In recent years, the best waist trainers have begun to see a surge in popularity. With a number of celebrities already espousing the virtues of the product and how it has helped them to stay in shape and get the body that they are looking for, it is only natural that many would be curious about what they have to offer.

Couple this with the various medical benefits that waist trainers are purported to have and you have a product that is well worth examining.

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Ann Chery Women's Faja ClasicaAnn Chery Women's Faja Clasica3.8 / 5$More details!
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Clothing Komene Waist Trainer CorsetClothing Komene Waist Trainer Corset4.2 / 5$More details!
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LMB Waist Trainer CorsetLMB Waist Trainer Corset4.2 / 5$More details!
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Squeem Firm Compression Waist TrainerSqueem Firm Compression Waist Trainer3.9 / 5$More details!
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Camellias 26 Steel Boned Waist TrainerCamellias 26 Steel Boned Waist Trainer4.3 / 5$More details!
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Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist CincherAnn Chery Women’s Workout Waist Cincher3.9 / 5$More details!
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The History

The general waist trainer design can find its roots in the corset. Corsets are pieces of clothing that are most commonly worn by women in order to artificially shrink their waistlines, creating a Best Waist Trainer thinner body while also accentuating their curves.

Waist trainers can be used in a similar fashion, though many also look to them for orthopedic reasons. As such, there are a number of benefits that can be gained from using such a product.

The Benefits

The immediate benefit of waist trainers is that they reduce the size of your waist for the period in which you are wearing the trainer. This is immediately visible to you and anybody who is looking at you and can be used as a psychological incentive in order to help you achieve the waist size that you are looking for. Furthermore, some of them are specially designed with an orthopedic purpose in mind, which means that they can be used to repair a crooked or curved spine.

Losing Weight

While there is an obvious psychological benefit to waist trainers due to the fact that they present you with a body that you would like to achieve, many also find that wearing them for long periods of time has a genuine effect on their waistlines. When used alongside a healthy diet and exercise, they can help produce dramatic results in a very short period of time.

Choosing The Right One

Before simply going out and purchasing a waist trainer, it is a good idea to get a handle on what makes them good. Here we will take a look at 7 of the best waist trainers on the market to help you get started.

Best Waist Trainer Reviews for 2020

1. Ann Chery Women’s 2021 3 Hook

Ann Chery Women's 2021 - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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A lot of people who plump for cheaper waist trainers tend to find that they become uncomfortable after being worn for larger periods of time. This Ann Chery product aims to resolve that dilemma by not only incorporating spandex into the design, thus offering a little extra flexibility, but also by making use of a specially created interior that ensures comfort is enjoyed throughout.

The trainer works by creating compression in your core, thus ensuring that you get the most out of any workouts that you do when wearing it. This has led to many people simply wearing them around the house or when out on walks, as the added core work does much more than the simple act of walking would for your body.

  • Features a hook and eye closure for ease of use.
  • High rise design provides plenty of coverage for everyday wear.
  • The boning in both front and back offers an extra level of support.
  • Features a cotton inner layer for enhanced comfort.
  • The poliamide and spandex mix used for the outer layer offers a handy combination of rigidity and flexibility.
What’s To Like About The Ann Chery Women’s 2021 3 Hook

A number of clients have commented on how easy it is to put their waist trainer on, in addition to praising the effect that it has on their waistlines. A number have also posted before and after pictures to demonstrate the difference that it makes. Furthermore, continued use appears to yield long term results, with some commenters claiming to have lost inches in a matter of weeks.

What’s Not To Like

A small amount of users have experienced delivery issues, with some receiving a waist trainer that they don’t believe is the same as the original model, while a few others have also received trainers that were a little smaller than they anticipated.

Final Word

This may be the best waist trainer for those who are looking to find something that not only has a positive effect on their personal appearance, but is also comfortable and easy to wear during the course of the day. It currently has a 4.2 out of 5 rating, which is a testament to its overall quality.

2. Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica

Ann Chery Women's Faja Clasica - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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Ann Chery are back with another waist trainer that is a serious contender for being the best on the market. The Faja Clasica, as the name implies, features a classic design that people who have been exposed to the world of corsets will recognize very quickly.

This makes it perfect for those who have never used a waist trainer before and want a product that is reliable and proven in the market. The elegant and simple design is complemented by a superior level of effectiveness that can help you lose inches off your waist in no time at all.

