Water flossers, which are also commonly referred to as oral irrigators have been gaining prominence in recent years, backed by various clinical studies that suggest that they are more effective at removing plaque and food debris from between teeth than traditional flossing. The technology is available for use in the home, so it is important that you understand exactly what you need to look for in the best water flossers reviews.

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Waterpik Ultra - Best Water Flosser ReviewsWaterpik Ultra Water Flosser4.5 / 5$$More details!
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Panasonic EW1211A Cordless - Best Water Flosser ReviewsPanasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser4.4 / 5$$More details!
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Philips Sonicare HX8211- Best Water Flosser ReviewsPhilips Sonicare HX82113.9 / 5$$More details!
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Jetpik JP200 Oral Irrigator - Best Water Flosser ReviewsJetpik JP200 Oral Irrigator4.3 / 5$$More details!
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Waterpik - Best Water Flosser ReviewsWaterpik Water Nano Flosser4.5/ 5$$More details!
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Waterpik Complete Care Water FlosserWaterpik Complete Care Water Flosser4.6/ 5$$More details!
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ToiletTree Oral Irrigator - Best Water Flosser ReviewsToiletTree Oral Irrigator4.0/ 5$More details!
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What Are TheyBest-Water-Flosser

Water flosser were invented in 1962 through the combined efforts of a dentist named Dr. Gerald Moyer and an engineer named John Mattingly. In the years that have followed, they have become increasingly commonplace in the homes of people who are concerned with their oral hygiene.

They work by using a stream of pulsating water to remove plaque from teeth, in addition to removing debris from the gaps between teeth. A 2009 study indicates that they are capable of removing 99.99% of plaque biofilm when used correctly.


In addition to their uses alongside traditional brushing, water flosses have also been shown to be effective in terms of the benefits that provide to people looking to improve their gingival health. This improvement is best seen when the flosser is used alongside brushing.

Other UsesBest Water Flosser

Interestingly, the devices also commonly see use beyond dental hygiene. Many people use water flossers as an effective way to clean and maintain jewelry, as they are able to remove debris from areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. Of course, care must be taken if the flosser is to be used for this purpose.

There are a variety of different water flossers on the market, which can make b for you and your family. Here we will take a look at some of the most popular options and what they bring to the table.

Best Water Flosser Reviews for 2020

1. Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik Ultra - Best Water Flosser Reviews

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Waterpik is the company that grew from Aqua Tec, which was set up following the invention of the water flosser. As such, they date back to the very beginning of the technology and have become the brand of choice for many customers as a result.

Their Ultra product boasts an improved design that is touted to be more efficient than anything else on the market, coming with a range of accessories that include six different tips. This means it is extremely flexible and can be used to target specific dental issues in addition to being used as a standard flosser. It has been clinically tested and is recommended by many dentists throughout the country.

  • Clinical trials have shown the water jet from the device is 93% more effective at removing plaque.
  • It offers significant benefits for people who wear braces and those who suffer from diabetes.
  • Users can control water pressure depending on how they want to use the flosser, with levels between ten and ninety PSI available.
  • Capable or removing debris from between teeth.
  • Comes complete with six different tips, as previously mentioned.
What’s To Like

The general reception for the product has been positive, with many reviews claiming that it is capable of offering a superior clean for teeth. One user also stated that it allowed them to reduce their dental age, even as their gums were advancing.

What’s Not To Like

Some customers expressed disappointment about the price of the flosser in comparison to the improvements that have been made over previous models, while some customers have suggested that it has a fairly short shelf life.

Final Word

Unsurprisingly, the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser is a top choice amongst consumers and the quality of the device tends to hold up well under scrutiny, as demonstrated by the fact that it has a 4.5 out of 5 rating, with more than 7,500 reviews. This allows it to stand as one of the best water flossers on the market.

2. Panasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser

Panasonic EW1211A Cordless - Best Water Flosser Reviews

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Naturally, there are a number of other companies that have entered the sector following the success of Waterpiks initial devices. Panasonic has long been a company that has been relied upon by many for consumer electronics, and they have attempted to carry that reputation for quality to their own version of the device.

Capable of up to 1,600 pulses per minute, this water flosser is suitable for both adults and children. Furthermore, the completely waterproof design makes it extremely easy to clean following use, plus the water tank itself can be placed in the dishwasher.

