Posture or Sports bras are designed to fully support the weight of your breasts, but they’re engineered to increase the amount of relief you get from neck strain, and shoulder strain. Wearing one of the best sports bras can help women who are forced to sit or stand for long periods of time during the day. And they can be essential when you are working out or going for a run.

PreviewNameRatingPriceMore Details
Leonisa Firm Control Support Bra Leonisa Firm Control Support Bra3.7 / 5$$More details!
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Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Sports Bra Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Sports Bra4 / 5$$More details!
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Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra 4.7 / 5$$More details!
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Leonisa Women’s Lace Wireless Minimizer Bra Leonisa Women’s Lace Wireless Minimizer Bra3.4 / 5$More details!
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Glamorize MagicLift Posture Support Bra Glamorize MagicLift Posture Support Bra3.8 / 5$More details!
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Glamorise No-Bounce Sport Bra Glamorise No-Bounce Sport Bra3.4 / 5$More details!
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Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire Sports Bra4.0 / 5$More details!
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Champion Women’s Freedom Racerback Sports Bra Champion Women’s Freedom Racerback Sports Bra3.1 / 5$More details!
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Panache Underwire Sports Bra Panache Underwire Sports Bra3.4 / 5$$More details!
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Intelliskin Empower Sports Posture Bra Intelliskin Empower Sports Posture Bra3.4 / 5$$More details!
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In addition, bad posture is pretty close to the default condition when you sit or stand for long periods. If you’re taller than average, women and girls have a tendency to hunch over a bit so they don’t stand out so much. The weight from your breasts is always tugging your shoulders forward and down, and when you’re seated it’s easy to become even more round-shouldered.

Don’t Let Your Posture Damage Your BackBest Sports Bra

You should improve your posture, and not just for vanity’s sake. If you have bad posture, it’s sure to lead to back problems sooner or later, and eventually your bad posture becomes a permanent condition. If you constantly sit slouched over, or stand with a bit of a hunch in your shoulders, you should consider a sports posture bra.

Sitting at a Desk All Day Is Like a Workout

Since posture bras and sports bras are so similar, a working woman might wonder why she should wear one in an office setting. Sports bras are designed for increased comfort and support when you’re exercising or running, after all. Sitting at a desk all day can put the same types of strains on your shoulders and neck as running would, however, and the tension in the upper body can build up enough to cause headaches in addition to backaches and neck strains.

Enlarged Banding

Sports bras use an enlarged area of banding on the back to carry the weight of the breasts more efficiently and distribute it over a wider area. There’s a slight tension in these supportive bands, and they gently pull your back into alignment while giving comfortable support. The result? Better posture, fewer back aches and neck strain, and a better figure.

Check our reviews and find one that’s right for you.

Best Sports Bra Reviews for 2020

1. Leonisa Firm Control Support Bra

Leonisa Firm Control - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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The Leonisa Women’s Firm Control back support bra is comfortable enough to be worn everyday, but it’s also a favorite of people who wear it for extra support during surgical recovery, and for use when you’re participating in high impact sports.

  • Full cups offer great support
  • Wireless design and soft inner liner for comfort
  • Criss-cross bands on back improve posture gently but firmly
  • Two rows of adjustable eyehooks in front closure
  • Wide elastic band under breasts for additional support
  • Comes in nude or black to decrease show-through
What’s to Like About the Leonisa Firm Control

If you’ve been relying on underwire bras for support, you’ll find the Leonisa Firm Control to be much more comfortable while it still offers a great deal of support. The wide elastic band located under the breasts gives the same type of support as a wire without digging in to the skin like underwire bras do. The Leonisa give the wearer more shape than a traditional sports bra, so you’ll feel more comfortable wearing in under your regular clothes.

The Leonisa comes in two colors, and the smooth outside with low-profile seams along with padded cups won’t “telegraph” seams through your clothes.

