Foam rollers and self-myofascial release have certainly become a buzzword among professional athletes, trainers and therapists, owing to several benefits. If you are experiencing painful movements, it could be because you have trigger points or overworked muscles and this is where the Best Foam Roller can help.

Let’s consider an example of a trigger point in your leg. When you apply pressure to one part of the leg, you feel a radiating pain somewhere else. It indicates a knot-like formation in your leg muscles, which is the reason for your discomfort and soreness. Foam rolling can provide you swift relief from the muscle tightness and the ensuing distress.

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Trigger Point - The Grid - Foam RollerTrigger Point - The Grid - Foam Roller4.4 / 5$$$More details!
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 Jaifor Foam Roller MoldedJaifor Foam Roller Molded4.2 / 5$$$More details!
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EPE Black High Density Foam RollerEPE Black High Density Foam Roller4.6 / 5$$More details!
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BEST Foam RollerThe Muscle Mauler Best Foam Roller4.7 / 5$$$More details!
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ProSource Ultra Sports Medicine RollerProSource Ultra Sports Medicine Roller4.5 / 5$$More details!
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AccuPoint Grid Foam RollerAccuPoint Grid Foam Roller4.4 / 5$More details!
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j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollersj/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers4.4 / 5$$$More details!
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OPTP Pro-Roller - Soft BlueOPTP Pro-Roller - Soft Blue4.4 / 5$$$More details!
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DSS RumbleRoller Foam RollersDSS RumbleRoller Foam Rollers4.5 / 5$$More details!
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Comparing the best rollers on the market today
Rolling the Best Foam Roller

Picking the best roller to suit your needs can be a challenging task, especially if the market is flooded with a variety of equally good rollers. But there are certain trade-offs, which you should be aware of, associated with choosing one from the top-notch options available. Ideally, the roller should have the following qualities.

  • The right density is the factor of utmost importance. The rollers that are less dense are excellent for beginners. The denser varieties are suitable for seasoned users.
  • Foams are meant not just for self-massage. They double up as workout gear for balance and core training exercises. This is why the rollers are available in different shapes such as round and half-round; to fulfill the purpose of its use.
  • The dimensions of the roller, i.e., its length and diameter, should be in line with your physique as well the type of exercise you intend to do.

Best Foam Roller Reviews for 2020

1. Trigger Point – The Grid – Foam Roller

Trigger Point - The Grid - Best Foam Roller

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The Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller is by all means the epitome of functionality and durability. The design is basically high-performance foam fixed onto a hollow PVC tube. This is the perfect foam roller, especially for those who have been recovering from injuries and undergoing physiotherapy. It enhances the blood circulation thereby reducing muscle soreness.

Regular use of the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller will iron out the kinks and knots in your muscles like they never existed, so that you could enjoy better mobility.

  • 13-inch long
  • 5-inch diameter
  • Supports up to 500 pounds of static weight
  • Excellent for warm-up before engaging in strength and conditioning exercises
What’s to like about Trigger Point Grid Foam Roller

The compact design of the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller makes it travel-friendly so that you do not miss out on your rolling rituals when you are on the go. The exclusive Distrodensity™ Zone design is absolutely great to massage the trigger points that are otherwise hard to reach. The unique 3D design on the roller’s surface imitates the pattern of palms, fingers and fingertips of the massage therapist, to replicate the resultant therapeutic sensation.

The texture of the foam is pretty firm, which works perfectly for deep muscle compression.

What’s not to like

Like we said, the foam on the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller is on the denser side, so it is not a great choice for beginners. However, since it works just right for the experienced users, the higher density of the foam is not really a deal breaker.

A few customers suggest that while the Grid Revolutionary Foam Roller works like magic on your tender neck and back, it might not be suitable for use on your back owing to its petite 13-inch structure.

Final Word

While it may not be the best choice for beginners, thanks to the density of the foam, this is an excellent choice for those who want something that is compact, but also capable of massaging trigger points that would be hard to reach otherwise. The fact that it carries a 4.4 out of 5 rating from a couple thousand reviews is a testament to its quality.