  • Allows users to vary the pulse rate, making it effective for adults and children.
  • Easy to clean thanks to the waterproof design.
  • Compact design allows for increased portability.
  • Has a three speed mode that allows for better oral hygiene.
  • Comes complete with a handy recharging dock.
What’s To Like

Customer feedback has been quite positive, with many reviews praising it for making the process of flossing much easier. Furthermore, some customers have expressed satisfaction with the battery life, showing that the product can be used for long period of time before recharging.

What’s Not To Like

Conversely, some users expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of battery life the device has for a fifteen hour charge period, while others were wary of the amount of mess that can be created each time it is used.

Final Word

Panasonic has managed to create a water flosser that can compete with practically any other device on the market, and customer reviews reinforce that fact. It currently has a 4.4 out of 5 rating, with negative feedback being fairly rare.

3. Philips Sonicare HX8211

Philips Sonicare HX8211- Best Water Flosser Reviews

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Much like Panasonic, Philips has also managed to build an excellent reputation in the consumer electronics market. This has allowed them to adapt the water flosser technology and come up with a device that offers something a little bit different while still having all of the benefits of other devices.

They claim that their flosser can remove up to five times more plaque than brushing alone can achieve, in addition to reducing the amount of time you need to spend on flossing. This makes their electric flosser all the more convenient.

  • Capable of removing as much as five times more plaque from teeth than brushing alone.
  • Safe for use with veneers, implants and orthodontics.
  • Reputed to improve gum health after just two weeks of use.
  • Achieves flossing in thirty seconds, including filling the device.
  • Can be combined with mouthwash for a more in-depth clean.
What’s To Like

The device favors pressurized air over water, with some users claiming that it is more effective at removing debris from between teeth as a result. Others have praised the device for its usability, stating that practically anybody can set up and use it without confusion.

What’s Not To Like

Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with the price of the device, claiming that you can get a comparable clean from many other water flossers. Questions have also been raised about the build quality of the device and the customer service that is offered by Philips in the case where something goes wrong.

Final Word

If you are looking for something a little different than the other water flossers on the market, this may be the product for you. However, bear in mind that some people believe it is not as effective as it should be for the price you pay and the lack of water may put others off. It has a 3.9 out of 5 rating from almost 1,000 reviews.

4. Jetpik JP200 Oral Irrigator


Jetpik JP200 Oral Irrigator - Best Water Flosser Reviews

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There are many devices vying to become the best water flossers on the market, and this offering from Jetpik may well be the pick of the bunch. They claim that clinical tests have proven that their water flosser is twice as effective as the standard models offered by other companies, which is an encouraging start.

It combines the water pulsing effect with the mechanical action of real floss, which the company claims offers an even better clean while also making it more effective for users who have braces or suffer from consistent problems with debris between their teeth.

  • A full refund is offered if the device doesnt improve the condition of your teeth within seven days.
  • It has been clinically proven to remove 99% of plaque from affected areas.
  • Combines pulsating water with pulsating dental floss.
  • Comes complete with a USB charger, so it can be used all around the world.
  • Claims to be easier to use and more effective than comparable devices.
What’s To Like

The combination of water and traditional flossing is interesting, finding favor with a number of different reviewers due to its perceived effectiveness. Furthermore, it is also praised for the large variety of accessories that come with it, such as a tongue cleaner, making it a very versatile device.

What’s Not To Like

There has been some concern expressed over the amount of charge the device can hold, with some users claiming that it does not hold as much as advertised and quickly declines. Others have expressed consternation over the fact that it is a little difficult to check power levels and find the one that is right for you.

Final Word

On one hand, a good case can be made for this device being one of the best water flossers around as the dual functionality appears to increase effectiveness in many cases. However, it is worth keeping in mind that devices ability to hold charge has come under scrutiny. It currently has a 4.3 out of 5 rating, from relatively few customer reviews.

5. Waterpik Water Flosser

Waterpik - Best Water Flosser Reviews

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The standard water flosser from Waterpik has long been a favorite amongst consumers, with this version also including a list of accessories as long as your arm in the bargain. As such, it has gained a reputation as one of the most versatile water flossers available.