  • Features a hook and eye closure for ease of use.
  • Can be hand washed in order to ensure it remains hygienic.
  • Covered boning in both the front and back of the garment offers increased support.
  • Inner layer is made using soft cotton for additional comfort.
  • Classic design is a favorite amongst many waist trainers.
What’s To Like About The Ann Chery Women’s Faja Clasica

Most reviewers were more than happy with the body shape that the waist trainer helped them to achieve, stating that the hourglass body promised by the trainer is a definite possibility. Others have commented on how comfortable it is, claiming that after a small period of adjustment it becomes easy to wear for the course of whole days.

What’s Not To Like

A few customers have experienced issues with sizing, with smaller users in particularly claiming that they are unable to get the most out of the product. As such, it may be worth contacting Ann Chery themselves in order to discuss the size that would best suit your body type.

Final Word

The 3.8 out of 5 rating that the product currently boasts shows that the issue with sizing is enough of a problem to drive the rating down a little, though this can often be remedied by making contact with Ann Chery. For those who have received the product that fits them, this may be the best waist trainer on the market.

3. Komene Waist Trainer Corset

Komene - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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Designed to both flatter your figure and provide a constant core workout, this trainer is also able to support your spine and accentuate your bust.

The company have also made sure to offer further guidance in regards to sizing, stating that all of their sizes are US-based, meaning that those in other countries need to figure out the equivalent size for them. A tight fit is the name of the game here, especially if you want to get the most out of the trainer.

  • Made using 100% latex on the exterior, with a comfortable cotton interior.
  • 3 rows of hook and eye closure for ease of use.
  • Available in standard or long designs for those with longer torsos.
  • Made using latex in order to ensure that there is no odor.
  • Features a dual-boning support structure.
What’s To Like About The Komene Waist Trainer Corset

A lot of reviewers have commented both on the ease in which they can put the trainer on and its tightness. Remember that a tight fit is what you’re looking for, as this will ensure that the trainer is giving you the maximum level of benefit. Comfort is also a big factor, with many commenting on how they could barely feel it there once they had adjusted to the tightness.

What’s Not To Like

There has been very little in the way of negative feedback, with one customer simply stating that it is too big. This appears to be more of an issue relating to selection of the incorrect size, rather than a comment on the quality of the product itself, so it is important to be aware of the size that is right for you before purchasing.

Final Word

The product currently boasts a 4.2 out of 5 rating, with most people complimenting it on the comfort and tightness of the fit, which ensures that they get the most out of it. Just be sure to check the sizes carefully before ordering so that you get a waist trainer that fits your body properly.

4. LMB Waist Trainer Corset

LMB - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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We finally move on from Ann Chery to take a look at a waist trainer from another company. Designed to offer high quality levels of support for your back, instant loss of inches in the waist and an improved bust, this trainer offers many of the same benefits as other models, but features a design that many might find more tasteful.

The latex used in its design is intended to provide the highest levels of support and cinching, which means you are guaranteed to get a good workout from the product, even if you are just conducting daily activities around the home.

  • Made using latex to improve compression, with a cotton interior for comfort.
  • Flexible boning ensures that support is offered while also allowing you freedom of movement.
  • Full refunds and replacements are offered to people who aren’t 100% happy.
  • Available in a wide range of sizes.
  • The long design ensures that those who have a longer body can get the most out of it.
What’s To Like About The LMB Waist Trainer Corset

A number of users have posted before and after shots of the trainer to demonstrate the immediate effects that the trainer can have on your body. These effects also become more permanent as you wear the trainer for longer periods, with some commenting on how it only took a week for them to start using more hooks.

What’s Not To Like

Be wary of any allergies that you might have to the materials that are used to make the trainer, as a minority of users have reported experiencing adverse reactions after wearing. A few others have also claimed that the latex loses its integrity after a small amount of use, though in these cases you should make use of the comprehensive returns policy to get a replacement.

Final Word

This is a serious contender for best waist trainer on the market, offering an excellent level of support and compression to ensure that you start slimming your waist in no time at all. With a 4.2 out of 5 rating it offers handy competition to the Ann Chery range, which is great for people who want to try something different.

5. Squeem Firm Compression Waist Trainer

Squeem Firm Compression - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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Squeem’s product is ideal for those who are new to the world of waist trainers and want something that focuses more on practicality than aesthetics. It has been specially designed to fit comfortably under most outfits, ensuring that they still look great and there are no visible bumps caused by the trainer.

The focus of these trainer is to help the user to alleviate their back pain and keep their posture correct during the course of the day, though it also helps to reduce the size of your waistline as well, assuming it is used for extended periods of time.

