Running a successful massage/spa business requires that we have all the essential amenities that ensure the utmost comfort and well-being of every client. These essentials include massage tables, chairs, sheets, pillows, oils – to name a few. That said, getting the best towel warmer cabinet is another piece of massage equipment that is just as important as the aforementioned items but is sadly often ignored by many therapists.

Some massage therapists use crock pots or ovens to warm their towels. These methods, however, are inefficient and unproductive, not to mention unprofessional. Good thing you can do better.

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Here’s the bottom line: if you want to keep your clients happy and give them the inclination to return for your services, you need to make sure that you have a towel warmer always on hand.

What is a Towel Warmer?Best hot Towel warmer

A towel warmer is an airtight enclosure that can serve as a towel rack as well as a contraption that can – as the term itself implies – warm your towels. Instead of hanging your towels to dry using a standard towel rack, you can use a towel warmer instead to speed up the process. A towel warmer uses either a hydrophonic or electronic system to do its work.

Benefits of Using a Towel Warmer

By using a towel warmer, you prevent the accumulation of mildew that often result from leaving a towel to stay damp for too long. It guarantees that the towel you use is always fresh in between uses. There’s nothing like a warm towel to soothe the muscles and joints after a good massage. It also improves circulation, which can bolster the therapeutic effects of every massage session.

Some Simple Instructions for Use

Most towel warmer cabinets use a simple, minimalistic design and don’t require users to do any assembling once received. Just place the towels in their designated positions along the towel rack and operate the dials and switches according to the labels specified on the unit. Cleaning up is easy, especially with most models that come with a drip tray capable of collecting excess water.

It is also recommended that you air out the cabinet’s interior by removing the towels and leaving the cabinet door ajar when the towel warmer is not in use.

There are many excellent towel warmers to choose from. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the 7 best towel warmer reviews in 2017 to serve as a comprehensive guide.

Best Towel Warmer Reviews for 2020

1. Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet & Sterilizer

Hot Best Towel Warmer Cabinet & Sterilizer

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The Hot Towel Cabinet is the perfect companion when you’re running a massage therapy or Spa business. Despite its large size, this towel cabinet is conveniently lightweight and easy to carry. It can heat and contain a maximum of 24 facial-sized towels. There’s no risk of scorching the towels since the heat is generated evenly in all directions and stays consistent at 150-160 degrees.

Aside from the bottom rack where the towels are placed, there’s the top rack to put hot stones or a neck pack in. Moreover, getting rid of the excess water is hassle-free courtesy of the water-drip pan that comes with the package.

  • Able to contain a maximum of 24 facial-sized towels
  • Heat is evenly distributed and stays within normal levels of temperature
  • Insulated padding surrounds all walls to facilitate consistent heating
  • Includes water-drip pan and interior lower rack
  • Sturdy and made of premium material
What’s to like about the Hot Towel Cabinet

This towel warmer does everything as advertised, which makes the relatively low price truly remarkable. If someone tells me upfront that I can buy a reliable towel warmer cabinet capable of accommodating 24 facial-sized towels for under $150, I would have laughed in that person’s face. But here it is, and it’s amazing.

It’s safe, made of high quality materials and brimming with useful features. Not many of them can provide you a bigger bang for your buck than this one.

What’s not to like

There were a few complaints about the size being too small. For a bigger towel warmer cabinet that has the same features, refer to product #7 in this article.

Final Word

With a rating of 4 out of 5 from a reviews, the hot towel warmer is proving to be quite the popular product amongst users. The pair of ultraviolet chambers will ensure that you keep your towels clean, as well as warm, plus there is plenty of room in the unit for a wide variety of different types of towel.

2. TISPRO SX1000 Hot Towel Cabinet

TISPRO SX1000 - Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Review

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TISPRO’s attempt at making the best hot towel warmer has resulted in a device that is capable of storing as many as 24 towels, which will be heated using a special steaming system that also serves to sterilize the towels as well as keep them nice and warm.

Ease of operation is high on the agenda here, which is why this towel warmer only includes a single temperature setting. While that may rankle with people who want to be able to tinker, those who have never used on of these cabinets before will be more than happy to throw their towels in and simply flick a switch to start heating them up.

  • Single temperature setting of 176 degree Fahrenheit for ease of use.

  • Sterilizes towels as it steams them.

  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain.

  • Features a pair of shelves and a handy water tray.

  • Is capable of heating as many as 24 towels at a time, depending on the type of towel used.

What’s to Like about the Tispro SX1000

A lot of reviews have pointed to how quickly the product heats up as an extremely positive factor, allowing them to get their towels warm in no time at all. The ease of use has also been praised, with a lot of people talking about the simplicity in design and the fact that it is extremely easy to clean.