2. Jaifor Foam Roller – Molded

 Jaifor Best Foam Roller Molded

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Jaifor is known for the unparalleled quality of its fitness gear, which is why the Moulded Foam Roller has made the cut to our list of top 10 foam rollers. Crafted from recycled high-grade Extruded Polyethylene foam, the Jaifor Foam Roller is extremely dense and durable. The makers have altered its design to make it more travel-friendly and easy to store, by reducing its original length to half.

This foam roller will shake-off the knots set within the deepest of your muscles with just a few minutes of use every day.

  • 18-inch long
  • 6-inch diameter
  • Lasts 3 times longer than the ordinary foam rollers
  • Light-weight, high-density material
What’s to like about Jaifor Foam Roller

The high-density material of the Jaifor Foam Roller exerts direct, high pressure necessary to relax enormously tense muscles, thereby gradually enhancing your range of motion. The roller is sensibly priced considering the exceptional quality of the material. The length of this foam roller is just perfect to use it on not just legs and arms, but also on back and shoulders.

When the Jaifor Foam Roller Molded is being praised and recommended by the professional trainers and therapists, it only reinforces your desire to go for it.

What’s not to like

The users suffering from ailments like stenosis or fibromyalgia have reported that the direct pressure exerted on using a Jaifor Foam Roller is often unendurable. Nevertheless, it’s a great foam roller for relatively healthy individuals who need a rigorous rubdown at the end of a long day.

Final Word

This is an excellent roller, assuming that you do not suffer from either stenosis or fibromyalgia. It is made of very high-density foam, which means it is capable of lasting for a long time if treated properly. It currently boasts a 4.2 out of 5 rating from hundreds of reviews, suggesting that most customers have been more than satisfied with the quality on offer.

3. EPE Black High Density Foam Roller

EPE Black High Density Best Foam Roller

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If you have been looking for a bargain, the EPE high-density roller is certainly meant for you. Compared to its other high-end cousins on the list, this one is cannot really withstand the weight of heavy users. But considering how conveniently the slim users can benefit from this product, it seems like a good deal.

It provides instant respite from sore back, thighs and calves. Apart from the usual self-massage, the roller works great for balance and strengthening exercises.

  • 12-inch long
  • 6-inch diameter
  • Also available in 18-inch and 36-inch variants
  • Density is 1.9 lbs / cubic foot
What’s to like about EPE High Density Foam Roller

Made from expanded polyethylene (EPE), the foam roller is ideal for moderate use. Since it is available in 3 sizes, you can pick the one depending on the muscle group you wish to target. The 12-inch variant provides sufficient harness to work on the IT Band, and is easy to store and travel with. The 18-inch variant is ideal for working on your back. The 36-inch variant is well-suited for the brawny folks who need a wider harness to roll.

What’s not to like

Some customers, who weighed more than 200 lbs, suggested that the 12-inch variant of EPE high density roller could not endure their weight. The structure of the roller weakens overtime, causing it to lose its shape after a few sessions. So go for this one only if you think you are lean enough to not crush the roller.

Final Word

Boasting a 4.6 out of 5 rating, this may well be the best foam roller on the market for people who are fairly lean. While some have had issues with it losing its shape, it should be more than fine for people who fall under the 200lb mark and is ideal for beginners who want a roller than will help them get to grips with the many benefits these mats have to offer.

4. The Muscle Mauler – Best Foam Roller

BEST Foam Roller

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The Muscle Mauler Best foam roller is yet another popular roller that has garnered praises of the sports aficionados, given the trigger-matrix design on the foam which mimics the strokes of the hands of a massage therapist. Like the TPP roller, the Muscle Mauler too had a hollow core. It is light, easy to store and travel-friendly.

  • 13-inch long
  • 5.5-inch diameter
  • Targets neck, lower and upper back, IT band, quadriceps and hamstrings with incredible ease
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
What’s to like about the Muscle Mauler Foam Roller

The ridges on the Muscle Mauler will clear up the deep knots and kinks without actually digging into your body like a rock. People engaging in physical activities such as running, weight-training, Rugby and Boxing will certainly find this to be an amazing product. Those who practice Pilates and Yoga use the Muscle Mauler for warm up.

