Congratulations – if you’re even just a little bit nervous or skeptical about the healing benefits of a machine pumping millions of incredibly short duration of electrical pulses through your body, you’re completely sane!

And you’re nowhere near alone!

Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of people are recommended to take advantage of everything that a TENS unit can bring to the table – medical devices that are specifically designed to pump low-level electricity through your body to heal and restore you while at the same time helping alleviate pain and discomfort.

TENS are proven effective 

But even though TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units have been proven to be wildly effective for years and years at destroying pain right at the source, people are (understandably) skeptical that shooting low-level electricity through the body is going to have any beneficial results whatsoever.

If you find yourself on the fence (even just a little bit) about using a TENS unit, hopefully, you find the insider information below to give you that little nudge you need to try one out for yourself.

You’ll also want to give these options (some of the best TENS units on the market today) a closer look as well!Tens on body

What exactly is a TENS unit, anyway?

The are incredibly compact and portable devices designed by medical hardware manufacturers, TENS units work to evenly and safely distribute very mild micro signals of electricity throughout your body, all in an effort to reactivate, rejuvenate, and restore your nerves while at the same time blocking out pain signals that would have been sent along those “nerve superhighways”.

This is all done by connecting a TENS unit to your body through the use of multiple electrodes in key and strategic places across your chest, arms, back or legs, and you’ll always have complete and total control how much “juice” you are pushing through your body at any particular point in time.

The placement of those electrodes will be dictated by where you’re dealing with pain in the first place, as you’ll want to accurately position them over the “hotspot” to have a rock solid chance at eliminating the pain completely.

Do TENS units actually get rid of pain?

Unless you’ve taken advantage of everything that a TENS unit brings to the table, it’s understandable to be at least a little bit skeptical about the game-changing results it claims to deliver.

However, thanks to the body’s biochemistry, the way that nerves use electrical signals and impulses to transmit pain throughout the central nervous system, and the fact that you can “hijack and intercept” these pain signals– even erasing them completely at the source – TENS units are able to give you all of the pain relief benefits you’ve been hoping for without any negative side effects caused by chemical intervention.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, only you are going to be able to determine whether or not you should even think about moving forward with a TENS unit.

Obviously, not everyone is wild about the prospect of shooting themselves with small bolts of electricity to get rid of pain, but the science behind this intervention is solid and proven, and these devices just might be the one thing you need to finally give you that pain-free existence you’ve been dreaming of.

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