What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy Pillows are specially shaped cushions designed to accommodate the body of a pregnant mother for maximum comfort. The different design options are all meant to improve comfort and optimize sleep cycles by reliving pressure on the hips, back, knees, neck and baby bump.

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Why Pregnancy Pillows Make a Difference

During pregnancy, a new mother will undergo some changes in the shape and weight of her tummy. This new size can change the dynamics of moving, sitting, and even of getting comfortable in a conventional bed. This invariably leads to restless nights of tossing and turning while trying to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Discomfort can be experienced the worst in the neck, shoulders, lower back, hips, and tummy; a proper pregnancy pillow is designed to offer support in all these sensitive areas. The right pregnancy pillow makes it easier for a pregnant mother to settle into a comfortable position and sleep through the night.

Different Styles of Pregnancy Pillows

Unlike your typical pillow, pregnancy pillows come in many sizes and shapes, each designed to accommodate a specific body part or sleeping position. If you want to get the most from your acquisition, you will want a pregnancy pillow that best fits your particular body type and sleeping habits.

Top Considerations for Selecting the Best Pregnancy Pillowboppy-prenatal-total-body-pillow-1024x418

Here are some of the factors that will greatly affect your sleeping experience.

  • Shape

There are pregnancy wedges, full length pillows and total body pregnancy pillows, and each supports the body differently. This article will focus on the total body type, which includes C-Shapes and U-Shapes.

  • Removable Cover

Due to their size and shape pregnancy pillows are especially difficult to keep clean. As your pregnancy progresses, there may be some sweaty nights from those pregnancy hormones. Removable covers make cleaning very convenient and increase the lifespan of your pillow.

  • Size

It would be a shame to find the pillow you ordered doesn’t fit your body size properly.

  • Best Body Support

The places where you feel most discomfort when you wake up in the morning are the areas that are not getting enough support. Knowing which areas need the most night-time support will help you choose the best pregnancy pillow for you.

  • Composition

Pregnancy can make a mother more sensitive to allergies, noise and even slight discomforts. Choosing a pillow made with materials that won’t trigger allergic reactions or that won’t make noise when you move about improves your nightly rest considerably.

Best Pregnancy Pillow Reviews for 2020

1. Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

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The unique design of the Snoogle Pregnancy Pillow from Leach Co. makes it the most popular body pillow currently sold on Amazon. The Snoogle cradles the expecting mother with a C-Shape that conforms to the contours of the body. This comfortable pillow is excellent for taking those short day time rests; top quality design and materials release body heat, making rest and sleep cooler and more comfortable.

Key Features
  • Features a very attractive sham-style cover that can be removed and machine washed. This is great for keeping your pillow smelling and feeling clean and fresh.
  • Special horseshoe design hooks under the head and neck, keeping them both at the best elevation for optimal breathing and prevention of heartburn.
  • The innovative design is the work of an experienced Mother and Registered Nurse; a qualified expert on support and comfort for a pregnant mom.
  • Specially designed curves cradle between the knees, providing support for the hips and lower back while keeping body heating moving away from the resting mother.
  • Makes an excellent spot for sleeping and just taking a few minutes to relax and recharge before continuing with your day.
  • Extra-long mid-section provides plenty of back support or tummy support depending on which side you face.
What To Like

The first thing you’ll love is the machine washable removable cover; you know it will always smell great. As a pregnant mother, you will adore the comfort of total body support in all those tender spots; neck, lower back, hips and tummy—the hallmark of an experienced designer. Lastly, you will enjoy relief from acid reflux, sciatica and even increased body temperatures that are commonly associated with pregnancy.

What Not To Like

It is the ponderous size of this pillow that some people may find slightly off-putting, and others absolutely love. Either way, prepare for a struggle getting the pillow in and out of its sham style cover—a zipper case would have made this task a lot easier.

Final Word

When it comes to making a pregnant mom comfortable, there is nothing like the voice of another experienced mom. The Snoogle is supportive and cooling and can also directly address the biggest discomforts associated with sleeping and pregnancy. For its intended purpose, it is arguably the best option of its kind

2. Leachco Back ‘N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

Leachco Back 'N Belly Contoured Body Pillow

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From the same company that brought you the C-shaped Snoogle, comes the U-shaped Back’N’Belly Contoured Body Pillow. This pillow was designed to follow the contours of the body on both the front and back, providing support where it is best needed. Two long legs cradle the body to support the head, neck, hips, and lower back and everything in between.

Key Features
  • The Back’N’Belly features a unique hour-glass inner design that provides all around support for the hips, lower back, shoulders, neck, head and pregnant tummy.
  • No need to reposition during the night; falling back to sleep can be especially difficult after re-accommodating your supporting cushions, but with this pillow you can simply turn over.
  • Special design aligns hips in a neutral joint position. The hips and lower back take the brunt of the weight from a pregnant tummy; resting in a neutral position is the best way to prepare for another day.
  • Reduces the discomforts of fibromyalgia, sciatica, congestion, gastric reflux, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other discomforts of pregnancy.
  • Removable case for easy machine washing.
What To Like

The immense, all-encompassing size and design of this pillow are especially attractive features, providing ample support for both sensitive sides— Back’N’Belly, meaning no more repositioning in the middle of the night. This design also makes it suitable for all types of sleepers—you can even flip the ends around for ‘double-decker’ support to the head and neck.

