Let’s face it, the massage therapy business like any other segment of the healthcare industry is buzzing with intense competition. Being a successful massage therapist requires both massage skills and business acumen.

While you already have a polished skill-set as a massage therapist, it’s time to think about expanding your client base. And one of the best ways to do that is to purchase the Best Portable Massage Chair you can find. 

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Earthlite Vortex Massage ChairEarthlite Vortex Massage Chair4.7 / 5$$$$More details!
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Premium Best Massage ChairPremium Best Massage Chair4.0 / 5$$More details!
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Portable Therabuilt Massage ChairPortable Therabuilt Massage Chair4.2 / 5$$More details!
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Stronglite ErgoPro Massage ChairStronglite ErgoPro Massage Chair4.9 / 5$$$$More details!
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Master Apollo Massage ChairMaster Apollo Massage Chair4.0 / 5$$$$More details!
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Increase your client base

The simplest way of increasing your client base is by reaching out to the potential customers outside the conservative clinical set-up; perhaps at the client’s residence or workplace. Apart from that, occasions such as fundraisers, corporate events, exhibitions and themed conventions are some of the best places to showcase the healing powers of your massage techniques.

And for that you need a reliable portable massage chair, which is lightweight, extremely functional and good-looking at the same time. When you are offering your services outside in public, it becomes extremely important to make your clients feel at ease. Who would want to take their clothes off for a massage session in a non-conventional environment?

With the right massage chair at your disposal, you can attract new customers who will become regular customers in your practice.

Comparing the best massage chairs on the market todayBest Portable Massage Chair

The trend of giving and getting massages is ever-increasing and the market is swamped with hundreds of varieties of massage chairs. Picking the right massage chair is a tricky affair. Let’s take a look at some features to consider while making your choice.

  • The weight of the portable massage chair is an essential characteristic to consider. If you are a massage therapist, you would want to take your chair with you to provide onsite services. Therefore, make sure the massage chair you choose is as light as possible.
  • Secondly, you would want to look into the chair’s capacity to support static and working weight. Going for a chair with higher capacity makes sense if you regard your massage chair as a long-term investment.
  • The next important thing on the list is the range of adjustments such as the armrests, face cradle, leg support, chest pad, etc. It goes without saying, greater the range of adjustment better the product.
  • Most massage chair manufacturers provide some sort of warranty for the frame of the cushions, the period of which may vary from one product to another. Don’t forget to check the terms and conditions associated with the warranty of the massage chair you pick.

To further simplify the process, we have picked the 7 most popular portable massage chairs on the market right now, in diverse price ranges. We expect this list will certainly help you narrow down your choices.

Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews for 2020

1. Master Pro Massage Chair

Master Pro - Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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The flawless personification of functionality, economy and quality, the Master Professional Massage Chair is one of the most positively reviewed products in its category over the internet. Being a professional massage therapist, you certainly know how important it is to have a good massage chair to be able to practice your profession and deliver your services in the most effective fashion.

How wonderful it would be when a piece of equipment can change the course of your practice for better!

If you are a certified therapist looking for a massage chair loaded with features yet doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, Master Pro is definitely a strong contender.

  • Frame crafted from high-grade aircraft aluminum
  • Petite yet well-built structure weighing just 16.5 pounds
  • Supports working weight up to a whopping 1000 lbs
  • Plush and comfortable seat, face cradle and rests
What’s to like about Master Pro Chair

This is going to be a long answer. The seat, armrests, sternum pad and the face cradle on the Master Pro can be adjusted to varying levels. Each one of them is suited to the stature of the person sitting in the chair. The chair comes with a session pouch where one can safely store their jewelry, sunglasses or spectacles, before hoping on for a delightfully relaxing rubdown session. How cool is that?

Furthermore, the Master Pro comes with a trendy-looking wheeled carry case so that you can carry it around with style and ease.

What’s not to like

Some professional massage therapists who bought the Master Pro say that it functions perfectly most of the times. The only flaw reported is that, even though the chair supports heavy individuals, it is difficult to comfortably accommodate the tall ones even after attempting the adjustments of the rests and seat several times. The package lacks instructional literature. But since the chair is already assembled, it is easy to decipher how to use it.

2. Earthlite Vortex Massage Chair

Earthlite Vortex - Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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If the weight of the massage chair is one of your primary concerns, the Earthlite Vortex massage chair is just the thing for you. As the name suggests and its makers claim, currently the Vortex is certainly one of the lightest massage chairs up for grabs. The oval tubes of the frame are sculpted from aircraft aluminum, which not only is light but also sturdy.

Being able to carry your massage chair around and demonstrating your professional skills under different settings is a big positive aspect of this product. That sort of flexibility can take your therapy business to places and augment your customer base like never before.

  • Light-weight frame weighing 15 pounds
  • Maximum working weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs
  • Superior aesthetic appeal
  • Extremely functional design facilitates easy folding and toting
What’s to like about Earthlite Vortex Chair

The first thing that you would notice about the Earthlite Vortex is its artistic design, which is very pleasing to the eyes. The frame like we mentioned earlier is built from oval shaped conduits that have a very smooth finish.

