatherette, and looks like more like a leather seat in a luxury sedan than an office chair.

  • Pneumatic adjustable seat height works with the touch of a lever
  • Built-in lumbar support for longer working sessions without lower back strain
  • Has tilt tensioning springs, or you can lock it in any upright position you prefer
  • Sturdily built for even the largest users
  • Easy assembly
  • Easy-to-clean leatherette material is low-maintenance
What’s to like about the Boss LeatherPlus Executive Chair

The Boss Executive Chair looks like its name sounds. It has the appearance of a plush, executive chair, but it’s priced more like a standard ergonomic office chair. You can take advantage of its spring tensioning seat to tilt forward and back in the chair without making any adjustments, or you can lock the seat upright in a desired position if you prefer.

The Boss Executive Chair is more sturdily built than competing chairs, so if you tip the scales a little higher than the average office worker, but still want all-day comfort at your desk, the Boss is up to the task.

What’s not to like

Some petite users say their feet don’t touch the floor unless they’re wearing high heels, even with the chair set as low as it will go.

Final Word

The Boss LeatherPlus Executive Chair is a best-seller, and it gets great reviews. Reviewers like its plush appearance, easy adjustability, and sturdy construction. The Boss is priced the same as many mid-priced office chairs but looks a cut above.

3. High Back Executive Ergonomic Office Chair

Executive Best Ergonomic office chair

Click here for current price and more details

Executive office chairs have a certain look that regular office chairs lack. Chairs like the O10 have a high back and tilt function that let users recline a bit and rest their head. They generally have solid, padded loop arms that aren’t adjustable, but make it easier to get in and out of the chair numerous times during the workday.

The O10 has soft leatherette that’s easy to wipe clean but isn’t shiny and slippery.

  • Chair swivels quietly a full 360 degrees
  • One-button height adjustment from 19-23 inches
  • Five-caster base is less likely to tip over when you lean back
  • Holds up to 250 pounds
  • High padded back to rest your head
  • Solid, padded loop arms make getting in and out of the chair a breeze
  • Fully padded for all-over comfort
What’s to like about the O10 High Back Executive 

The O10 is a good-looking design. Its padding and faux-leather covering look upscale compared to many office chairs. It has a high padded back and tilt functions that will let you put your feet up and rest your head for a minute. It’s very inexpensive for an executive-style chair, and that’s made it a Number One bestseller in executive chairs.

What’s not to like

Some users object to a chemical smell when you first unwrap the chair. Others would prefer more lumbar support.

Final Word

The O10 is priced well, a bargain for anything but the most stripped-down office chairs. It gets great reviews, with a remarkable 80 percent of users giving it 4 out of 5 or better. If you want a comfortable executive chair that tilts easily and looks like a manager’s chair for a reasonable price, the O10 is a great choice.

4. Flash Furniture High Back Leather Chair

Flash Furniture High Back Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

If you want maximum control over the settings on your office chair, the Flash Furniture Chair is for you. The seat and back are nicely padded in a leatherette material, similar to an executive chair, but every aspect of the chair’s function can be set using a series of levers and knobs.

  • High, padded backrest lets you rest your head when you lean back
  • More adjustment than your average office chair
  • Lumbar support can be changed by the simple twist of a knob
  • Chair can tilt back, or be locked in position at any desired angle
  • Five dual-wheel casters make for a stable, easy-to-roll base
  • Chair back can be adjusted for height to accommodate different types of users
  • Leatherette finish is easy to keep clean
What’s to like about the Flash Furniture High Back

If you need to have minute control over every adjustment on your office chair to get it the way you like it, you’ll like the Flash Furniture chair. It’s especially useful for many users to be able to adjust the height of the back. If you’re very tall or very petite, it can be difficult to get the lumbar support in exactly the right spot for maximum comfort, but that’s not a problem with the Flash Furniture model.

If you like to tip back in your chair, but also like to be able to lock it in place to avoid accidental tipping, you can do it on this chair with the flick of a paddle.

What’s not to like

Some users report that the armrests are too far apart to support your arms while you type, but other users prefer this arrangement. Some users also report that it’s hard to keep track of all the adjustment levers on the chair.