What’s Not to Like

Like most sports posture bras, the Leonisa has a minimizing effect on your bustline. Women who are accustomed to wearing sports bras won’t notice any difference, or perhaps even see a more shapely effect than they’re used to. Many women report that they’re unable to wear the bra for long periods right away, because they weren’t ready for the force of the posture support puts on your upper back. They reported that it was wiser to only wear it for a few hours at a time until you’re used to it.

Final Word

The Leonisa Firm Control back posture bra is a best seller, and it gets many positive reviews. A little over half of reviewers give the Leonisa four out of 5 or better. Most reviewers appreciate the comfort that the bra offers, but reviews are mixed on the amount of posture control it offers. Most people say they prefer the Leonisa to a regular sports bra for wearing under clothing suitable for the office. The Leonisa is attractively priced and worth a try if you’re suffering from posture problems.

2. Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure Sports Bra

Glamorise Women’s Full-Figure - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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Glamorise has been making sports bras for over 40 years, and they’ve garnered a reputation for great design and plenty of comfort. Full-figured women often have a hard time finding sports bras that allow them to move freely during exercise while still supplying enough support. The latest Glamorise sports bra is a true sports bra, delivering great support without using underwires.

  • Breathable fabric is cooler next to the skin
  • Support banding is padded for additional comfort
  • Fabric wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Seamless cups control bounce without showing through your clothes
  • All stretch bands are made from soft elastic material
  • Can be worn for any kind of athletic activity, or under your regular clothes
  • Rear yoke stretches in two directions, which keeps it from riding up
What’s to Like About the Leonisa Sports Bra

The Glamorise sports bra comes in four different colors, more than many of its competitors. This makes it easier to wear under your regular clothes without telegraphing through. The molded cups don’t have any seams, so they look great under even a sheer blouse. Since the bra is designed as a sports bra, it skips the frills and bows found on many bras. This diminishes the chances of having anything that irritates your skin while you’re working out, and makes the bra look smoother under your street clothes.

The padded straps stretch in two directions, important for keeping the back strap from riding up.

What’s Not to Like

The adjustable part of the over-the-shoulder straps is very short, so it’s important to make sure your bra is the correct size when ordering.

Final Word

The Glamorise Full-Figure Sports Bra has been around a long time, and it’s attracted a loyal following over the years. The majority of reviewers give the Glamorise high marks. Well over half of users give the bra four out of 5 or better

Shoppers should be careful to shop for their correct size carefully, as the Glamorise has limited adjustability. Other than that, it should be considered a best buy.

3. Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra

Wacoal Women’s - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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Wacoal takes a different approach to giving women the support they need when they’re running or working out. Most sports bras avoid having any wire in their designs, in order to avoid having the wire constrict movement or dig into the skin. Full-figured women need much more support than other women do, and it’s difficult to get enough control without a wire.

Wacoal’s innovative design uses a wire, but they put it on the outside of the padded portion of the bra. The result is the support and motion control of an underwire design with the comfort of an all-fabric bra.

  • Lightweight fabric wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you drier, and keep you cool even when exercising
  • Rear hook and eye closure has several adjustments for snug fit
  • Hand washable
  • Underwire is located on the outside for superior comfort
  • Lots of strap adjustments to fit more body shapes and heights
  • Perfect for energetic exercises like Zumba or flexibility activities like yoga
What’s to Like About the Wacoal

The Wacoal comes in four colors to match more of your outfits than other brands. The bra delivers its support and control without using very many seams, so it looks great under your street clothes. The innovative underwire design gives you great support without sacrificing comfort or flexibility. Molded cups fit snugly but comfortably.

What’s Not to Like

Some people won’t like handwashing the Wacoal. Some users say it can be put in the washer if you hang it up to dry, but the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it. If you put it in the clothes dryer, the adjustable straps tend to accumulate lint.

