There are plenty of different aches, pains, and creaks that we have to deal with as we get older but most of us aren’t expecting to have to deal with pain in our hands – the kind of pain that can Pain in Palm of Hand - Causes & Cures make just fighting through daily life and almost impossibility.

We depend on our fingers and our hands for so much on regular basis that we don’t even consider what life would be like without the full and complete usage of our hands, and that’s what makes the pain – especially constant and chronic pain in your palms or your fingers – so disruptive and disastrous.

Plenty of different root causes can be behind the pain that you are dealing with – ranging from infections to inflammation to arthritis and everything in between – which is exactly why it is so important that you do absolutely everything in your power to fight back against pain in your hand by utilizing the inside information we were able to share with you below.

You’ll want to retake control of your life with these solutions so that you don’t ever have to worry about pain in your hand sidelining you any longer.

Alternating hot and cold water/compresses can eliminate a lot of the pain from overuse

Most of the time you are dealing with pain in your hands or your palms you are going to be dealing with it because of overuse and overexertion.

Even though we all use our hands on a daily basis (almost every moment of every day that we are awake) the truth of the matter is that we can still put on a lot of extra use and overexert ourselves – such as playing golf every day for the first time in five years, for example.

Our hands are filled with muscles just like the rest of our body and when those muscles are overworked they are going to get stiff and fight back. By alternating hot and cold water rinses or compresses on our hands we are able to release a lot of that stiffness and feel a lot better almost immediately.

Stress your hands for better flexibility and less tightness

If your hands have started to “lock up on you” you’re going to want to make sure that you restore full functionality ASAP and the best way to do exactly that is to start stretching your hands and doing hand exercises on a daily basis.

Simple hand exercises (you will be able to find hundreds and hundreds of them on YouTube in about 10 seconds) will stretch your fingers, your wrists, and your palms so that you restore full range of motion as well as build a little bit of extra strength back in them.

This is going to help you fight against arthritis as well, as you will be able to build the kind of musculature you need underneath to prevent your hands from wasting away when arthritis finally sets in and starts to attack your bones and your joints.

Over-the-counter NSAID pain pills work, too

OTC pain medications like ibuprofen, Advil, and Motrin (for example) are all nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and are going to reduce a lot of the information that you have in your hand.Pain in Palm of Hand

Inflammation is going to produce pain AND swelling – sometimes a significant amount, and that – but with these over-the-counter pain medications (used properly) you’ll be able to eliminate that information almost instantly.

It’s important that you make sure you aren’t mixing and matching OTC medications with prescription medications, however. There are side effects to these pain pills just like any other man-made medication, and you don’t want to run the risk of getting the side effects using these meds alone, let alone in conjunction with even more powerful and potentially dangerous medical solutions.

Stem cell and steroid injections are interesting new approaches

Injecting stem cells and steroids into your hand (usually directly into the joints) has been used all over the world to provide immediate and long-lasting relief for those dealing with pain. Doctors around the world have been administering this solution to provide instant pain relief for up to 12 months at a time, though there is a bit of a catch.

This kind of pain relief lasts seemingly forever but every time you use this kind of injection approach the impact is lessened. The first time that you inject stem cells or steroids into your hands you may get 18 months of pain relief out of it, but the fifth or sixth time that you decide to go down this road you may only get three months of pain relief before you have to go through the process all over again.

On top of that, this is anything but the kind of medical solution that you can administer yourself. It’s still expensive, requires you to work with your doctor, and may not even be completely legal in your state depending upon certain circumstances and situations.

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