Final Word

The Flash Furniture High Back Chair comes in at a mid-level price point but offers more adjustability than many of its close competitors. It’s advertised as a leather chair, but it’s really leatherette, which is less durable than leather but easier to clean. The chair comes with a 2-year limited warranty, longer than most competing models.

It’s highly rated with a very high percentage of users giving it at least 4 out of 5.

5. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

The Aeron has quickly become the industry standard. For some people, the word Aeron has become the default name they give to all ergonomic office chairs, in the same way Kleenex has become the name people use to refer to all facial tissue.

A great deal of research and engineering went into the design of the Aeron, and it’s built to last, but it costs five to ten times more than many ergonomic office chairs. That price tag doesn’t scare away people that need the best support and comfort an office chair can offer, so the Aeron is a best seller despite its price.

  • The chair can be customized to suit more than one body type, and to give exactly the amount of lumbar support you need
  • Heavy duty construction means it’s built to last for many years, with an amazing 12-year factory warranty to back it up
  • Mesh fabric seat and back lets air circulate to keep you feeling fresh all day
  • Almost infinitely adjustable
  • While you can lock the seat into one position, you can also allow it to gently tilt with you as you lean forward and back for maximum support
  • Arms are adjustable in every direction, which is unusual for an office chair
What’s to like about the Aeron Chair

If you’re like most people, you buy a series of office chairs until you find one that gives you the comfort and support you need. Since you’re likely to spend so much time in the chair, you often have to buy the same model over and over after you finally find one that you like, as they wear out with heavy use.

That’s not a problem with the Aeron. It can be adjusted to deliver real comfort and good posture support for almost anybody, and with a 12-year guarantee, you know you won’t need to buy another Aeron for a very long time.

What’s not to like

A few reviewers mentioned that the frame around the mesh seat digs into their legs.

Final Word

The Aeron chair is a big seller despite its hefty price tag, and users rave about it in their reviews. Over 75 percent of users give it 4 out of 5 or more.  If you’re trying to solve your ergonomic office chair problems once and for all the Aeron is well worth the money.

6. Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair

Mid Back Mesh Best Ergonomic Computer Desk Office Chair O12

Click here for current price and more details

If you’re stuck sitting on a hard chair without an ergonomic design but don’t have a lot of money in your budget to find something that’s easier on your back, the Mid-Back Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk chair might be right for you. It sells for a third of the price of the average ergonomic office chair, but it still delivers good comfort and posture support that will make long days at the desk less difficult.

It doesn’t have as many adjustments as other models, but if all you need is height adjustment, an adjustable spring-tilt mechanism, a little lumbar support, and 360-degree swivel, and roll-around casters, it’s priced right.

  • Costs a fraction of competing ergonomic chairs
  • Extra-wide base makes it less likely to tip over when you lean way back or forward
  • Double-wheel casters roll smoothly over hard floors or low-pile carpet
  • The seat adjusts up and down enough to accommodate almost everyone, including some children
  • Mesh fabric back is cooler when you sit for long periods
  • Simplified adjustment mechanisms for easy setups
What’s to like about the Mesh Computer Chair

The Mid Back is a big seller, partly because of its low price. Reviewers often mention the price as a definite perk, but they report that the chair offers good support and comfort. Some reviewers who like to use armrests to support their arms while typing really appreciate the narrow distance between the two arms. Almost everyone liked the padding on the seat, but users were mixed about the mesh back.

What’s not to like

Lots of users report that it takes a lot of effort and time to assemble the chair.

Final Word

If you’re looking for an inexpensive solution to your back problems when you’re working at an office desk all day, the Mid Back Ergonomic chair is a viable solution when you’re on a budget. Over 75 percent of users give the chair a 4 out of 5 rating.

If it wasn’t so difficult to assemble, it might get the best ratings of any chair we’ve reviewed.

7. Flash Mid-Back Black Mesh Computer Chair

Flash Mid-Back Black Mesh Best Ergonomic Computer Chair

Click here for current price and more details

The Flash Mid-Back is a straightforward design that simply looks like a comfortable office chair. It has a conventional 5-caster swivel base, and a paddle switch to raise or lower it, but that’s about it for ergonomic adjustments. It has a nicely contoured mesh fabric back with a frame that is suspended nicely on a yoke that keeps the frame from hitting your back, a nice touch.

The seat has a nubbly cloth covering that keeps you from slipping around or sticking to the seat like some leatherette coverings do. It’s built sturdily, but it’s priced at the lower end of the scale for ergonomic office chairs.