What’s not to like

There has been very little in the way of negative feedback for this towel warmer so far. One user took issue with the fact that it doesn’t work in Australia, so it is important to point out this is a product that was made for the United States and that voltage requirements may be different in other countries.

Final Word

TISPRO’s offering may well be the best towel warmer on the market, particularly for people who want to keep things simple instead of spending an age tinkering around with different settings. Simply plug it in, turn it on and it is good to go. A 4.6 out of 5 rating many reviews suggests that most users feel the same way.

3. 32L UV Hot Towel Warmer

32L UV Hot - Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Reviews

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This hot towel warmer has been designed with the professional market in mind, as it features a sleek design that is sure to fit in at any salon or beauty parlor. However, that isn’t to say that this device is solely for the professional market, as it can also look great in the home and is easy enough to use that few will have any trouble with it.

It is capable of storing a fairly large amount of towels. Better yet, it also disinfects any towels that it heats up, meaning you not only get all of the warmth that you’re looking for, but you also get a cleaner towel in the bargain.

  • Has a sleek design that helps it to stand out from the competition.

  • Built to last, with an extremely durable design that makes it great for home or professional use.

  • Can fit as many as 64 Terry facial towels.

  • Makes use of ultraviolet light to both heat and sterilize the towels.

  • Has two compartments so that you can separate different types of towel.

What’s To Like About the 32L UV Hot Towel Warmer

A number of users have praised the dual compartments, stating that they offer plenty of room for their towels so they are never short of one when it’s needed. The light weight of the unit has also been commended, with many users expressing surprise over this due to its sturdiness.

What’s not to Like

A number of users have experienced issues with product reliability, with some noticing that their unit arrived damaged or that only one of the drawers worked when it was turned on. A minority have also experienced issues with rust, despite the fact that the warmer advertises that it makes use of stainless steel.

Final Word

While this appears to be a good towel warmer for the most part, the negative feedback that it has received may be enough to make you think twice before making a purchase. The 3.9 out of 5 rating suggests that you will have a great unit on your hands as long as yours doesn’t have any of the reported manufacturing issues.

4. Elite Hot Towel Cabi-Warmer

Elite Hot - Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Reviews

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This hot towel warmer carries the ‘Elite’ tag, so it needs to be something special I order to stand out when compared to the rest. The first thing you will note is that this is one of the most portable options around, offering a smaller unit that hold less towels than many others on this list, but is also much easier to move.

The unit looks great too, meaning it will fit in no matter where you put it. Couple that with the ease of use and the excellent way that it handles the water from moist towels and you have a towel warmer that truly does look like one of the best on the market.

  • Can hold up to 24 manicure size towels.

  • Heats towels to an approximate temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Utilizes a drip tray in order to catch the moisture from wet towels.

  • Both wet and dry towels can be placed into the unit.

  • Exceptionally portable when compared to others on the market.

What’s to Like About the Elite Hot Towell Cabi

The unit has been praised for its versatility, with at least one massage therapist stating that they were able to use it to keep a variety of other tools of the trade warm, as well as towels. The light weight is also a factor that many point to, claiming that it makes the unit easy to move and transport. This means it could be ideal for mobile massage therapists.

What’s not to Like

Some customers have claimed that the heater simply does not get the towels warm enough for their tastes, with some also taking issue with the amount of time that the unit takes to actually heat itself up in the first place. A few others experienced manufacturing issues, such as broken door seals, so be sure to keep an eye out for these so you can return it in warranty if needed.

Final Word

This is one of the best towel warmers for people who are looking for a nice, portable option that doesn’t need an awful lot of fussing over. It currently boasts a 4.1 out of 5 rating from almost 60 reviews, with most people praising its lightweight and performance. Just be sure to give the product a thorough check upon receipt to ensure there are no manufacturing issues.

5. LCL Compact 2-in-1 Warmer & UV Cabinet

LCL Compact 2-in-1 - Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Reviews

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The LCL Compact 2-in-1 Towel Warmer & Ultraviolet Cabinet is a compact dual purpose cabinet can feed two birds in one stone by warming your towels as well as sterilizing them using UV light. You can operate these two functions separately or together using separate function switches. It can heat up to within 175 degrees Fahrenheit as well as sterilize towels and other implements in 10 minutes. This cabinet’s streamlined design also allows it to accommodate up to 12 facial towels despite its compact size.

Last but not least, easy-clean drip tray makes it easy for the user to clean up the residual water and particles after each use.