This foam roller is highly recommended by therapists as it accelerates the recovery process of the users. Patients with fibromyalgia found the pressure exerted by the roller to be adequate and therapeutic.

What’s not to like

Several rolling enthusiasts find the foam to be not as tough as they had expected. This isn’t really a drawback if you consider the fact that the rolling experts are used to extremely high-density foam rollers. If we look at the silver lining, the Muscle Mauler provides just the right amount of leverage for the novice and intermediate users.

Final Word

Muscle Mauler may be a slightly intimidating name for a foam roller, but that doesn’t take away from the many qualities of this product. With an impressive 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost hundreds of reviews, this stands as perhaps the best foam roller, regardless of whether you are new to this type of product or have been using them for a number of years.

5. ProSource Ultra Sports Medicine Roller

ProSource Ultra Sports Medicine Best Foam Roller

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The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is the blend of performance, sturdiness and cost-efficiency. It is a full-blown high-density roller with a hollow center. It has been carved using less amount of foam as compared to the conventional rollers to give you the flawless experience of deep tissue massage.

The high-density foam is tough enough to endure up to 300 lbs, yet flexible enough to be used by people with ailments of the spine.

  • 24-inch long
  • 6-inch diameter
  • The surface features a flat rectangular spot and raised ridges
  • Inexpensive option considering its size
What’s to like about the ProSource Medicine Roller

The ProSource Sports Medicine Roller is being preferred by rolling enthusiasts mainly because of its extended size. Though you probably won’t want to carry it along during your travels, it serves the purpose well the other time. The 24-inch design is perfect for massaging your back and quads without the fear of falling off the edge.

What’s not to like

A few customers who purchased the ProSource roller say that they find the bumps and ridges on the roller to be redundant, inconsistent and uncomfortable. They would prefer the design on their roller to be more uniform. So if you prefer a roller with consistent indents, this might not be your best bet. After all it all comes down to what you are looking for.

Some customers found that their new rollers had a very strong chemical odor. Nevertheless, it doesn’t affect the roller’s functionality and wanes over the next few days.

Final Word

Boasting a 4.5 out of 5 rating from a few hundred reviews, this roller has satisfied the vast majority of customers who have used it, particularly due to its large size making rolling exercises much easier. However, if you are wary of the bumps and ridges that have been incorporated into the design, it may be worth looking for an alternative as some may find them uncomfortable.

6. AccuPoint Grid Foam Roller

AccuPoint Grid Best Foam Roller

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Being on the expensive side, some foam rolling aficionados might shy away from investing in the AccuPoint Grid Foam Roller. But the price is justified by the roller’s ability to provide instantaneous relief from tight muscles and body ache.

The journey of your healing will begin as you spare a few minutes daily to let the AccuPoint Grid Foam Roller work its way through the trigger points that have been limiting your mobility and range of motion.

  • 13-inch long
  • 5-inch diameter
  • Supports up to 550 pounds of body weight
  • Backed with a lifetime warranty
What’s to like about the AccuPoint Grid Foam Roller

As preferred by most foam roller users, AccuPoint’s grid has a consistent design of hexagonal bumps throughout the entire grid for an even sensation as you roll. The roller facilitates recovery of sore muscles from hardcore activities such as Mixed Martial Arts, Soccer, swimming and running.

The Accupoint roller comes with a DVD about full body foam rolling. It has tutorials that will teach you how to roll the different muscle groups of your body. Having a hollow core makes it light-weight for easy storage.

What’s not to like

Apart from the hefty price tag, there have been no major downsides to this roller. Lean people can use it without any hassle. The big guys might have some trouble working out their back since the roller is only 13 inches long.

Final Word

If you have plenty of money to spend, this is an excellent roller thanks to the even sensation offered by the hexagonal design and the fact that it comes with a DVD that offers you plenty of tips on how to get the most out of it. It currently carries a 4.4 out of 5 rating from more than 500 reviews, with very little in the way of negative feedback.