  • Waist control technology ensures you look the part at all times.
  • Internal boning offers additional support and keeps the trainer from rolling.
  • Made using fused fabric technology for extra comfort.
  • Designed to improve posture and relive back pain.
  • Slim line design ensures it doesn’t show through other clothes.
What’s To Like About The Squeem Firm Compression Waist Trainer

Many reviewers have praised the trainer for highlighting just how poor their posture usually is, claiming that it has helped to stop them from slouching, even when they aren’t wearing it. This also has the added benefit of improving the condition of the user’s back, so there is far less pain experienced.

What’s Not To Like

Some people have claimed that the customer service offered by Squeem is not up to snuff, with one user claiming that they never received a response from them after highlighting an issue. Be careful about ordering the correct size as well, as those who have looked to exchange theirs have found that the company charges for return postage.

Final Word

This is perhaps the best waist trainer available for people who want to focus specifically on their posture and back pain. However, the 3.8 out of 5 rating it carries shows that you may run into issues with customer service in the event that you need to contact them.

6. Camellias 26 Steel Boned Waist Trainer

Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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This elegantly designed waist trainer is ideal for those who are shopping on a budget and want to try something that is well-designed while also offering a high standard in regards to weight loss and posture control.

Available in a range of colors and made using satin, it is one of the more customizable waist trainers on the list, allowing you to choose the one that suits you best. Unlike many of the other trainers listed, it has been specifically designed to incorporate into your style, which makes it great for those going for the gothic look.

  • Makes use of 26 steel bones to allow for increased rigidity where needed.
  • Be aware of sizes when ordering, as they are not sized based on US standards.
  • Made using 3 layers of fabric for extra comfort.
  • Laced with a stylish black string.
  • Available in a range of colors to suit your personal style.
What’s To Like About The Camellias 26 Heavy Duty Waist Trainer

The trainer has been praised for being absolutely perfect for curvier women, as it offers an excellent level of comfort and support. The quality of the materials used has also been praised, once again demonstrating the company’s dedication to providing a high quality product at a fairly low price.

What’s Not To Like

Some people have raised concerns about the quality of the steel boning and the hooks, with a minority of users stating that their product fell apart or simply did not offer the rigidity that they were expecting. A few have also had trouble with selecting the right size, seeing as they aren’t offered in US-standard.

Final Word

This is the best waist trainer for people who are looking for a combination of style, quality and value for money, as demonstrated by the 4.3 out of 5 rating that it currently carries. Though most have been more than happy with the purchase, manufacturing issues appear to creep in on occasion so be wary of this, though it seems like a rare issue.

7. Ann Chery Women’s Workout Waist Cincher

Ann Chery Women’s Workout - Best Waist Trainer Reviews

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We return to Ann Chery for our final product, which has been designed specifically for people who want to wear a waist trainer while also enjoying comfortable workouts. Much like their other products, this makes use of both cotton and latex to ensure it fits comfortably while also providing plenty of support.

Available in a range of colors, it is perfect for people who want to use their trainer for more than simply core support and a mild workout. As such, it has also been built to the highest standard so that it can withstand constant wear and tear.

  • Features a cotton interior, with latex used for the exterior to ensure plenty of support is offered.
  • Available in a range of colors, including blue, purple and pink.
  • Features dual hook enclosure to ensure it stays fastened at all times
  • Built to a high standard for those who want to workout while wearing the trainer.
  • Handmade and crafted by Ann Chery.
What’s To Like About The Ann Chery – Women’s Workout Waist Cincher

A lot of reviewers have had many positive things to say about the effectiveness of the trainer, claiming that it has helped them to lose inches from their waist in a matter of days. Delivery speed has also been praised, with a number of reviewers finding that theirs arrived before the due date.

What’s Not To Like

A few customers claim that they have received a knock-off version of the product, instead of an Ann Chery original, which needs to be put down to a delivery issue from the suppliers. Some have also experienced issues with sizing, so be aware of what you are ordering before you pay your money.

Final Word

With a 3.9 out of 5 rating from thousands of reviews, it is clear that most find that this waist trainer offers exactly what it says it does. For those who want to focus on working out over simply wearing the trainer for day-to-day activities, it may well be the best one on the market, though you should check it carefully upon receipt to ensure you receive what you ordered.

Choosing from The Best Waist Trainer Reviews

When selecting the best waist trainer, you need to consider issues of comfort, rigidity and the overall quality of the product. With all of those factors in mind, we have selected the Camellias 26 Steel Boned Heavy Duty Waist Trainer as the best of the lot, partially because of the level of quality on display, but also because it is available at a lower price that other trainers while still offering the same standard of service.

For those who want to spend a little extra on a trainer that is more focused towards working out, we found that the Ann Chery Women’s 2021 3 Hook Classic Black Latex will offer the most bang for your buck, while the Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer is perfect for those who are looking to correct posture issues.

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