  • CE Certified
  • Heats up to 175 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Can contain 12 facial towels (included with purchase)
  • Removable grill for easy access and storage of towels and implements
  • Separate switches for operating Heat function and Sterilizer function individually and together
  • FREE: Extra Spare Ultraviolet Sterilizer Bulb
  • 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
What’s to like about the LCL Compact 2-in-1

What’s to like about this one? Everything. It’s compact, warms up your towels evenly and fast, and disinfects very effectively using its powerful (but safe) UV light. It’s amazing how it can contain up to 12 facial towels despite its compact size. It’s CE certified so you are always assured that the unit is safe under any circumstances.

What’s not to like

One buyer wished it was a bit quicker in warming up. That same buyer, however, gave the product a perfect score, which is quite telling of the product’s overall quality despite its minor flaw.

Final Word

When it comes to pure looks, this is as sleek and stylish as they come. However, LCL’s offering has much more to offer beyond the purely aesthetic. Coming with a long warranty, spare bulbs and a set of towels included, it makes for the perfect starter kit for those who are looking to purchase their first towel warmer. The 4.6 out of 5 rating suggests that others feel the same way too.

6. Spa Luxe Double Towel Warmer


Spa Luxe Double - Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Review

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Spa Luxe’s Double Towel Warmer is built with the professional in mind, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be used in the home as well. It is capable of carrying a large amount of manicure towels, plus the double door design will look right at home no matter where you use it.

As is implied by their name, Spa Luxe aim to create products that offer a level of luxury, which is exactly what you get with this warmer. It maintains a constant temperature to ensure that towels are warmed to just the right degree, while also featuring a handy condensation collector that gets rid of unwanted moisture.

  • Can be used with both dry and wet towels.

  • Maintains a constant temperature of approximately 160 degree Fahrenheit.

  • Comes with a condensation collector that ensures towels stay dry after heating.

  • Is able to hold up to 48 manicure-sized towels.

  • Has an aluminum interior that is intended to battle against rust.

What’s To Like About the Spa Luxe Double Towel Warmer

While the product has only received a small amount of reviews thus far, practically all of the feedback has been positive. It has been praised both for professional and home use, with the constant temperature it maintains being a deciding factor for many professionals.

What’s Not To Like

There has been very little in the way of negative feedback thus far for this towel warmer, with the only issues reported generally being fairly minor niggles. Watch out for the cabinet becoming very hot after extended use and be aware that it will take much longer to heat moist towels than dry.

Final Word

Carrying a 4 out of 5 rating from only 7 reviews so far, this is a product that has received positive feedback so far, though it may be worth waiting until more people have had the chance to test it out before you commit. However, it appears to offer a reliable level of service, with high quality construction and smart design ensuring it offers everything you need from a towel warmer.

7. Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

Spa Luxe Best Towel Warmer Cabinet Reviews

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For its price, the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet sure provides excellent value for buyers. It can accommodate 24 facial-sized towels despite its compact, ultra-portable build. It warms towels quickly and maintains the recommended (and safe) temperature of up to 160 degrees.

With 2 convenient shelves and an under-mount drip installed in the interior, handling towels and implements is always easy and convenient. The towel cabinet is easy on the eyes too courtesy of its sleek and elegant design. To top it off, the rust-proof aluminum interior provides the assurance that the unit is going to last for many years.

  • Heats towels and keeps them warm
  • Accommodates 24 facial-sized or manicure-sized towels
  • Maintains temperature within 160 degrees
  • 2 shelves and under-mount drip for easy handling, storage, and cleaning
  • Beautiful minimal design that blends well with any decor
What’s to like about the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet

You got to love the Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet’s minimalistic yet functional sensibilities. For one, it does its job and does it well. Combine that with a professional design that makes the unit easy to operate, then you have a hot towel cabinet that is worthy of your consideration – even more so if you’re on a tight budget.

What’s not to like

A couple of buyers pointed out that the unit takes too long to give the towels the recommended temperature, which is about 45 minutes. Good thing the unit is great at maintaining that temperature

Final Word

The single version of Spa Luxe’s towel warmer designs matches the quality of the previously examined double version, while also adding a level of portability into the design that is absent from the larger model. It currently boasts a 4.5 out of 5 rating from almost 20 reviews, marking it out as an excellent choice.

Choosing from the Best Towel Warmer Cabinet ReviewsBest Towel Warmer Cabinet

When choosing the best towel warmer, you will need to take factors like size and weight into account, in addition to thinking about what you need to unit for. If portability is required, you should consider purchasing either the LCL Beauty Compact 2-in-1 Towel Warmer & Ultraviolet Sterilizer or Spa Luxe Hot Towel Cabinet, as both offer an excellent level of quality while also being light enough to transport to wherever you need to go.

However, for those who are simply going to keep the cabinet where it is and need to be able to warm as many towels as possible, there are no better choices than the Spa Luxe Double Towel Warmer. Much like its more portable cousin, it is exceptionally reliable while also offering a consistent level of quality.

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