  • Breathable mesh on back is cooler and more comfortable for long sessions at the desk
  • Casters roll around easily on low-pile carpet or hardwood flooring
  • Very inexpensive price tag
  • Both the seat height and the arm heights are easily adjustable
  • Has an appealing, low-key appearance in the office
What’s to like about the Flash Mesh Computer Chair

The reviews for the Flash Computer Chair are more mixed than some of the other chairs we’ve reviewed. Reviewers love the low price, and many comment on the clean, no-nonsense look it brings to their office area. Others like the springy mesh back and say it’s easier to work for long periods in the Flash chair without getting sweaty than with other chairs that have upholstery everywhere.

What’s not to like

Many reviewers say the build quality of the chair is low, and it’s difficult to assemble. Others report that it forces you to sit up straighter than they’d prefer, and can’t be adjusted to suit them.

Final Word

While the reviews on the Flash Mid-Back Mesh Computer Chair are mixed, over half of users give it at least 4 rating out of 5. Most users make allowances for a less durable and adjustable chair like the Flash because of its low price point. If you want an ergonomic office chair with no frill and one that doesn’t tip, the Flash is a good choice.

8. Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

Lorell Executive High-Back Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

Many manufacturers use the term ”executive” to refer to a chair with a high back and thick upholstery everywhere, but the Lorell is more like a standard ergonomic office chair than a true executive chair. It has a separate back and seat, and while the back is quite tall, it’s made of a lightweight mesh fabric instead of a leather or leatherette covering.

The chair does swivel and tilt like other executive chairs and has a lot of different adjustments so you can set it up exactly how you like it.

  • High-back, tiltable chair lets you lean back and rest your head
  • Seat height can be adjusted more than competing brands
  • Arms can be adjusted for both height and width to suit any user
  • Seat and chair back can be adjusted separately
  • Seat back angle can be adjusted with the pull of a lever
  • Sturdier than competing brands. Can hold up to 350 pounds
  • Tilting mechanism can be locked in place if you prefer
What’s to like about the Lorell Executive High-Back Chair

Many consumers want an ergonomic office chair to improve their posture and increase the amount of time they can spend comfortably sitting at their desk. The Lorell doesn’t cost a fortune, but it offers as much adjustability and comfort as any competing chair. Some reviewers like its more space-age appearance over competing brands that look like leatherette bucket seats.

Very tall users like the ability to raise and lower the back to suit their frame.

What’s not to like

Some users report that the armrests aren’t as solid as the rest of the chair

Final Word

Reviewers give the Lorell high marks, with almost 80 percent giving it 4 or more. Many reviewers mention how easy it is to assemble the Lorell, which is commonly a sticking point with other chairs. If you’re looking for an executive chair that doesn’t look like it was designed in 1960, the Lorell might be perfect for you.

9. Alera Elusion Series Mesh Swivel/Tilt Chair

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

The Alera is another no-nonsense design for an ergonomic office chair. It has one handy lever adjustment for seat height, and a torsion knob to adjust the amount of force it takes to tilt the chair forward and back. The Alera has a nicely sculpted seat, with a waterfall front that won’t dig into the back of your legs.

The seat back and the arms can be raised or lowered to suit almost any user. It has a breathable mesh back for comfort.

  • Simple adjustments make it easy to accommodate many different users
  • Clean, modernist design
  • Sculpted seat is comfortable for long desk sessions
  • Five-caster design rolls easily on most floor surfaces
  • Tilting mechanism can be cranked down to keep chair upright if desired
What’s to like about the Alera Elusion Series

Reviewers really like the Alera Elusion. They say it strikes a nice balance between price and performance, and many like its no-nonsense looks. Users appreciate its easy assembly. Some office chairs are comfortable only in a few configurations, but reviewers say the seat is comfortable whether you like to sit with it leaned back or forward.

What’s not to like

A few reviewers mentioned a strong chemical smell when the chair parts were first unpacked.

Final Word

The Alera Elusion gets high marks from almost all reviewers. A remarkable percentage of users give the chair at least 4 out of 5, the best ratings we’ve seen for ergonomic office chairs. Since the Alero is priced affordably, it should be considered a best buy.

