For most men, shaving is an inevitable activity – and if you’re used to it, it can be pretty quick. Simply pick up a razor, run it against your skin and viola, no more hair on your face. Of course, you’ve done it for years already, so why do you really need a guide to tell you about it?

Unfortunately, even though you can probably shave with your eyes closed, you may still find yourself dealing with shaving problems like razor bumps, burns and irritation. This situation is true for majority of men our there, and this is often because they’re not doing it right.


Here are a few tips you can follow to get a clean close shave and avoid problems that come along with it.Man Shaving

Make time for it

A close shave requires time, so don’t shave when you’re rushing. Take the necessary time to prepare your skin and do the actual shaving, which leads us to the following tips below.

Make sure your beard is thoroughly wet

Getting your beard wet is the key to getting a close shave, since water causes the hair to swell and become weak. Try shaving right after showering or after washing your face, never on dry skin.

Invest in high quality shaving cream

Ideally, you want to invest in one that has a high concentration of moisturizers and lubricants. Top notch shaving creams produce a creamy lather that leads to less friction and resistance, allowing the blade to glide smoothly across the surface of the skin.

Invest in your razor, too

It can be tempting to use drugstore brand razors, which can work to a point, as long as you make sure you use one that has a very sharp blade. Razors do not just cut off hair from your skin; they also scrape off layers of your skin. A dull blade actually causes more trauma on the skin, making it look blotchy and scratchy. Depending on the quality of the razor and the toughness of your beard, you should change your blades somewhere between three to ten shaves. You can find reviews of some of the best safety razors online.

images Clean your razor regularly

You can do this by rinsing it with hot water before and after shaving. This removes gunk, shaving cream and hair that accumulate after every shave.

Shave properly

It is recommended to shave with the grain. That means following the direction of the hair growth. Start from the sides, then the mustache, then end with the chin. While shaving against the direction of your hair growth gives you a closer shave, it increases the risk of cuts and ingrown hair, which can lead to inflammation and infection.

Cleanse and soothe

Washing off your shaving cream is not enough. Your skin is at its most vulnerable after shaving, so make sure that you cleanse it well by using a good quality facial wash with antiseptic properties. Pat the area dry with a clean towel and finish off with a good after-shave balm or lotion.

There you have it – tips on how you can get a clean, close shave. Indeed, the right technique, investing in quality shaving and skin care products can help you look and feel your best and avoid shaving problems. Follow these tips to get the best results, and turn this regular activity into a surprisingly pleasant ritual

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