The upholstery of this massage chair is tastefully done, and you get to choose from 7 attractive colors. It is very important that the cushions of your massage chair have the right firmness.

Several users of Earthlite Vortex have highlighted in their reviews that they find the cushioning on the seat, sternum pad, armrest etc to be very comfortable, which certainly points towards their right density. Not to mention the Earthlite Vortex comes with a soft carry case to protect your investment.

Besides, it is backed up with a limited lifetime construction warranty and a 2-year warranty for cushions.

What’s not to like

It is surprising to see that the Earthlite Vortex hasn’t received any genuine negative reviews apart from the very common issue of tall clients being difficult to accommodate. A couple of buyers said that the weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs is insufficient.

3. Premium Best Portable Massage Chair

Premium Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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The Premium Best Massage Chair is the godsend product for the people looking to buy a massage chair for occasional use without having to dole out a lot of money. This massage chair stands strong with its robust built-quality and beautiful polyurethane upholstery.

It might be a somewhat time-consuming to assemble the chair for the very first time. But once you get the hang of it, it will be a cakewalk thereafter.

An extremely light-weight Premium Best Massage Chair folds flat, making it easy for the user to pack and ferry it around the place.

  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Dimensions – 29 inches long, 48 inches high, 18 inches wide
  • Choice of upholstery colors – Burgundy and White
  • Priced inexpensively, the Premium Best Massage Chair seems like a steal
What’s to like about the Premium Best Massage Chair

The Premium Best Massage Chair takes cost-efficiency to a new level. It is a very well received product among many veteran massage therapy practitioners. While you get what you pay for, the Premium Best Massage chair is a bang of your buck.

Most users say that even though they needed hours to wrap their head around the assembling process, the chair offers a pretty decent range of adjustments. Like most other massage chairs, this one too comes with a carry case.

What’s not to like

Let’s be upfront; even though the Premium Best Massage Chair has had its fifteen minutes of fame for all the good reasons, it still isn’t as good as some of the others we have reviewed. A handful of therapists found that it can’t withstand the wear and tear at the pace of use for professional purposes.

The frequent massage sessions, clients of different builds, the recurrent need to adjust the seat, armrests, face cradle etc, can kill your chair within a very short span of time.

Likewise, if you use the chair for clients with average build and occasionally without making a lot of adjustments, it is a fine product.

4. Portable Therabuilt Portable Massage Chair

Portable Therabuilt - Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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Several buyers have showered the Portable Therabuilt massage chair with glorious reviews, most of them being professionals who deliver their services at the events and therapy students. The experiences shared by them tell what a fine job this massage chair does and how it is almost at par with other chairs that cost four times.

Based on the cornerstones of comfort, resilience and convenience, the Portable Therabuilt is designed to stand true to its name. Do not let the sensible price tag lead you into doubting its quality and performance, for this chair is a class apart.

  • Weighs just 18.5 lbs
  • Supports working weight of 250 lbs
  • Luxurious 3.5-inch thick cushions upholstered with black PU leather
  • Backed with 1 year warranty against manufacturing defect of frame and 3 month warranty for the face cradle
What’s to like about the Portable Therabuilt Chair

The Portable Therabuilt is an excellent product for therapy students and professionals alike. Be it your clinic or a fundraiser event, this chair proves to be an extremely dependable partner. It can comfortably accommodate people with petite and average built.

The design of the chair permits giving a rejuvenating massage to kids as well. Unlike other massage chairs in this price range, the Portable Therabuilt doesn’t shake at all and stands steady on the ground even while you are getting on or off the chair.

What’s not to like

The major concern brought to light by the reviewers of Portable Therabuilt is the nuts used to fix the armrests to the main frame not being the right size. However, the manufacturer has been helpful enough to facilitate prompt replacement of the faulty nuts.

The sternum pad on this massage chair is the problem one. Although it can be adjusted, it cannot be detached from the frame.

5. Stronglite ErgoPro Portable Massage Chair

Stronglite ErgoPro- Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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Brace yourself for the magnificent beast of a massage chairs! It would an understatement if we say that the customers who bought Stronglite ErgoPro Massage Chair are happy with their purchase.

Being one of the most popular massage chairs in the high-end segment, the Stronglite ErgoPro delivers more than what it promises.

Would you believe what we just said if we tell you that this massage chair has the average rating of 5? The aura of Stronglite ErgoPro exudes artistic and constructional excellence. Take a closer look and you will know how much you can count on this massage chair when you plan to render your professional services to your clientele.

  • Crafted from silver aluminum frame, the semi-gloss adds a nice touch of luxury.
  • Weighs just 19 lbs
  • Supports up to 1200 lbs of static weight and 600 lbs of working weight
  • Comes with a new Curve face cradle cushioned with memory foam that perfectly confirms to the diverse face contours
What’s to like about the Stronglite ErgoPro Chair

So what’s so special to like about the Stronglite ErgoPro? Literally everything! Its build quality chair is extremely resilient, which will yield you benefits in the long run.