Final Word

The Wacoal is a best seller, and it’s an overwhelming favorite with people that buy it. It receives an astounding percentage of four or better rating, with a percentage giving it five out of 5. The bra is available in dozens of sizes, but has a small range of prices, which is different than many other brands. If you’re used to buying large sizes, the Wacoal might seem inexpensive; if you take a small size, it might seem more expensive than other brands.

If you go by the reviews, it’s well worth the money either way.

4. Leonisa Women’s Lace Wireless Minimizer Bra

Leonisa Women’s Lace Wireless - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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Leonisa makes a traditional firm control posture bra, but their Lace Wireless bra has a completely different look and feel. Unlike most sports and activity bras, it’s very feminine looking, with a delicate lace overlay pattern on the cups and straps. It’s a full coverage control bra, but it gives your bustline more definition and cleavage than other brands. Don’t let its delicate patterning fool you.

It’s a very capable posture bra, with a substantial back yoke and criss-cross elastic straps that keep full-figured women from suffering from poor posture and backaches.

  • Has delicate lace pattern available in black, white, and nude
  • Helps with posture problems that lead to neck and backache
  • Gives more definition to bustline than other sports and posture bras
  • Front closure
  • Back gives posture support, but is light and breathable
  • Wide, padded straps for comfort
  • Looks like a conventional bra under your clothes.
What’s to Like About the Leonisa

The Leonisa is a great choice for full-figured women that need support and control but want to avoid heavy underwire designs. The lace design is unusual for a posture or sports bra, and many women who are turned off by the clinical look of most sports bras will prefer the Leonisa. The wide yoke in the back transfers the weight of your breasts to a larger area of your shoulders and back to reduce fatigue.

What’s Not to Like

The straps on the Leonisa are padded for comfort, which can make them more visible through your clothes than other brands.

Final Word

The Leonisa is unusual among posture bras with its attractive lace design. While the Leonisa looks more like a traditional bra, it offers the same support that the best sports bras offer. It’s available in three colors, and it has an all sizes flat rate price. It’s highly rated, with ak high percentage of users rating it four out of 5 or better.

It’s very reasonably priced, and should be considered a best buy.

5. Glamorize MagicLift Posture Support Bra

Glamorize MagicLift - Best Sports Bra Reviews

Click here for current pricing and more details

Glamorise is the oldest name in sports and posture bras. They make many different models that offer full-figured women the support and control they need without heavy underwires. The MagicLift offers women a more shapely profile than most competing brands.

Since many women wear posture bras to work every day, they’ll appreciate the way the MagicLift looks under their regular clothes more than a sports bra.

  • Lightweight spandex is comfortable and breathable
  • Gives firm control and support without underwire
  • Hand washable
  • Opens easily in front
  • Wide straps are padded for more comfort
  • Criss-cross back elastic support straps to aid in posture control
  • Available in four colors to make matching with clothing easier
  • Offers a more shapely profile than competing brands
What’s to Like About the Glamorise MagicLift

The MagicLift offers great support with the minimum amount of weight. Large areas of the rear yoke and the front near the closure are breathable mesh that makes the design lighter and cooler to wear. The straps are wider than a traditional bra, but they’re not as big and thick as on many designs so they’re less likely to show through your clothes.

The MagicLIft gives more definition to your busts than many sports bras, although the shape is a more retro look than many are used to seeing. The criss-cross elastic stretch posture support works well without covering your entire upper back, another improvement over competing models.

What’s Not to Like

The requirement for hand washing can be a chore for some people, but the bra will last much longer if it’s not machine washed and dried. While the MagicLift gives more shape, some wearers don’t care for the pronounced conical shape it gives your breasts, but that should be considered a matter of taste.

Final Word

Like all Glamorise products, the MagicLIft has a loyal following, and it’s a perennial best seller with great reviews. Most users give the design four out of 5 or better. The MagicLift carries a middle-of-the-road price tag, and if you want good support with a more feminine shape, you might want to give one a try.

