Obtaining a close shave that highlights a great bone structure and a nourished skin is a must these days. A perfectly shaved beard means a clean, beautiful face that is takHow to use a shaving brush with soap? en care properly, in almost everyone’s eyes.

Today’s market offers plenty of options for men who want to show off their perfectly shaved faces. Classic razors and electric razors are extremely popular objects when it comes to shaving, but what about the brush and soap? Are they still in the top preferences of men across the world?

If you enjoy having a shaving routine that is rather old-fashioned and classy, you can try to shave your beard and mustache using a brush and soap, instead of ready-to-use foam. Before explaining how to use them properly, let’s see what the advantages of returning to the old ways are.

Why should you use a shaving brush with soap

First of all, soap is an inexpensive alternative comparing to shaving foam. Second, some soap types are able to offer you a more moisturized than shaving foams. Third, in order to use soap for your shaving routine, you will need to use a high-quality shaving brush that offers unexpected advantages.

Few men know that by stepping away from the shaving brush and moving on to modern techniques, they deprive themselves from various benefits.

Think about it: when using a brush, you have to massage your face for a few minutes before the foam is ready to protect your skin and moisturize it. The soap usually generates more Shaving brush lather if used correctly and protects you against irritation and ingrown hairs.

Shaving brushes are designed to give you a pleasant sensation when massaging your face, which means that you can award yourself with a few moments of relaxation each week.

There’s more: when brushing your face regularly, you will notice that all the dead skin gets to be removed and your face looks brighter.

How to use a shaving brush with soap

It is very easy to shave your beard when its entire surface is covered in foam. The shaving process using a shaving brush takes place exactly as it would if shaving foam would be used. The only thing that is different is the preparation process.

If you decide to try out this method, you will need a shaving soap or any type of moisturizing soap that can be placed in a recipient. Here are some steps you could follow next:Shaving brush

  1. Soak the brush in a small amount of soap
  2. Start doing circular movements inside the soap recipient
  3. When the foam is ready, start massaging your face with side-by-side or circular motions
  4. Add a few drops of water after you have covered the entire surface
  5. Start brushing again until you notice that the foam is getting thicker, but less sticky
  6. Add a few more drops of water and start brushing again

By the end of this process, the foam on your face should be a little bubbly, should not stick and should not drip. Now you can start shaving using a classic razor. It’s that easy!

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