The look of the chair is very ritzy and inviting, giving you an edge over your competitors when you have to deliver your professional services at events. The upholstery is handsomely done to offer distinctively comfortable massage experience.

You do not need to adjust the face cradle, arm rests, sternum pad, and the seat individually. The mechanism provides for one-step adjustment of all the parts in any way you want depending upon the physique of the client. The stunningly beautiful Stronglite comes with an equally gorgeous protective carry case.

What’s not to like

We are not being snooty when we say that there is nothing about this chair that will set your satisfaction back by a step. Obviously it is a pricey product; but again, you get what you pay for and in this case a dependable massage chair that will give wings to your professional endeavors.

6. Master Apollo Portable Massage Chair

Master Apollo - Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews

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Get ready to have your mind blown away as we present to you the Master Apollo massage chair. Undoubtedly one of the top-notch massage chairs in the high-end segment, the Master Apollo is a must have for the true blue massage therapists who wish to step up their game. It takes real aficionado to admire the wonderful equipment that is the Master Apollo.

Brimming with features, this massage chair exemplifies the perfect fusion of performance and exquisiteness.

  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • Weighs 18 pounds
  • Supports up to 1200 lbs
  • Dimensions – 19 inches long, 51 inches high, 13 inches wide
What’s to like about the Master Apollo Chair

The cushions on the Master Apollo are handsomely draped with the incredibly long-lasting rhino-hide upholstery, which is one of its kind in the arena of massage chairs.

The seat, face cradle, arm rests, sternum pad of the Master Apollo are wider than those on run of the mill massage chairs, making it the number one choice for professional massage therapists who don’t want to worry about their clientele having a brawny figure. The product is covered under lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty.

What’s not to like

Apart from the being pricey, there have been a couple of minor negatives that have been constantly highlighted by several buyers. The wheeled carry case that comes with the chair is somewhat flimsy and does not hold up to the accepted degree of wear and tear.

We hope the makers of the Master Apollo look into it soon because the carry case is an important gear for not only keeping the chair safe when not in use but also hauling it around.

Also, it might take a little while for you to figure out how to assemble the chair because the package lacks proper instructions. This massage chair being specifically designed for tall and heavy users isn’t as conducive for petite users, simply because it’s too big for them.

Choosing the from the Best Portable Massage Chair ReviewsBest Portable Massage Chair

To make your hunt for the perfect massage chair easier, decide the price range you want to go for, followed by prioritizing the features you are looking for.

If budget isn’t the constraint, you can certainly choose from the high-end variants like the Stronglite or Master Apollo. Nevertheless, the mid-priced massage chairs offer pretty decent performance and most of them are truly value-for-money products.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Portable Massage Chair

There is nothing quite like a massage.  With the trained hands of a professional, the attention paid to sore spots on the body can bring about unexpected relief.  For those who make it their career providing massages, being portable can increase business and provide a more familiar setting for the client.  

Rising in popularity, there are even companies that make it their business hiring out massage therapists for home visits.Portable Massage Chair

When it comes to giving a fantastic home massage, the quality of the portable massage chair means everything.  Lets take a moment to quickly review what a portable massage chair is if you are unfamiliar, and then go into what professionals look for when purchasing their chair.

What Is A Portable Massage Chair?

Massage chairs or beds are designed for the person who is receiving the massage.  Either laying down or sitting down, the massage chair is designed to help the person relax.  A portable massage chair is the same, with the added benefit of being easily transportable.  Generally speaking, this will mean that a portable massage chair is smaller and lighter then non-portable model.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Portable Massage Chair
  1. Initial Comfort

How comfortable is the portable massage chair?  What many massage therapists look for is that first reaction when sitting in the chair.  If that first reaction is good, then the portable massage chair is off to a good start.

  1.  Range of Motion

How customizable are various aspects of the portable massage chair?  For example, are there adjustable heights, head placement sizes, chest pads, and leg holds?  The massage therapist benefits from having a portable massage chair that can work with the fullest range of people.

  1.  Weight

How much does the portable massage chair weigh?  While not super lightweight, the chair has to be light enough for the massage therapist to carry from the car to someones home.

  1.  Assembly

How easy is it to assemble the massage chair?  Does it fold into place or does it require some minor installation?  As every moment with a client counts, having an easily deployable portable massage chair can mean seeing more people in the day.

  1.  Warranty

A portable massage chair may come with several different moving parts.  As these parts will be subject to ware and tare, having a warranty on the portable massage chair to protect against manufacturer defects can end up saving the massage therapist hundreds of dollars if something goes wrong.

  1.  Price

Portable massage chairs can get into the thousands of dollars.  Designed like other lightweight tools (think bikes), portable massage chairs use a lot of costly materials to keep their strength and low final weight.

For many massage therapists, the ultimate decision on what portable massage chair comes down to finding the best portable massage chair that satisfies the top 5 conditions while being in their price range.Portable Massage Chair

Parting Thoughts

There are many things to look for in a portable massage chair.  That being said, focusing on price, warranty, assembly, weight, range of motion, and initial comfort will help you select the perfect portable massage chair for your needs.

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