If you’re committed to a sport and/or workout regularly, your body is bound to take a regular beating and this is where the best roller stick can help. More often than not, muscle soreness, strains, spasms, trigger points, and cramps will be a regular occurrence. If you want to perform at the optimal level, you need to take certain measures to help alleviate this pain and recover from your workouts as quickly as possible

While massages and stretching exercises can help, there is a far better and more efficient way of achieving the same results.

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Muscle Roller Stick - Professional Grade Muscle Roller Stick - Professional Grade4.7 / 5$More details!
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Best Roller Stick: Top 7 in 2022 Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick4.7 / 5$More details!
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Best Roller Stick: Top 7 in 2022 Body Back Buddy - Massage Tool4.6 / 5$More details!
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Roll the Pain Away and Recover QuicklyBest Roller Stick

A roller stick is a compact, lightweight self-massage tool small enough to fit in a gym bag (length ranging from 15-inches to 25-inches). With ergonomic handles on both ends and biotherapeutic spindles across the middle, a roller stick provides an easy way to compress and stretch muscles, facilitating a soft tissue treatment called myofascial release.

Myofascial Release

The result of myofascial release is manifold – it improves blood circulation, enhances the muscles’ stretch reflex, treats trigger points, and loosens tight or knotted muscles. All of these work hand in hand in providing instant pain relief, accelerating muscle recovery time, and increasing the range of movement.

This extensive functionality is why the roller stick is one of the most recommended tools for optimizing performance.

The Proven Track Record of Roller Sticks

Roller sticks are revolutionary self-massage tools widely used by many professional athletes for more than a decade. In fact, USA Track and Field has endorsed the first and most popular roller stick – simply known as The Stick – for years. Loren Seagrave, one of the most renowned speed coaches in the world, has recommended them to his athletes with positive results.

One Size Does Not Fit All

One important thing to remember is that one size does not fit all. To help you find out which stick is the most suitable to address your muscle needs we have searched for the best roller sticks and reviewed them here.

Best Massage Roller Stick Reviews for 2022

1. The Stick Travel Stick, 17-Inch

The Stick Roller Stick

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The Stick is considered by many as the best roller stick currently available in the market. It doesn’t really come off surprising because it really works. Thanks to the eight spindles along its length, it can compress and stretch different muscle groups as well as relieve muscle pain or soreness.

By working on the kinks in your muscles, this travel stick helps you perform better in your physical endeavors.  It also serves as a perfect warm-up tool for athletes.

It’s made of space-age plastic so it’s guaranteed that The Stick will never break, at least when used properly.

  • Helps in avoiding injuries to the muscles
  • Adds strength and removes stiffness in the leg muscles
  • Expedites the recovery of the muscles, if they have been subject to some repair
  • Energizes the muscles to brisk activity
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Can last a lifetime with proper use

What’s to like about The Stick

The Stick is considered the best roller stick in the world for many good reasons. As of this writing, it’s averaging a 4.7 rating out of 5. That average is made even more impressive by the fact that it has over a thousand very positive user comments.

It deserved wide acclaim too, considering that the product’s design combines flexibility and functionality to great effect. You can use it on any area of the body, especially the forearms, feet, neck, shins, and calves. You don’t have to worry about applying too much pressure or bending the stick too hard on account of the space-age plastic material.

Have this one on hand and it’s guaranteed that your overall performance will improve significantly. More than a thousand reviews can attest to that.

What’s not to like

This isn’t particularly good at giving deep massages, but then again, that’s a rather unfair assessment given that this model is designed to address small muscle groups. As to that, it does an excellent job.

2. #1 Muscle Roller Stick For Athletes

Best Roller Stick: Top 7 in 2022

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This is one of the most efficient roller sticks in terms of helping users recover from muscle stiffness and pain. It’s a very handy tool to keep your muscles relaxed, strong, flexible, and free from pain. Take this with you in your workouts and you’re sure to perform at a higher level.

The Muscle Roller Stick is perfect for those who do long workouts as it helps your muscles recover faster between sessions. Moreover, it’s well-constructed and sturdy enough to last you a lifetime especially if used properly.

