Whether you are working hard on your feet all day, or you just need some relaxation, nothing comes close to the comfort that is given to you by a solid foot spa. You may not think about this at first, but if you have ever experienced how decadent the warm water and bubbles can truly be, you are missing out on one of the true pleasures in life. You don’t need to purchase a hot tub or get a high end massage to get this worked out, you could easily get this type of comfort in your home through the purchase of a standalone solution. Finding the best foot spa can be arduous today, as there are a lot of products that you can spend money on. The best one for your needs is a matter of taking a few things into account and then buying the right fit.

Assess Your Problem Areas

Before you go and spend any amount of money, make sure that you look to see whether or not you have a medical issue. If you’re pain is derived from a serious problem, even the best foot spa won’t knock out the pain. You can always try to use a spa, but if the pain doesn’t subside, make sure that you visit a podiatrist. Do not wait for chronic pain to cause serious problems with your mobility, because many of the issues of the feet can be helped by a good podiatrist. Assess what is wrong and then carefully look for something that will help give you comfort.

Heating ElementsConair Foot spa

There are two types of foot spas that you will find on the market today. Some of them will have a heating element and some will not. The heated options will not boil water or cause the water to increase in heat, but rather it will try to maintain the heat of water that you put into it. This is to protect people from burning their feet while trying to relax. If you don’t want to mess with that, then you will want to purchase something that doesn’t have a heating element inside at all.

Massaging Power

When you’re looking into the best foot spa, you will be tempted to purchase a solution that will massage your feet. This is a good option if you want to combine the power of reflexology and heated water spas. Of course this means that you will need to plug things in for them to work. This can be a bit dangerous since water and electricity aren’t friendly. With that in mind, look for options that aren’t too heavy into the massage part and will give you more of a soothing bath effect.

Size and Shape

The depth of the best foot spa will not be too deep. You shouldn’t be able to go far past your ankle when it comes to this. Not only that, you should look for items that are wide enough to house both of your feet. The width and length should accommodate most feet, but there are definitely some that are made for smaller frames. Always consider the size and shape when you’re looking to purchase the best foot spa.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to make concessions in regards to what is going to help you get the most relaxation. Once you have this in your home, add Epsom salt and enjoy the greatness of relaxation and massage.

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