Fitness bracelets are wearables that help people track their physical activity, plan a workout or connect with other devices through wireless or Bluetooth. They can be worn on various body parts such as the wrist, the upper arm, ankle and more. They have become extremely popular in our technological era where smart devices are required in almost any situation.

Despite negative reviews, these devices can be really useful in everyday life. There are plenty of models to choose from out there that are stand-alone devices or that only work through other devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Fitness bracelets are accessories that tell you how much you trained, what is your heart activity and how fast you trained. They use sensors that can show you what your pulse is, what your hydration level is and how many hours of sleep you have had. Some models are more accurate than others, which is why it is worth investing a bit more in an advanced wristband.

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How do fitness trackers actually work?

First of all, let’s clear something up. The technology behind these devices is great and helps a lot of people become aware of their physical activity or the lack of it. But what is more important about these wearables is that they have the ability to motivate people and make them feel guilty when their performance is not up to their expectations or their plan.Fitness tracker

Most wearables on the market are wristbands or bracelets. They have tiny LCD, LED or OLED displays and a battery life that lasts approximately 7 days. In order to work, these trackers are equipped with one or more sensors such as accelerometer, GPS, optical heart-rate monitors, skin response sensors, thermometers, ambient light sensors, UV sensors, bioimpedance sensors and more. These are some of the most frequently encountered sensors in fitness trackers.

All of these sensors work when performing physical activity or simply standing. Some people wear their bands even during their sleep hours. When these sensors are activated they display information about your heart rate, breathing, body temperature, position, speed and more on their tiny screens. By connecting to smartphones, tablets or laptops, these devices can help you track your health and observe any slight difference in your daily activity.

Why are fitness bracelets so popular?

Just like any other invention in the world, wearables were designed to improve one’s quality of life and lifestyle. Wearing a fitness bracelet not only makes you self-conscious, but also motivates you to exercise more, sleep more or hydrate your body more often. Moreover, they are impressive devices that can help you prevent various health conditions, such as hypertension.

By tracking your activity daily and sending it to your smartphone, for example, it is easy to create reports and observe the evolution of your physical shape. Thinking about the technological progress, it is easy to understand why these tiny devices are so popular. They make it possible for everyone to track their rhythm, activity and even sedentary routine and they bring valuable information into our lives.

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