  • Provides the muscles with instant pain relief
  • Better and stronger legs and enhanced performance on the field
  • Helps recover the muscles faster after a strenuous workout
  • Minimizes muscle soreness by dissipating lactic acid in the muscle system
  • Lifetime replacement warranty

What’s to like about the Muscle Roller Stick

This roller stick has been receiving a ton of positive reviews on the web. And deservedly so since it works exactly as advertised. It’s a favorite tool among many athletes, especially those who suffer from muscle soreness and pains on a regular basis.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that non-athletes will have no use for it. In fact, an old woman posted a review recounting how the Muscle Roller Stick helped her to have workouts that are as productive as they are painless.

It also doesn’t hurt that the stick itself is made of high-quality material and looks great. The convenient size makes it the perfect massage tool to have on hand in your travels.

What’s not to like

I’ve read some reviews complaining about the squeaky noise it makes when being used. Thankfully, a little grease solves the issue.

3. Muscle Roller Stick – Professional Grade 

Muscle Roller Stick - Professional Grade

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The Trigger Point Muscle Roller Stick is far and above one of the best roller sticks, you’ll ever get your hands on. That’s not an exaggeration. For one, it has many amazing features that bolster its ability to soothe, predict, and recover muscle pains and injuries.

What makes this model stand out more though, is the bioenergy therapeutic spindles that are contoured specifically to address muscle soreness, stiffness, and pain with utmost effectiveness. It comes with a durable metal center to provide the added pressure to work on tight and stiff muscles..

Lastly, the manufacturer is offering buyers a 100% Money Back Guarantee. That’s quite telling of how confident they are with their product. And if ever the product breaks or is damaged, the company will be more than generous enough to send you a brand new replacement for FREE!

  • 9 bioenergy therapeutic spindles to work on the muscles and tendons with ease
  • Offers a no-hassle  100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Perfect for your back, leg pains, knots, and cramps
  • Used by physical therapists, massage therapists, personal trainers, and chiropractors around the world

What’s to like about the Muscle Roller Stick Pro

I’m loving the spindles since they add more depth and flexibility to the massage experience.  This is not like those flimsy roller sticks saturating the market. It’s firm and sturdy so you can rest assured that it can last a lifetime if used properly.

You can use it on any part of the body that has sore muscles – the legs, the neck, the back, and more. It comes with a convenient lightweight design so you can easily put it in a gym bag and take it with you with minimal effort.

What’s not to like

There were some complaints about the handle getting disengaged easily. These might be isolated issues, however. If you happen to experience the same problem after making the purchase, don’t worry, for many reviewers can attest that the manufacturer is very generous at providing free replacements in exchange for defective merchandise.

4. Top Rated Muscle Roller Stick

Best Roller Stick: Top 7 in 2022

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This roller stick is a 19-inch stiff stick specifically designed to maintain and strengthen the leg and thigh muscles, making it very popular among those who are into sports or those who live an active lifestyle. By applying deep pressure, you can stimulate muscles for better circulation and help bolster faster recovery between workouts.

Its compact size also makes it convenient for travel. And just like any Supremus Sports merchandise, buyers are offered a free replacement if the stick breaks.

If you are looking to have strong and injury-free leg muscles and want to perform at a consistently high level in competitive environments where stamina, leg strength, and determination count, this muscle roller stick will certainly prove useful.

  • Useful for fitness and physical therapy
  • Recommended by athletes, personal trainers, physical therapists
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Pain relief for sufferers of shin splints, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, restless leg syndrome, tennis elbow, etc.
  • Loosen up and stimulate muscles for better mobility and flexibility
  • Prevents injuries and quickens muscle recovery

What’s to like about the Sports Muscle Roller Stick

This roller stick is larger than the usual roller stick, which adds a lot of comforts when you’re working on smaller muscle groups. It’s sturdy, effective, and VERY affordable too. The comfortable handles allow for easier handling.

If the customer reviews are any indication, this roller stick has been proven very effective in dealing with many muscle and joint pains, most especially sciatica pain.  Having said that, it comes as no surprise why this is highly recommended by many athletes and professional trainers.

What’s not to like

Quite a few buyers complained about the squeaky noise. The manufacturer, however, was generous enough to respond to these complaints and suggested applying WD-40 on the metal rod to get rid of the annoying noise.

