Epilators are most women’s best friends when it comes to beauty routines and habits. But there are times in a woman’s life when things change a bit. Pregnancy is the best example of all. It’s safe to use an epilator during pregnancy but there are other considerations to take into account.

Hormone levels go crazy, hair starts growing thicker, mood changes happen more frequently and endurance to pain can be increased or decreased during these 9 months. These are all changes that cannot be easily controlled and are a part of every woman’s life.

These changes are considered to be normal, but that does not mean that a woman should simply skip epilating while pregnant. No one likes to be hairy, especially someone whose hormones are bouncing up and down. Therefore, solutions have to be found in order to continue to feel beautiful and have smooth skin.

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Why do women stop using epilators during pregnancy?

Although epilators can’t harm the mother or the baby, it can be uncomfortable to bend towards your legs in order to remove unwanted hair. As the pregnancy evolves, it becomes impossible to do it. This is the main reason why most women let go of their epilator and turn to classical methods that are easier to perform.

Another reason why pregnant women stop using the epilator during pregnancy is the fact that their pain tolerance is lower than usual. Regardless of the reasons why they need to start using a simpler hair removal method, there are plenty of other choices.

Other than that, using an epilator during pregnancy is safe and the baby is not affected by this hair removal technique. There are a few contraindications with regard to eczema, inflamed skin areas, or sensitive skin during pregnancy. Therefore, it is best to trust your doctor on this one.

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What other hair removal methods are recommended for pregnant women?

Safe to use and epilator during pregnancyEpilator
Woman using the epilator on her beautiful legs.

It is never too late to go back to old habits. Shaving, tweezing or threading are some of the most popular hair removal techniques. Waxing is also an option, but if your skin is highly irritable, you should speak to your doctor about it.

Shaving and tweezing are perfectly safe for pregnant women. They are the quickest and most painless techniques and the simplest, at the same time. Hair grows faster, but it is the best option in such a situation.

Although waxing is more painful, it is popular among pregnant women. Legs hair can be removed carefully by a certified person in any salon and you don’t have to bend or sit in uncomfortable positions.

Avoid using an epilator on some body parts during pregnancybraun-Best-Epilator

Contraindications on most epilators’ manuals advise women not to use an epilator during pregnancy. This recommendation is made mainly because people seem to use epilators to remove hair from all body parts. Although this seems normal, the tummy, bikini, and back should definitely be avoided during pregnancy.

Using an epilator on your stomach could cause excessive pain and affect the baby, which is why it is important to see it as a forbidden thing to do while you are pregnant.

What is the best way to remove pubic hair during pregnancy?

Your favorite salon wax could be the more suitable hair removal option for your bikini line during pregnancy. Cleanliness and hygiene are a very high priority though, the technician should wear gloves and use a new spatula between applications to stop sharing germs.

What hair removal can I use while pregnant?

Most hair can be removed during pregnancy, just remember your skin is super sensitive during this time so your tolerance to pain may be different.

Is it safe to use an epilator during pregnancy?

It is safe to use an epilator while pregnant, but it might be more painful than when you’re not pregnant. Try and use it often so you only have small hairs.

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