6. Glamorise No-Bounce Sport Bra

Glamorise No-Bounce - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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Full figured women require a lot of support when they’re working out. Another problem is modesty when your support bra doesn’t cover enough of your cleavage to make you comfortable when you’re performing exercises like Zumba or kickboxing.

The Glamorise No-Bounce Sport Bra offers women plenty of support and control, and then they add a light, open mesh camisole that gives additional support and coverage to the upper chest without feeling constricting.

  • Unusual camisole design offers great support and coverage
  • Cups are reinforced for great support without using an underwire
  • Made from lightweight and breathable polyester, nylon, and elastane
  • Can be machine washed
  • Can be worn under regular clothing or by itself
  • Very inexpensive
  • Two-way stretch back keep horizontal strap from riding up during workouts
What’s to Like About the Glamorise No-Bounce

Almost every component of the No-Bounce is smaller or lighter than other sports bras. The camisole top covers more of your chest, but it’s light and airy for comfort. The No-Bounce gets its control from a reinforced cup design instead of underwire, so it’s more comfortable while still getting the job done. The straps are more delicate than many competing sports bras, which give the design less of the look of a harness.

What’s Not to Like

Those slender straps on the Glamorise No-Bounce can concentrate more weight on your shoulders than models with wider, padded straps, and that can defeat part of the improved posture effect for some people.

Final Word

Because of its great reputation and inexpensive price tag, the Glamorise No-Bounce is a runaway best seller. It garners rave reviews from the vast majority of its users. Many reviews from full-figured women report that this is the only sports bra that lets them exercise while wearing only one bra for support. The Glamorise No-Bounce comes highly recommended and should be considered a best buy.

7. Champion Double Dry Underwire Sports Bra

Champion Double Dry Distance Underwire - Best Sports Bra Reviews

Click here for current pricing and more details

Champion has a long history of no-nonsense fitness gear for every sport. It’s only natural that their offering in the sports bra category would have a clean, sporty look and a streamlined design. The Double Dry is the simplest looking sports bra we’ve reviewed. The bra relies on underwire for maximum support, so it’s able to cut down on the amount of fabric it requires to give excellent control.

If you’re looking for a sports bra that’s as small as possible, the Champion might be for you.

  • Great support using an underwire design
  • Simple design is suitable for everyday wear or medium impact workouts
  • Great comfort from lined support cups
  • Machine washable for added convenience
  • Attractive scoop front and lightweight back is lighter and less constricting
  • Closes in back
What’s to Like About the Champion Double Dry

If you don’t mind an underwire design, the Champion can give you the most support and control with the least material of any bra in its class. If you’re tired of wearing sports bras that feel like a suit of armor over your chest and shoulders, the Champion might be perfect for you. It’s mostly geared towards moderate impact exercise, but if you like to play racquet sports or lift weights, you’ll appreciate the rear closure. Front closures are convenient, but the hooks can dig in to your chest when you’re moving around vigorously.

The Double Dry looks almost as light as a regular no-fills bra, and many users wear it under their street and office clothes as well as for exercise.

What’s Not to Like

If you’re trying to avoid an underwire design, you can find alternatives for the Double Dry. The wire is well buried in the fabric, so it’s less likely to pinch you than lightly padded underwire designs.

Final Word

It’s almost impossible to find a bad review of the Champion Double Dry. It’s priced in the middle of the pack for sports bras, and it’s worth a look if you’re tired of wearing very constrictive bras to work out.

8. Champion Freedom Racerback Sports Bra

Champion Women’s Freedom Racerback - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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This one is another winner from Champion, one of the premier names in sports equipment and apparel. The Freedom Seamless is a no-nonsense, lightweight design that offers great support with a minimum of material. It uses the maximum amount of lightweight mesh for control, so you stay cool and comfortable while performing low-impact exercises.

There’s no padding, and the material in the Freedom Seamless is stretchier than many other designs, so if feels like it’s hardly there while still doing its job.