10. VIVA Office Hot Fully-Adjustable Office Chair

VIVA Office Hot Adjustable Best Ergonomic Office Chair

Click here for current price and more details

If you want a more substantial, upholstered look and feel for your executive office chair, you’ll like the VIVA Office Chair. It has upholstered side wings to help you stay sitting upright for long periods, and the waterfall front with a deep scoop seat will avoid pinching nerves in the back of your legs.

The chair looks more elegant than many other office chairs, but it also features a lot of ergonomic adjustment features.

  • Rich bonded leather and vinyl seat covering lets you sink in comfortably
  • Armrests are adjustable for height and width to accommodate any user
  • Sturdily built. Will hold up to 250 pounds
  • Back angle adjustment lets you recline comfortably without fear of tipping over
  • Has many adjustments for height, seat angle, tipping, and other settings
What’s to like about the VIVA Office Chair

The VIVA costs a bit more, so reviewers hold it to a higher standard than less expensive chairs. Some users report that the VIVA is the only chair they’ve tried that gives them true comfort when they’re sitting at their desk for a long time, because every surface is upholstered.

Others remarked on how easy it was to put together, and how easy it is to adjust to various seat angles during a long day.

What’s not to like

A few users said the VIVA had less lumbar support than they needed. Others complained that the chair parts were damaged in shipping, although the company did replace them. Some reported that the pneumatic cylinder that determines the seat height slowly lost pressure during the day.

Final Word

Over 70 percent of users give the VIVA office chair at least 4 out of 5. It’s a much nicer looking chair than many competing brands, and the leather and leatherette covering looks less cheap than other models. It’s a good, solid chair for the price.

How to Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for YouBest Ergonomic Office Chair

To make your selection easier, start by determining your price range. If money is no object, you can select the Aeron to get the best ergonomic function available, but most users can shop among the many mid-priced models that offer great comfort for much less money like the SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid

Even the lowest priced models offer good posture and comfort benefits, and would be an improvement over sitting on a traditional chair for long periods during your day. A good option here is the Mesh Ergonomic Computer Desk Chair.

Bad sitting leads to bad posture

How to Properly Adjust your Ergonomic Office ChairErgonomic Office Chair

If you don’t know how to adjust your ergonomic office chair, you likely aren’t getting the most out of it. Most of these
chairs can be adjusted to an upright, reclined or forward position based on your needs, so you need to know how to achieve this on order to get the most out of it.

Follow these steps, which are fairly common across all types of ergonomic office chair, and you should find that you can adjust as needed from now on.

  1. Stand in front of the chair. This will allow you to use your own body to measure how to adjust it.
  2. Adjust the height until the highest point of the seat area is just below your own kneecap.
  3. Sit in the chair to see if your thighs are parallel to the floor. If they aren’t, adjust the height of the seat accordingly. This is important as you need to be able to comfortable place your feet on the floor, with the parallel positioning of the thighs promoting increased blood circulation around the legs.
  4. If the chair won’t lower to the point where you can easily fit your feet onto the floor, you should invest in a footrest, which can be adjusted in order to provide support for the whole foot.
  5. Make sure that you can sit in the chair in a way that allows for the distance between the front edge of your seat Best Ergonomic Office Chair
    and the upper part or your legs below the knee to be about a finger’s width.
  6. From this seated position, adjust the back height until you feel that you are getting the support you need in order to reduce back pain and maintain good posture. If you are unsure, take a little time to look online to see how it should look.
  7. You can now adjust the angle of the seat itself. Most ergonomic office chairs should have a mechanism that allows you to do this, so locate it and tilt the seat forward or backwards based on your preference. If you expect to be sat for a long period of time, try adjusting backwards in order to relieve the pressure on your thighs
  8. Now adjust the back angle so that it is properly in line with the seat and is doing everything it should be in
    terms of providing you with back support and reducing fatigue and pain.
  9. If you have an armrest with your chair, you should ow adjust this so that it is at a height you are comfortable
  10. Raise the chair as needed in order to achieve the proper arm and upper body positioning in relation to your work surface. You should not be in a position where you are so low that you’re reaching up, or so high that you have to hunch over. In most cases, this will mean adjusting the chair height so that your elbows are in line with the work surface, which may require further adjustments to the chair in some cases.

Also see: 5 Benefits of Ergonomic Chairs

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