What Not To Like

There seems to be a problem with the seam near the top of the pillow which reputedly cuts into the shoulder and causes a measure of discomfort during the night. While this has not been a consistent problem for everyone, it is worth considering. It is also a fairly ponderous pillow, so that it might encroach on your bed-fellow’s territory.

Final Word

The Back’N’Belly by Leachco is a great option for you because it’s so versatile. The many ways it can be used make it suitable for pregnant mothers of all types, body sizes, and shapes, regardless of their sleeping preferences — if it’s all-round comfort and support on your mind, accept no substitutes!

3. PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow

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The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow owes it fame to its high quality materials and innovative ergonomic design. The PharMeDoc is technically a C-shaped pillow, but the long curves allow it to wrap clear around the body and provide support for all sleeping styles. The high quality materials in the PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow provide optimized heat transfer to keep the sleeping mother cool and relaxed for an entire night’s sleep.

Key Features
  • Versatile ergonomic design makes this option a good pick for all sleeping styles and body types.
  • Targeted support helps to relive the cramping and discomfort commonly associated with pregnancy.
  • High quality materials offer breathable support that allows plenty of air flow so that heat is transferred and not stored.
  • Materials used in the PharMeDoc Body Pillow are 100% lead-free, Latex-free, BPA-free and Phthalate-free; it’s good to know such an intimate object is produced by a health-conscious manufacturer.
  • 100% Cotton removable pillow case featuring a zipper; this means no exertion when cleaning-time comes: just zip, wash, dry, and replace.
  • Doubles as an excellent nursing pillow after the baby has arrived.
  • 100% Satisfaction guaranteed, or the manufacturer will provide a new pillow or full refund.
What To like

When you cuddle with this pillow, you will just adore the high quality materials and design that went into its production. The PharMeDoc Body Pillow is intended to be used during pregnancy to address discomforts, after delivery for improved recovery, and also as a nursing pillow, so it helps during every stage of early motherhood. The durable 100% cotton pillowcase is no trouble at all and increases the durability of the product

What Not To like

This is an especially large pillow, weighing a total 8.6 pounds and taking up a good part of the bed. Also, the product arrives vacuum packed and can take a day or two to reach maximum softness.

Final Word

The PharMeDoc takes the top grades as a therapeutic body support system. Not only can you expect improved sleep at night due to improved comfort, but you can get your money back if your expectations are not met.

4. Snoogle Chic Jersey – Snoogle Replacement Cover

Snoogle Chic Jersey - Snoogle Replacement Cover

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The Snoogle Chic Jersey is an attractive addition to the aforementioned Snoogle. The original cover that comes with the Snoogle is a soft white and features a relatively difficult to use sham-style opening. Leachco offers this attractive replacement cover featuring a zipper that makes the whole task of case removal much easier. It also comes in beautiful Heather Grey.

Key Features
  • The replacement Snoogle cover is a T-Shirt soft material made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester.
  • The original Snoogle cover was notoriously difficult for the average person to remove and replace; a handy zipper now makes it easier to keep your pillow fresh.
  • It’s machine washable.
  • The attractive Heather Grey color does a good job of hiding stains and looks its best for a long time, as opposed to the original soft white cover that wears out faster.
What To Like

The Snoogle Chis Jersey replacement cover is a lovely choice if only for that convenient zipper which makes washing and replacing so easy. You are sure to like the Heather Grey color as well, as it hides the spots and stains and keeps your pillow looking good.

What Not To Like

While the zipper does make things more convenient, it could have been made a little longer. The materials are not significantly better than the original cover. One consumer report mentioned the Snoogle Chic contains fire retardants. If you are sensitive to these additives, this is not a good option for you or your baby.

Final Word

The Snoogle Chic Jersey is admittedly meant for the male demographic that has also been benefiting from these supportive body pillows. The very fact that it contains chemicals —just read the caution label— makes it ill-suited for a mother and newborn child. Nevertheless, that zipper is GREAT!

5. Web Linens’ U Shaped-Premium Contoured Body Pillow

Web Linens’ U Shaped-Premium Contoured Body Pillow

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The Premium Contoured Body Pillow by Web Linens is a great option that can comfortably cradle all types of sleepers. The two contoured” legs” of this pillow run down the length of the body providing support in the most important locations including hips, lower back, pregnant tummy, neck shoulder and head.

Key Features
  • Innovative design that fully addresses support of the back and tummy for maximum comfort.
  • Support for knees and hips aligning the joints for maximum rest and recuperation for strained joints and muscles.
  • Reduces many of the discomforts associated with pregnancy, i.e. heart burn, sciatica, nasal congestion and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Features an attractive pillow case that can be removed and washed, keeping your bed clean and fresh and extending the life of your body pillow.
  • Removable pillow cover has a zipper; making regular washing a simple task.
  • 30-day full money-back guarantee; if you feel this pillow is not right for you, return it for a full refund.
What To Like

You are going to love the way this premium body pillow wraps around your contours providing support to all the essential areas. A contoured support on both sides means you won’t suffer from sleepless nights of accommodating different pillows for the same effect.