Considering Waterpiks reputation in the sector, it should come as no surprise that their standard water flosser is still considered more effective than many of the rivaling products, plus it can be purchased at a fairly low price for those who want to experiment with the technique without committing fully to a deluxe model.

  • The compact design makes this flosser excellent for travel.
  • Comes complete with a three-year warranty, demonstrating confidence in the build quality.
  • This package has twelve accessory tips, making it extremely versatile.
  • Can be used with either water or mouthwash.
  • Offers ten settings for control of water flow, making it suitable for children and adults.
What’s To Like

The range of accessories that come with the flosser has drawn a positive response, with one customer expressing particular satisfaction for the toothbrush tip. Another has complimented the device on its effectiveness when it comes to cleaning around braces and removing debris from places that would usually be difficult to reach.

What’s Not To Like

There is little in the way of negative feedback for the device, however, some users have been unfortunate enough to experience breakages soon after purchase. This raises some questions about the build quality of the device, but it only seems to be a minority of people that have been affected.

The Final Word

The original just might be one of the best water flossers around. The large accessory pack is exceptionally useful, making this an all-in-one oral hygiene kit. Some concerns have been raised about the build quality of the device, but the 3 year warranty should keep you covered. It is unsurprising that it currently has a 4.5 out of 5 rating from users, but has less than 100 reviews.

6. Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser

Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser

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Waterpik are back again with another variation on their water flosser design. This one comes complete with a toothbrush attachment, with the company claiming that the two combined can boost your oral hygiene levels far beyond what you would experience if you only used one or the other.

This product offers practically everything you need in one handy package, plus the technology used is believed to provide both more effective flossing and brushing. As such, it should be high on the list of considerations for people who are looking for the most convenient option.

  • Waterpik claim the device can guarantee healthier gums in just two weeks.
  • Clinically trials claim it is 52% more effective at removing plaque than the SonicareFlexcare.
  • Those same trials also claim the device is 70% more effective for improving gum health.
  • Comes with a premium case to protect the brush when you travel.
  • Only compatible with North American power outlets.
What’s To Like

Both the flosser and brush have been praised extensively by customers, with particular attention also being paid to the handy pause button that can reduce the mess caused by use. Furthermore, the use of a clear plastic reservoir makes it much easier to see just how much water is left in the flosser.

What’s Not To Like

Some users have claimed that the toothbrush will simply stop charging after less than a year of use, though this issue can often be solved if the product is still under guarantee. There have also been some doubts expressed about the build quality of the handle and hose.

Final Word

This is one of the best water flossers for people who are looking for a complete solution, plus you might be able to save a little money with the purchase instead of buying both devices separately. Make sure you keep your guarantee handy though, just in case the charging issue affects you. It currently has a 4.6 out of 5 rating from almost 2,000 reviews.

7. ToiletTree Oral Irrigator

ToiletTree Oral Irrigator - Best Water Flosser Reviews

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ToiletTree have improved their line of oral irrigators this year by releasing a redesigned version that it claims offers far superior battery life to the previous models created by the company.

A number of other tweaks have been made, including a reduction in the sound of the motor and a further redesign to make it easier to fill the flosser with water. As such, the company now has the potential to stand alongside some of the big hitters in the field.

  • A lithium ion battery allows for much more use before charging.
  • Comes with three levels normal, soft and pulse to allow you to choose the intensity of the floss.
  • Can be charged anywhere in the world.
  • Water reservoir is now much easier to access thanks to the redesign.
  • Approved by the FDA.
What’s To Like

Most users who had the previous ToiletTree model have expressed satisfaction with the improvements that have been made, particularly in regards to the portability of the device. In cases where the product has failed, the customer service provided has also been found to be of excellent quality, with new units sent out quickly as long as the device fails within the guarantee.

What’s Not To Like

The biggest issue raised with the device is the lack of longevity, with a number of customers expressing their frustrations at the fact that theirs had to be replaced. The guarantee should mitigate this issue somewhat, but it may become irritating for people who want a reliable product.

Final Word

Though ToiletTree has made some very impressive improvements with their 2015 device, there are still some nagging concerns about battery life and build quality. Still, the company is quick to respond to customers who have concerns and will replace the product if it fails within the guarantee period. It currently carries a 4 out f 5 rating from more than 2,000 reviews.

