What are Lighted Mirrors?

The Best lighted makeup mirrors are modern, multipurpose mirrors that come with their own artificial lighting features. They combine creativity and state -of-the-art technology that makes them particularly useful in the presence of dim natural light.

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The Conair Con BE4NW The Conair Con BE4NW4.0 / 5$More details!
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Simplehuman 8 inch sensor Simplehuman 8 inch sensor4.3 / 5$$$More details!
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Pure Enrichment Lighted Vanity Mirror Pure Enrichment Lighted Vanity Mirror3.7 / 5$More details!
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Floxite FL-10DS Floxite FL-10DS4.2 / 5$More details!
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Zadro LEDMV410 Lighted Mirror Zadro LEDMV410 Lighted Mirror3.8 / 5$$More details!
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OttLite Natural Daylight Lighted Mirror OttLite Natural Daylight Lighted Mirror3.9 / 5$$More details!
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The Lighted Image Vertical Sides Lighted Mirror The Lighted Image Vertical Sides Lighted Mirror4.8 / 5$$$More details!
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Why Today’s Lighted Mirror is a True Modern Masterpiece

About sixty years ago, there were no lighted mirrors. Back then, applying makeup, styling the hair, and other beauty tasks that require use of a mirror were daunting tasks that would leave many frustrated, especially because the traditional mirror heavily relied on natural light.

Today’s lighted mirror has solved these problems, giving ladies convenience, style and luxury. Ladies can accurately color and tweeze unwanted or unsightly facial hair, as well as perform a self-applied facial with much more ease and comfort. The lighted makeup mirror can be mounted on a wall or on a countertop unit, thus offering multiple angles for cosmetic application.

How Many Lighted Mirror Varieties Can You Choose From?

Today, there are many varieties of the lighted makeup mirror to fit all needs and requirements. From dual-sided mirrors, multiple magnification mirrors, plug in portables and even battery operated options, there is a mirror that is right for you and your needs.

There are so many variables to take into account in order to find the right choice for you, and with so many options, it basically boils down to what you as a consumer want.

Top Considerations While acquiring a Make Up Mirror

These are the major attributes considered by most people when buying lighted mirrors:

  • The amount of space available

Is your bathroom counter or vanity area already clustered? There are models that simply connect to other or existing mirrors, using no counter space. These can be either plugged in to a wall socket or can include battery input for lighting. There is always, of course, the standard, “old fashioned” desktop models that sit right atop your counter space.

  • Finishing material

Depending on the style of your home, you might choose different finishing, including chrome and nickel.

  • Shape

Different shapes are available, including the traditional, rounded style with dual sides. Other mirrors can be rectangular or oval. Also available are square mirrors that attempt to take you back to the times of our elders.

  • Size

Smaller 5-inch diameter mirrors should suffice for the simple makeup applications, but if you are going to be including hair preparations, 8-10-inch mirrors should be just the thing.

Best Lighted Mirror Reviews for 2020

1. The Conair Con

Top 7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for 2020

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The multi-purpose nature and alternative energy sources of the Conair CON BE4NW lighted vanity mirror makes it a wonderful option. This lighted mirror operates on three AA batteries as well as the standard plug-in option. You can use it anywhere, even without access to an electrical outlet. This model is particularly useful if you have to share a bathroom with guests, visitors, or even using the mirror in a hotel bathroom to prepare for a big night out.

Key Features
  • The product has a polished chrome exterior that is rust-resistant and stylish, making it fit very well into most spaces.
  • It’s a two-sided mirror: One side has normal magnification for regular hair styling and makeup application. The opposite side has five times magnification for precision detail work. The side with greater magnification magnified side helps with jobs like eyebrow tweezing, putting in contact lenses and shaving.
  • The actual mirror surface is 11 inches high by 7.5 inches wide.
  • It’s fog-free, allowing immediate transition from shower to prep.
  • A nine foot plug in cord and adapter are included in packaging for travel or around-the-house movement.
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Replacement bulbs are not included in the purchase box.
What to Like about the Conair CON

You will fall in love with its polished exterior, particularly because it’s rust-resistant which makes the mirror retain a “new look” throughout. Its ability to use multiple sources of power is a major selling point. You will like its dual magnification settings. Its nine foot plug-in cord and adapter makes it a very portable model

What Not To Like

The fact that there are no replacement bulbs in the purchase box means you might have to buy replacements from third party sellers or order some from the manufacturer. You might also want to notice the limited one year warranty. The light is also considered to be too light for some.