What Not To Like

Several reviews have mentioned that this contoured body pillow doesn’t transfer heat very well; this can be especially uncomfortable for a pregnant mom. It’s also a fairly large item, taking up the larger portion of a queen sized bed.

Final Word

Even if it is a bit larger (8.8 lbs.) and doesn’t transfer heat that well, the Premium Contoured Body Pillow from Web Linens is a great choice if you’re looking for comfort. As far as getting support for the more sensitive areas of the body, you can expect this pillow to deliver — or you get your money back. Win/Win!

6. Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper

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The mini side sleeper from Leachco provides targeted support to the areas an expecting mother would need it for most: back, tummy and joints. The C-shaped pillow also has the advantage of being especially small, so it won’t take up too much of the bed. This may also make it more suited to a smaller person who may feel dwarfed by some of the larger options.

Key Features
  • Superb design from a leading manufacturer of Pregnancy Pillows: Leachco.
  • Naturally fits into the contours of your body to provide support where it is most needed.
  • Special shape supports the hips keeping joint positioning at a comfortable neutral level.
  • Can be used after pregnancy as a comfortable nursing pillow as well.
  • Features removable covers that can be machine-washed and kept fresh and clean for the new baby.
What To Like

The Mini Snoogle is an excellent option for the mom who shares her bed with her partner. Unlike other options, the 2.7-pound mini Snoogle only takes up a small portion of a queen sized bed. The mini Snoogle is also light and provides mobile support for a sleeper who tends to move around a lot during the night.

What Not To Like

The removable cover that comes with the mini is not easily removed and it can be harder to put back on. Some people have mentioned that they still require the use of their regular head pillow in addition to the support of the mini, but have also done so without complaint.

Final Word

The small size of the Mini Snoogle is the selling point for users who prefer lots of free room on their beds yet still want optimal support and comfort. The accessible price of this option is another point that is hard to ignore.

7. Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow

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The final product in our review offers next level comfort and support with a design based on the most common comments and complaints made by expecting mothers. This U-shaped Pillow has a head rest made to look and feel more like a real pillow without the uncomfortable seam that cuts into the shoulders. Perhaps the best feature of the Naomi home Body Pillow is the high quality 100% cotton, 300-thread-count removable pillow cover featuring a convenient zipper for easy cleaning.

Key Features
  • The Naomi Home Body Pillow features high quality materials that allow for optimal heat transfer and better nightly rest.
  • An innovative ergonomic design cradling the lower back and lumbar area and supporting the tummy as well.
  • Gusseted neck and shoulder pillow area removes a big discomfort experienced with similar products.
  • Designed for sleeping and leaning in various positions; ideal as a nursing pillow and for improved delivery recovery.
  • 300 thread count, 100% cotton removable pillow case features zipper; effectively preserving the quality and hygiene of the cozy body pillow.
What To Like

The plush comfort and exceptionally large body pillow is one lovable characteristic that has received much praise from consumers. You will especially like the cradling ergonomic support that actually holds the baby bump in one “hand” while firmly supporting the sensitive lumbar region in the other. But your heart will skip a beat when you snuggle into a top-quality 300-thread-count, 100% cotton pillow case with a cloud-like softness. Plus, the machine washable cover also features a zipper for easy cleaning.

What Not To Like

This is the largest of all body pillows we have reviewed today. While consumers reports confirm it is like “sleeping on a cloud”, at 9.6 pounds it is a hefty cloud that takes up the larger part of a queen-sized bed, meaning your partner may have to move to the couch. For reasons of hygiene, this product may not be returned for a refund.

Final Word

The Naomi Home Body Pillow provides the greatest value over price. High-quality fabrics and intuitive design provide optimal comfort and support for sleeping, recovering and nursing. If this weren’t enough, the prodigious size and versatility of this product make it the ideal choice for all types of sleepers — you can’t go wrong with a pillow like this.

Choosing the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Youimages-5

In the end, the pregnancy pillow that will bring you the most comfort and support during these nine months is the one that best suits your individual situation.

#1. The PharMeDoc Total Body Pillow features a unique design and quality that makes it our primary choice for comfort and support. The ergonomic design provides optimal support where your body and baby will need it the most, and the top quality materials will keep you cool by transferring body heat

#2. Naomi Home Cozy Body Pillow is big, but it is also our second choice for a pillow that is designed to provide the best overall experience. The all-encompassing support and versatility of use will see you though all stages of pregnancy to nursing; the exquisite 300 thread count cotton pillow cover will keep you comfortable and hygienic with ease.

#3. Leachco Snoogle Mini Compact Side Sleeper is small but it hits all the right spots, with a compact design that wraps snuggly into those sensitive areas, the Mini Snoogle will allow you room to move and keep your partner in bed as well. Coupled with an intelligent design, the compact side sleeper will also keep you cozy, but cool; making it our third pick for premiere pregnancy pillows.

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