These are the best neck massage techniques you NEED to know about

Even though a “so-so” massage is definitely a lot better than no neck massage at all, everyone would agree that there is a world of difference between a “regular” neck massage and a massage from someone that has mastered the best neck massage techniques there are.

One of them will help you relax for a little while, but the other will completely melt away all of the stress, pressure, and tension that you’ve been dealing with – completely and totally refreshing you in a way that you never would have even realized possible before!

If you’d love to learn how to give those kinds of neck massages (especially if you want to be able to teach someone close to you how to do the exact same thing) all you have to do is pay attention to the inside information that we have for you below. Armed with this inside information, you’ll though exactly how to master the best neck massage techniques there are.

Let’s dive right in!

The right amount of pressure is EVERYTHINGneck massage

The first thing that you’re going to want to master when it comes to a not massage (or any kind of massage, for that matter) is the amount of pressure that you apply during the actual massage itself.

You’re going to want to apply enough pressure to melt away tension and tightness, but you aren’t going to want to pound away like you’re trying to tenderize a piece of steak. The person that you are massaging will be to provide you with just the right amount of feedback to let you know whether or not you need to stiffen up or let loose a little bit with your pressure, so let them guide you right into that happy medium.

Work nice and slowBest Neck Massage Techniques to Relieve Pain

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to rush things along when you’re looking to help someone unwind.

Take your time, go nice and slow, and use even the long strokes that go from the tips of your fingers all the way down to the fleshy part of your palm. Hit your rhythm (for everyone it’s completely different) and you’ll be sure to knock the best neck massage techniques right out of the park.

There are definitely times to speed things up a little bit – a little bit – but make sure that you are always in control.

Shy away from bones and joints

One of the worst things you can do when it comes to crushing a neck massage is ride all over the bones and joints in the neck, spine, and shoulders.

Remember this. Massage is specifically for soft tissue – the fat, muscle, and tendons in your body – and NOT at all for the solid bone or joints. The moment that you hit one of those anatomical land mines your massage partner is going to notice ASAP, and the odds are pretty good that they’ll let you know (often in no uncertain terms).

Start at the shoulders, work your way north, and then rinse and repeatBest Neck Massage Techniques to Relieve Pain

The bulk of the tension that we carry along as humans throughout the day is in our shoulders, and boy will you know it the second that the best neck massage techniques have been applied. By hammering the shoulders with a nice, deep massage right out of the gate, you’ll be able to set things off of the right foot.

Grab both shoulders from the back, use your thumbs to work down towards your spine, and go nice and slow – while applying plenty of pressure. Keep contact with your thumbs and palms throughout, and make sure that when you bottom out at the end of your stroke that you don’t just slide back up again. Keep your strokes going in a downward motion.

Once the shoulders have been worked you need to use the best neck massage techniques to work up towards the base of the neck. Continue to use the even pressure and your whole hand, gently “kneading” the neck muscles the entire way up.

After reaching the base of the head, you’ll want to reverse the process and cruise right back down to the shoulders. Again, keep things relatively light, nice and even, and steady and slow. You’ll give someone the best neck massage of their lives AND be able to teach them the best neck massage techniques so you don’t get left out!

But what if you can’t be there to give that great massage? You could considering giving them one of the best neck massagers on the market so they can get a neck massage anytime they want. It might not be as good the massage you could give but it could be a decent substitute.


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