Blue light therapy is a game-changing technology in the hands of trained professional dermatologists. It has become one of the “go to” solutions for professionals looking to help their patients eradicate acne once and for all.

Some still remain sceptical about whether or not this technology can possibly be as effective as advertised, but according to the American Academy of Dermatology, this just might be the very best solution available for destroying acne at the source once and for all.

Recommended by close to 90% of all dermatologists – and enjoying a more widespread rollout across the country (and the rest of the world) – if you want to finally be rid of acne once and for all blue light therapy may be the perfect solution for you.

To better understand exactly what blue light therapy is and how it works going forward, here are some basic details that you’ll want to really focus on moving forward.

How exactly does blue light therapy for acne work?What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy takes advantage of blue light laser surgery tools to actively target the acne causing bacteria that live on our skin, a bacteria that causes a tremendous amount of inflammation and a bacteria that is ridiculously sensitive to the blue light spectrum.

By using blue lights (a very specific shade of blue lights, for that matter) in a targeted fashion dermatologists are able to fight back against the bacteria growing in the oil glands that we have in our skin – oftentimes penetrating down into the deeper layers of our skin where other acne solutions fail.

This treatment causes the bacteria growths to shrink and disappear almost completely, rendering their ability to cause acne and pimples in the first place almost completely moot. You’ll get a lot less oily skin – without the dryness associated with topical solutions like salicylic acid, for example – and you won’t have to deal with acne any longer!

Why do blue light treatments work?How does blue light therapy work

As touched upon above, blue light acne treatment therapy solutions work because the bacteria that causes acne, to begin with, is naturally prone to the blue light spectrum. When the blue light waves hit the bacteria cells themselves they are absorbed into the bacterial structure and begin breaking down the very foundation of this bacteria.

The bacteria are no longer allowed to “bond” with other bacteria and their ability to replicate and reproduce is destroyed as well. On top of that, you are able to cut down dramatically on inflammation (the part of acne that you see on your face in the form of red spots and pimples), and after only a handful of treatments, your skin will look crystal-clear and blemish free once again.

Who should think about moving forward with light therapy?

What is blue light therapy?

It’s important to understand that not all bacteria create acne, and not all acne stems from bacteria susceptible to the blue light spectrum.

Cystic acne, for example, is going to be rather difficult to treat using blue light therapy. This is because the acne itself is protected by a cyst that blue light has difficulty penetrating, which is why it isn’t often used in those kinds of applications.

For folks dealing with acne that manifests in the traditional way – red spots, bumps, and pimples all over the place – blue light therapy is a game changer. When used in conjunction with infrared light (a little bit of heat) absolutely everything changes when it comes to your skin and your fight against acne.

Those dealing with traditional acne pimples and zits are going to want to see if their dermatologists believe they are perfect candidates for blue light therapy.

Is this painful?What is blue light therapy?

Absolutely not!

We can tell you with complete and total conviction that you aren’t ever going to have to worry about any pain, any pressure, or even the slightest pinch when you decide to move forward with blue light therapy.

Blue light therapy takes advantage of LED technology and sometimes laser tech (with heat guns often thrown into the mix to expedite the results), but the beautiful thing about using light technology is that it’s just like stepping out into the sun – you “know” when the sun is beating down on you but it isn’t a painful experience.

The only time that complications can arise from using blue light therapy solutions is when they are taken advantage of in conjunction with using prescription grade topical acne medications. As long as you run these kinds of things by your dermatologist you really shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

They’ll be able to make sure that you are a prime candidate for this kind of acne solution and they’ll also be able to tell you exactly how to proceed so that you don’t get sucked into any traps as far as side effects are concerned.

There are a lot of advantages to moving forward with blue light therapy. You’ll definitely want to ask your dermatologist for more information.

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