7. j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers

j/fit Super High Density Best Foam Rollers

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Looking for a high-density foam roller that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, are we? If you have been rolling for quite some time with medium-density rollers and want to graduate to the high-density ones, you can dip your toe and try one of the j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers.

Specifically designed for Pilates, strengthening exercises and back stabilization, the best thing about this roller is that you get a choice of different sizes.

And of course, you can use this high-density roller for your IT Band, gluts, hamstrings and calves as well.

  • 36-inch long, 6-inch diameter
  • 18-inch long, 6-inch diameter
  • 12-inch long, 6-inch diameter
  • Crafted from 100% medical grade foam
What’s to like about the j/fit Foam Rollers

Some users who purchased this particular roller to use it in the course of their physiotherapy treatment have a unanimous opinion that working out with the roller is incredibly therapeutic, even if the foam is exceptionally dense. The ease of storage and moving it around would obviously depend on the length you choose.

In general, these rollers are lightweight and easy to maintain irrespective of their size.

What’s not to like

A few buyers said that the roller is ‘rock hard’. Well, that’s what the name says; high-density. It’s really not a deficit, but a matter of personal choice. Also, some users pointed out that the quality of 12-inch variant’s material is not at par with the larger variants. The makers of j/fit Super High Density Foam Rollers definitely need to look into it.

Final Word

As long as you’re happy with a solid mat, you should find that this is one of the best foam rollers on the market today. With a variety of options in terms of density, there is plenty of choice that allows for a variety of exercises to be carried out. The product currently boasts a 4.4 out of 5 rating from almost 800 reviews, however, you should be wary if you are looking for a little more cushioning when you roll.

8. OPTP Pro-Roller – Soft Blue

OPTP Pro-Roller - Soft Blue Best Foam Roller

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We have a little something for the newbies out there! And also for the people who appreciate the bliss of gentle self-massage on their overworked muscles. OPTP is one of the finest brands of foam rollers available in the market today. This Pro-Roller is crafted from professional-grade low-density foam, featuring cross-linked, close cell construction.

Low-density foam doesn’t always have to resonate with squishy, which loses its shape just after a few sessions of rolling. Also, you can clean it using a sanitizing wipe or a soapy kerchief.

  • 36-inch long
  • 6-inch diameter
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Great companion during physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation
What’s to like about the OPTP Pro-Roller

First off, it’s the beautiful blue color of the Pro-Roller that grabs your attention. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, the roller will certainly blow your mind with its durability. Don’t mistake its softness for fragility, for this roller can put up with users weighing more than 250 lbs.

The improved comfort makes way for discovering new movements for a workout.

Users with ailments like osteoporosis say that they can use the OPTP Pro-Roller without fearing any injury to their relatively fragile bones.

What’s not to like

Since the roller is specifically designed to provide gentle massage, it is not suitable for MELT exercises, strength training or Pilates. Nevertheless, trying to use the roller for purposes it isn’t meant for doesn’t make the roller bad now, does it? Again, some people find the roller to be too soft to be able to penetrate deep enough to untie the deeper kinks in the muscle tissue.

That’s not what Pro-Roller is meant for. So make sure your requirement coincide with what Pro-Roller has to offer.

Final Word

If you’re looking for a roller that is capable of providing gentle massages, this is the choice for you as evidenced by its 4.4 out of 5 rating from hundreds of reviews. While you may find that it is unable to withstand more extreme physical activity, it is capable of withstanding large weights as long as it is used as intended.

9. DSS RumbleRoller Foam Rollers

DSS RumbleRoller Best Foam Rollers

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As usual, we save the best for last. We present to you the God of foam rollers; the DSS Rumble Roller. This is one of the best-selling and most expensive rollers on the list. Conventional foam rollers work only on the surface, because of which the relief they provide is momentary.

On the other hand, the Rumble Roller has very prominent bumps on its surface to reach the deep-set trigger points in almost any muscle group of your body.