Final Word

The quality of material used speaks for itself. The CON BE4NW is a practical choice. It is economical and has high functionality. It’s a good buy for a person living in a dorm room or sharing bathroom space.

2. Simplehuman 8 inch sensor

Top 7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for 2020

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This is a modernized mirror with a sensor that turns the LED lighted mirror as soon as your face is detected. The lighting is equally distributed throughout its surface, so there are no shadows created.

Key Features
  • long-lasting, energy efficient LED bulbs that can last for years on end
  • It’s rechargeable, holding enough power to last up to a month.
  • color rendering technology, enabling it to mimic natural light sources
  • Adjustable height and swivel enabling different views through the curved surface which stops distortion common to regular flat mirrors.
  • Has five times magnification
  • Five-year warranty
  • A full spectrum of natural lighting with the use of the micro reflector in the mirror itself.
What To Like the Simple Human 8 Inch

By imitating and natural lighting sources, this model makes it easy to adjust shading and colors in any kind of situation including outdoor settings. You will also like the long-lasting LED lights that give you good value for money. Additional security is provided in the five year warranty.

What Not To Like

Not too many complaints have been noted, but the smaller size and bigger cost can be a setback for some users.

Final Word

The mirror is technologically advanced, with its many design advantages like rechargeable LED lighting, CRI technology and micro reflectors with multiple sensors for convenience. A five-year warranty should give you some extra assurance about its quality and durability. Technologically advanced, this mirror has all the functionality and portability necessary for today’s professionals or everyday cosmetic users

3. Pure Enrichment Lighted Vanity Mirror

Top 7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for 2020

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This compact, economical option from Pure Enrichment is a sensible choice for areas with limited space, like hotel rooms and small apartments. The ability to use as a hand held mirror, allows the user the flexibility to check all angles of shading and styling

Key Features
  • It’s dual sided, where one side has single magnification and five times magnification on the other side
  • Uses 12 LED lights that are energy efficient and can be run on AAA batteries.
  • Can be mounted on a separate stand
  • It is only six inches, and weighs only a pound
  • Comes with a two-year warranty
What To Like About the Pure Enrichment

The Pure Enrichment is small and lightweight, energy efficient and a great space saver for any situation. A separate stand will help you convert it into a stand-alone piece. It’s also Portable and easy to store. The larger magnification makes the delicate work around the eyes and any facial hair maintenance easier with the larger view.

What Not to Like

Some reviews have questioned its durability. Being designed mostly as a handheld unit the stand has been found to bend quite easily. Besides, it’s only 6 inches

Final Word

This is a simple, inexpensive mirror. It is a suitable product for teens and college dorms with little space.

4. Floxite

Top 7 Best Lighted Makeup Mirrors for 2020

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The Floxite FL-10DS is a dual sided, dual lighted vanity mirror with an extensively detailed ten times magnification on one side and a traditional single magnification on the other. This mirror can accurately be used in both a personal and professional environment. The circular lighting prevents any irregular and unwanted shadowing. With its bright white lighting, the mirror produces a daylight-like setting to assure accuracy in makeup application.

Key Features
  • Uses a replaceable t-5 light bulb that simulates daylight
  • 14 inches tall and 9 inches in diameter
  • 360 degree adjustable angle view
  • Circular lighting which prevents any irregular and unwanted shadowing
  • Ten times magnification on one side and single magnification on the other
  • Cannot run on batteries
  • There’s no warranty provide by the manufacturer
  • Slim and white
What To Like About the Floxite FL-10DS

The main praise this product has received all boils down to its high magnification capability that’s proven to be an advantage for users who wear corrective lenses. You can even apply makeup without your glasses. By using a replaceable t-5 light bulb, the Floxite FL-10DS allows accurate makeup application by simulating daylight. People also love its 360 degree adjustable angle view, perfect for hair preparations.

What Not To Like

Perhaps its number one deterrent is the absence of a warranty, meaning it offers you limited protection after purchase. In addition, you might not like the fact that it cannot run on batteries.

Final Word

This is an excellent choice for people who are looking for high magnification, possibly due to sight problems. Barring the warranty issue, you should find that this product serves your hair preparation and makeup needs very well.

5. Zadro Lighted Mirror

Zadro 10x Mag Next Generation LED Cordless Double Sided

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The Zadro LEDMV410 lighted mirror is contemporarily styled and has cordless operation. If you are in a cluttered or limited space, has poor lighting, or need easy storage and portability, the Zadro LEDMV410 is a viable option for you.