  • Lightweight nylon and spandex construction
  • Machine washable for convenience
  • No seams or closures to irritate the skin
  • Support is knitted into the bra
  • Available in 15 different colors
  • Wide band under your breast offers more support without an underwire
  • Wicks moisture away from the skin
  • Inexpensive
What’s to Like About the Champion Freedom Seamless Racerback

Racerback designs like the Freedom seamless offer terrific range of motion compared to designs with two straps. It’s much less likely to ride up in the back as well. It’s a comfortable design that uses lightweight materials, but its tight elastic fit and knitted-in support still give you a secure feeling of control while working out. With many colors to choose from, many women use the Champion under their every day clothes without fear of telegraphing.

What’s Not to Like

The Champion Freedom isn’t designed for even medium impact exercise, which makes it less versatile than some competing brands.

Final Word

The Champion Freedom Seamless Racerback is a best seller with hundreds of glowing reviews. It’s very affordable, and because it has no wires or clasps, it’s bound to last a long time. It’s a best buy.

9. Panache Underwire Sports Bra

Panache Underwire - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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Most women don’t like an underwire in their sports bras. If you don’t find a wire uncomfortable, designers like Panache can offer you the support you need while using much less material than other designs. The panache is less constricting than other sports bras while offering great control and comfort, and is also allows a good amount of adjustability to its straps.

  • Molded and padded cups look smooth under regular clothing
  • Rear closure doesn’t interfere with workouts
  • Straps are adjustable, and can be configured for racerback style
  • Available in nine colors to match any wardrobe
  • Hand wash
What’s to Like About the Panache Underwire Sports Bra

The Panache has a snug fit that offers a lot of support. It makes the best use of its underwire design by removing extra support material, so the bra feels lighter and less constricting while still offering great control. The super smooth cups can be worn under sheer clothing without telegraphing seams. The support straps can be adjusted to give you a perfect fit, and can be configured into a racerback if you prefer.

What’s Not to Like

If you’re not a fan of hand washing, remember that the Panache will add time to your washday.

Final Word

It’s hard to find anyone that doesn’t like the Panache Sports Bra. The Reviews are almost unanimous in their praise for its comfort and style. It’s not cheap, but if you don’t mind hand washing, it should last a long time.

10. Intelliskin Empower Sports Posture Bra

Intelliskin Empower - Best Sports Bra Reviews

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As a sports bra that “supports your front with the natural strength of your back,” Intelliskin Empower Sports Bra is the first of its kind. Using its patented PostureCue technology, this sports bra is structured to provide support and stability on your spine and shoulders without compromising your mobility and movements.

It is so comfortable that you can wear it every day whether you’re working out or just doing normal, everyday activities.Wearing it enhances and re-trains your posture so you start to look better and feel better. For better results, make sure that you refer to the size chart.

Click for IntelliSkin Empower Bra Video Review

  • Uses PostureCue technology for better stability
  • Designed for optimal comfort; can be worn daily
  • Zip feature makes it easy to take off and put on
  • Functional design enhances and retrains posture
What’s to like

A chronic shoulder pain sufferer finally finds relief after 10 years.

What’s not to like

A few buyers complained of a slight irritation near the armpit area. These quibbles could possibly be a case of buyers not picking the right size but you can take these criticisms into consideration if you have sensitive skin.

How to Choose the Best Sports Braanita-extreme-control-sports-bra-5527-669

First, determine if you want an underwire bra or not. Underwire bras use less material to give the same amount of support as other models. If you need control more than posture support, choose a bra design with a racerback or other less constricting back. If you need to improve your posture, choose a design with criss-cross elastic support that covers more of your back.

Whichever design you choose, you’ll have more fun working out, and you’ll quickly notice an improvement in your posture. The best seller is definitely the Leonisa Firm Control Support Bra. Other good choices are the Wacoal Women’s Sports Bra or the Intelliskin Empower Sports Posture Bra if you are looking for something a bit different.

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