 5. Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool 

Body Back Buddy Self-Massage Tool

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This is not your typical roller stick, of course, but it is one of the most popular in relieving various kinds of muscle pains. It’s been designed to improve the user’s circulation and recovery time. Its S-shaped design and strategically-placed knobs prove especially helpful in working out the many trigger points in the body – yes, even those areas that are hard to reach. It keeps your muscles feeling more relaxed and well-contracted, thus reducing pains and preventing injuries.

The Body Back Body Self-Massage Tool has been designed specifically with convenience and effectiveness in mind. You can easily place it inside a carry bag or a purse and it won’t feel heavy at all.

  • Works on hard-to-reach muscles
  • Relieves painful and tight muscles, spasms and engages pressure and trigger points
  • Stimulates blood circulation for better mobility and faster healing
  • Highly recommended by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, and physical therapists

What’s to like about the Body Back Body Tool

This tool can work wonders in loosening the knots and kinks in your muscles and joints. Its S-shaped construction allows for many variations and angles with which to use it, making this one of the most flexible roller sticks you can get your hands on.

Just like any good roller stick, this one works on many fronts when providing pain relief and loosening the muscles. It improves mobility and recovery time between workouts, giving every user a significant performance boost.

What’s not to like

Some reviewers wished that this roller is made of metal instead of plastic so that it can apply more pressure with minimal effort.

6. Flexible Muscle Roller Stick

Best Roller Stick: Top 7 in 2022

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While not as popular as The Stick, the Flexible Muscle Roller Stick deserves the same level of acclaim, if not more. For one, it’s the only roller stick that boasts bioenergy therapeutic spindles, making it the most efficient choice at relieving muscle soreness and working on tight muscles.

The 9 spindles were designed to add a degree of flexibility, making it the perfect choice for athletes of every discipline.

To sweeten the pot, this product offers a Lifetime 100% Money Back Guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase for whatever reason. The manufacturer also offers a free replacement if the product is damaged.

  • 9 Bioenergy therapeutic spindles massage muscle groups with ease and minimize muscle pain and soreness
  • Perfectly suited for athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors
  • Great for back and leg pain, knots, body cramps, calf injuries
  • Deep tissue and myofascial release massage
  • 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

What’s to like about the Flexible Muscle Roller Stick

The Flexible Muscle Roller Stick sure lives up to its name. Yes, it’s very flexible, thus allowing users to address all the right spots without suffering any pains usually associated with stiffer sticks. The rollers at the middle provide the necessary contours to better work on tight and sore muscles.

It’s lightweight yet sturdy, has red handles to give users an easy grip, and has the right amount of flex when bent. It’s perfect.

To add: many customers commended the company for its exceptional customer service. That’s always a bonus.

What’s not to like

A handful of reviews pointed out that this roller stick is a bit on the flimsy side. Fortunately, that’s a small price to pay considering the cheap price tag.

7. The Miracle Stick

The Miracle Stick

Click here for current price and more details

The Miracle Muscle Roller Massage Stick is aptly named. For one, it can benefit professional and casual athletes in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. It bolsters flexibility, strength, and mobility while relieving sore and tight muscles. You can also use it before and after workouts to give yourself a performance boost.

The ergonomic design is perfect for giving users a deep tissue massage. Moreover, it can reach spots no foam roller can. It’s sturdy and well-constructed as well. Apply as much pressure as you can muster and you can rest assured that it will not bend or break.

This roller stick screams convenience on many levels. It’s light and functional so you can use it both at home and on your travels with no problems at all. Slip it inside your gym bag and you won’t feel it’s there.

  • Strong, ergonomic design
  • Improves flexibility, strength, and mobility
  • Alleviates muscle pains, tightness, cramps, and soreness
  • Good at giving deep tissue massages
  • Can reach hard-to-reach spots no foam roller can
  • Highly portable (18-inches long and 1-inch in diameter)
  • 100% Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

What’s to like about The Miracle Stick

Let’s change the question. What’s not to like about The Miracle Stick? The fact that it’s enjoying a perfect rating tells a lot about how excellent this roller stick is. It delivers on everything a roller stick is supposed to do and does them with stunning efficacy. Many customers applauded the ergonomic design and most of all the effectivity with which it addressed their muscle woes.