It gets even better when you get to choose from 4 different variants.

  • 31-inch long, 6-inch diameter, medium-firm foam, blue color
  • 12-inch long, 5-inch diameter, original density foam, blue color
  • 31-inch long, 6-inch diameter, extra-firm foam, black color
  • 31-inch long, 6-inch diameter, original density foam, blue color
What’s to like about the DSS Rumble Roller

The DSS Rumble Roller is quite popular for its performance and sturdiness. The users who have been rolling away since several years don’t mind shelling out some extra bucks because they know the Rumble Roller is worth every penny.

Those with conditions like herniated discs, fibromyalgia and those experiencing muscle spasms will surely get rest.

You get to choose from the varying lengths as well as foam densities so that you don’t have to compromise with any aspect.

What’s not to like

Practically, there is nothing about Rumble Roller that a sane person wouldn’t like. Just that it is heavy on the pocket, but trust us when we say that Rumble Roller will save you many a sore days for several years to come. Since the bumps penetrate pretty deep into the muscles, the novice should tread with some care.

Final Word

With a name like RumbleRoller, you would expect this product to be able to withstand some pretty intense workouts, which is exactly what it offers. With a 4.5 out of 5 rating, it has proven itself to be an excellent choice, particularly for people who are experienced rollers and are now looking for a product that will be able to stand the test of time while also offering superb performance.Best Foam Roller

Choosing the Best Foam Roller

When choosing the best foam roller you need to consider what you are aiming to achieve before making your purchase. The OPTP Pro-Roller is an excellent choice for those who simply want an introduction into the world of rolling, offering a gentle massage that is perfect for those looking to discover if this is something that they will be able to keep up over the long term.

For those who have a little bit more experience, or want to enjoy more intense workouts, both the DSS RumbleRoller Foam Rollers and AccuPoint Grid Foam Roller offer everything that you need, though you will have to be prepared to shell out a little bit more in order to get your hands on them.

Getting The Most From Your Foam Roller

For those who are new to the practice, foam rolling is a technique that is used to apply pressure to the body in order to benefit soft tissues in addition to eliminating scar tissue. They are Getting The Most From Your Foam Roller mostly used by those who experience issues with tight fascia and muscles, though they can also be used by others as part of a regular workout routine. The key to getting the most out of even the best foam roller is to use it correctly, so here we will take a look at a few tips that should help you.

Know Your Exercises

Without understanding the exercises that are done using a foam roller, you are going to find it much more difficult to get any real benefit from it. Make sure to do some research and discover the exercise that best achieve the goals you’re aiming for. The web is an excellent resource in this respect, with exercises often being broken down into categories that benefit people who predominantly enjoy a specific sport, or those experiencing common muscle problems. A final point is that it is important for you to get your form right when conducting these exercises, as bad form can lower the rollers effectiveness in addition to making you potentially more prone to injury.

Don’t Only Focus on Painful Areas

While one of the purposes of your foam roller is to relieve muscle pain at the source, it is important to remember that this source is not necessarily just the area where you experience pain. The surrounding muscles may also be a contributing factor, especially if they are fairly tight. As such, you should not only focus on exercising the areas where you feel pain, but also use the foam roller on the surrounding muscles so that you can loosen them up and ensure they place less pressure on the affected area.

Take It Slow

Getting The Most From Your Foam Roller Even the best foam roller becomes less effective if you try to breeze through your exercises. The point is to try to massage the affected areas using the roller, so rocketing through will only result in less being done. Furthermore, by going too fast you will often find that you cause issues with your form, which also reduces the effectiveness of your exercise. As such, don’t simply consider your foam roller exercises as something to get out of the way so you can check them off your list and take your time to get the most from them.

Don’t Focus on One Area For Too Long

While you should remember to take things slowly, simply doing the same exercise for a long period of time will often not have as good an effect as you anticipate. Instead, try varying your exercises, focusing on a range of different areas of the body. If you do feel the need to focus on one particular area, come back to it periodically instead of simply spending your entire workout time focusing on it. You will find that you have a much more beneficial effect on the area.

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