Key Features
  • It’s cordless, giving you the ability to move from space to space within your home or professional space.
  • LED lighting operates on batteries but includes an adapter just in case the batteries are dead
  • Nickel finish and simple oval shape
  • Comes with a 90 day manufacturers’ warranty.
  • Ten times magnification on one side and single magnification on the other
  • A slim, modern design allowing storage basically anywhere from counter top to vanity
What To Like About the Zadro LEDMV410

That it is cordless and slim should make it a favorite among users who have to keep moving from one location to another. Its high magnification makes it one of the preferred mirrors among people wearing corrective lenses. A 90 day warranty should be decent enough for you.

What Not To Like

You might have to tolerate fog while using it. Also, it does not indicate cool temperature. The ten times magnification might be too high for some people.

Final Word

The Zadro offers energy efficiency and has a contemporary, sleek design. Cordless operation gives mobility and convenience. Its nickel finish means it’s shiny and maintains a clean look in the long term. It should be a hit for people who love sleek designs.

6. OttLite Natural Daylight Lighted Mirror

Ott-lite Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror

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If looking for a more traditional, retro-styled lighted vanity mirror, the OttLite Natural Daylight might be the right fit for you. The square shaped design with bright side lighting is reminiscent of vanity mirrors used by our elders. With dual lighted and dual sided magnification features, almost any cosmetic applications can be achieved easily.

Key Features
  • 11 inches wide at the base and over a foot tall.
  • Normal magnification on one side and five times magnification on the other
  • Has no warranty
  • square shaped design with bright side lighting
What To Like About the OttLite

If you like being conservative, its square design is one its main selling points. In addition, if you love wide, tall mirrors, this should be your pick. A 360 degree adjustability should be perfect for hair preparation or the wearing of earrings.

What Not To Like

Perhaps its major deterrent is its huge size, making it unpopular among people who love travel. You might also be put off by the absence of a warranty.

Final Word

This model is excellent for traditionalists. Its characteristics lean towards those of the traditional mirrors. If you like vintage styling and affordability, and are not worried about portability, this is a stylish functional choice.

7. The Lighted Image Vertical Sides Lighted Mirror

LED Vertical Sides Illuminated Mirror

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If you are planning to replace your mirror above your bathroom vanity or if you happen to be in the process of remodeling your bathroom, the Lighted Image Vertical Sides lighted mirror is a good efficient option for you to consider. Being engineered with energy efficient LED sidelights and a modern, slim design, this mirror can fit in well in almost any contemporary home.

The lights on this particular mirror are located on the outside and directed outwards. If requiring extreme accuracy, additional light sources may be required. This is not a do it yourself installation unless you are a professional, qualified contractor. Along with purchasing information, the manufacturer provides complete installation instructions with a do it yourself video on their website.

Key Features
  • White steel base for increased stability
  • Manual on and off switch for regular operation
  • Includes a sensor switch which gives you the ability to automatically switch the light function on or off
  • A 110 volt demister pad which will keep the mirror quickly fog free
  • Large dimensions totaling 36 x 28 x 2
  • 6000k LED lighting
  • With each purchase, a complete set of mounting hardware is provided
  • A demister is included to keep the glass from steaming up in bathroom
What To Like About the Lighted Image

This may well be the one of the biggest mirrors in the market which also comes with a slim modern design. You will like the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

What Not To Like

You might be put off by its big dimensions because it will require a lot of space as well as proving cumbersome to carry around. Additional up close lighting may be required as lights are located outside the mirror.

Final Word

If you are looking to replace an entire lighting source in a bathroom while building or remodeling, this is a great option.

Choosing the Best Lighted Makeup MirrorBest lighted makeup mirror

While there are many options available in the lighted makeup mirror space, it really depends on your preference and needs to choose the best fit for you.

#1. The Simplehuman 8 inch Sensor stands above the other reviewed models due to the engineering. It has all the gadgets needed to make cosmetic application a breeze without adjusting the mirror constantly. This mirror is good for any situation and is our highest rated mirror.

#2. The Floxite FL-10DS is a modern, sturdy, multifunctional mirror with great magnification settings and the over-sized 9 inch diameter is a big time bonus. A solid runner up in our list because of the set back of no warranty and will not run on batteries, but highly recommended.

#3. The OttLite Natural Daylight rounds out our top three reviewed mirrors. It is economical, has dual magnification and 360 degree adjustability, and we just love the vintage styling that reminds us of what mom used to use. Only drawbacks are the size and lack of portability. The OttLite mirror is perfect for those looking to sit still and get it right.

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