Choosing from the Best Water Flosser ReviewsBest Water Flosser

Despite some stiff competition from rival manufacturers, it seems like Waterpik still holds the crown when it comes to producing the absolute best water flossers. Each of their devices achieved a 4.5 or higher rating, though the Waterpik Water Flosser could do with a few more reviews to make sure that it maintains the same levels as its stablemates.

With this in mind, we recommend the Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser for its reliability and handy set of accessories, the Waterpik Complete Care Water Flosser and Sonic Toothbrush if you are looking for a total solution and, if you want to move away from the brand, the Panasonic EW1211A Cordless Water Flosser as an alternative due to its portability and rechargeable base.

5 Benefits of a Water Flosser

If you want to keep your smile just as bright and just as brilliant as humanly possible, simply brushing your teeth twice a day or more isn’t enough.

Anyone that has been to the dentist and had a teeth cleaning performed understands just how much every dental professional really harps on flossing your teeth, even if the message doesn’t quite sink in for the overwhelming majority of people out there.

But there’s a lot of truth behind this “sales pitch” on dental floss, and you need to make sure that flossing becomes a critical part of your daily dental hygiene routine if you’re going to stave off infection, keep your smile beautiful and bright, and lead a happy and healthy lifestyle from here on out.

At the same time, there’s a lot of reasons to move away from traditional dental floss and instead embrace everything that water flosser has to offer. These amazing pieces of technology are going to be able to reach into every and any nook and cranny in your mouth, penetrating deeper behind your gums than traditional dental floss would ever be able to and give you a much better clean all at the exact same time.

Here are five reasons you’ll want to make the switch to a water flosser ASAP!

1.Water flosser units are a lot easier to use

Sure, flossing your teeth really isn’t all that physically demanding when you are young – but as you get older, and as you lose some strength, you are going to have a much tougher time flossing your mouth as completely as you were able to before.

That’s where the water flosser comes into play.

These units are ridiculously easy to hold and to handle, and almost all of them have been designed with easy grip handles for this specific usage in mind. Those living with arthritis and those with dexterity issues aren’t going to have any problem whatsoever completely flossing their mouths the way that those with traditional floss may have.

2.Water flosser units are a lot gentler on your mouth and gums

Anyone that hasn’t lost in a long time but decides to take it up again understands that the first few times they start flossing they are going to cause a tremendous amount of pain, a tremendous amount of inflammation, and no small amount of bleeding – even if their mouth is otherwise very healthy.

Strength floss just isn’t that friendly to your gums or the enamel on your teeth. It’s going to cause quite a bit of friction, that’s going to cause irritation, inflammation, and pain, and if it is really aggressive you may even deal with some infections stemming from the flossing motion itself.

With a water flosser, all of those problems disappear completely. Water itself is very gentle on your gums while still providing plenty of power to dig deep and remove bacteria at the same time.

3.You don’t have to just use water in your water flosser

Sure, the overwhelming majority of folks with a water flosser are going to load the system up with nothing but cool tap water – but there’s no rule that says you have to do that!

A lot of folks have taken to really deep cleaning their mouths by replacing some or all of the water in their water flosser and instead loading it up with Listerine or some other antibacterial mouthwash. This kind of approach guarantees that the mouthwash penetrates into the deepest layers of your mouth, providing for as deep a clean as is humanly possible outside of the dentist’s office.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

4.Water flosser units are a lot faster than traditional flossing

Flossing your mouth with traditional string is going to take anywhere between two and three minutes if you really take your time and do a quality job. Obviously, combined with brushing your teeth for three or four minutes, you’re going to end up wasting almost 10 minutes of your day in the morning and 10 more at night just on brushing your teeth – and some people aren’t up for that kind of inefficiency.

A water flosser is going to allow you to deep clean your teeth and your smile from top to bottom, front to back and then upfront again, in less than 60 seconds. On top of that, even children as young as six years old can use water flosser technology with supervision – speeding up before school and bedtime brushing as well!

5.Water flosser units are a lot more fun to use

At the end of the day, we human beings are only going to do the things that give us pleasure and steer us away from pain. Flossing isn’t done as often as it probably should be just because it isn’t all that “fun” and most folks find it tedious.

Well, with a water flosser, you’re going to have a lot more fun flossing (and whoever would have thought that was possible)!

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