If you train hard on a regular basis there is no excuse for not owning this one. Believe me, your performance will receive a significant boost and your muscles will thank you for it.

What’s not to like

To be honest, even my nitpicky self can’t find a single thing to criticize about this one. Not a single buyer had any complaints – so far, at least.

Click Here for the Top 10 Best Foam Rollers

Choosing the Best Roller StickBest Roller Stick Reviews

Picking out the best roller stick is not an easy task with all the choices on the market. The good news is that only the best ones are included in our guide. The Miracle Muscle Roller Massage Stick can benefit professional and casual athletes in ways that are nothing short of miraculous. So it is hard to beat.

The Stick is considered the best roller stick in the world for many good reasons and has over a thousand very positive user comments. The Trigger Point Muscle Roller Stick has many amazing features that bolster its ability to soothe, predict, and recover muscle pains and injuries.

What is a roller stick?Best Roller Stick Reviews

If you haven’t seen one so far, you should know that it looks just like a stick, it measures 15 to 25 inches and has ergonomic handles, as well as some biotherapeutic spindles.

Roller sticks are used for self-massage on various areas of the body. There are plenty of models available on the market, which is why each individual should choose the perfect model for their requirements.

Different sizes and Shapes

There are firm sticks, flexible sticks, standard ones, short, medium, and long ones. Runners, athletes, and seniors are those who use the roller sticks the most. However, these tools are recommended for everyone who needs a good massage.

The good thing about roller sticks is that they can be used for full-body massage and you don’t even have to make an appointment.  

Roller sticks are also recommended for Fibromyalgia Syndrome and trigger points.

How to use a roller stick

The regular practice of sports is healthy and helps us maintain our body fit and beautiful. At the same time, though, it can be tiring and can lead to muscle pain, soreness, spasms, or strains

None of those symptoms are pleasant and they clearly indicate the fact that our body needs some comfort.

It is nice to have a massage from time to time, to pamper ourselves. However, the time we have isn’t always enough for weekly massage sessions. Also, it can be expensive to go to a massage salon regularly.

The Stick, also known as “the toothbrush for muscles” is a relatively new tool that is extremely useful for self-massage. It is constantly available on the market and it can help anyone relieve muscle tension.

It is extremely easy to use the roller stick once you have it in your hands. The only thing you have to do is to grab the two ergonomic handles with your hands and start rolling the stick over your muscles with an up-and-down motion.

The stick can be used to massage the neck, the shoulders, the upper back, and the lower back. Also, it is good for the hands and legs. There are several techniques that you can use to massage all of these body parts.

It might look difficult to use the roller stick for your back, shoulders, and arms, but all you have to do is follow the instructions.

The Legsroller stick

Understanding how this is going to work for your legs is easy. You just have to grab the handles and start rolling with short movements the upper sides of the legs, the hip, the outside of the leg to the knee, the front side of the leg, the calves, and so on.

Doing the Arms

To massage your arms with the roller stick you have to anchor with one hand and scan with the other. You should do about 20 repetitions for each body part.

In order to massage the lower side of the arm, you must anchor the stick between your legs and grab the opposite handle with one of the arms. Then scan the outside of the other arm and change when you are done.

Don’t try to massage your shoulders if you aren’t flexible. During the massage, you must remain in a standing position, anchor with one hand, and scan with the other, grabbing the stick from the back.

Luckily, all sticks come with instructions or guides, which is why it will be easy to understand how it all works.   


Do muscle roller sticks work?

Yes, they do. Recently my family and I went skiing after a 13-year break. I knew I would be sore and aching. I didn’t have one but someone staying in the same hotel had one he lent me. The stick roller was brilliant. I thought I would do a test, so on the first day, I rolled the muscles on one leg only. Wow, I wish I had done both legs. The one I rolled felt great but the other leg was sore the next day. So yes it works.

Are stick rollers good?

They are great. Easy to fit into luggage if you are traveling or just don’t want to store some big bulky piece of equipment. I carry a massage roller nearly everywhere I travel.

What is the difference between muscle roller sticks and foam rollers?

When it comes to muscle roller stick vs foam roller, I find it depends on the amount of room you have. A foam roller lays on the floor and you roll your body over it. Whereas with a stick roller, you can sit in a smaller space and roll away.

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