Poor posture can negatively affect you more than you might think. For one, it isn’t particularly attractive to look at. More importantly, it doesn’t do your overall health any favors. Medical experts have confirmed time and time again that sustained bad posture can leadHow to fix bad posture to a host of health complications such as sciatica pain, dizziness, kyphosis, and muscle atrophy, among many others.

If I may be so blunt: if you don’t take the necessary measures and learn how to fix your bad posture, chances are you won’t live to see your future grandkids or at the very least enjoy the quality of life that you deserve.

Granted, correcting a slouch or a rounded back isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world, at least not overnight.In this day and age where most of us have to sit on a work desk for hours on end in order to make ends meet, it’s always too easy to revert to old habits.

The good news is, there are many effective methods that can fix your posture problem.

Strengthen your Core

The core is that part of your body that starts just below the ribcage and ends right across the mid thighs. Having strong core muscles makes it easier for the body to assume the proper sitting and standing position.

Strengthen Core-How to fix bad postureDon’t rely on situps alone. There is a myriad of core strengthening exercises that can do wonders for your posture. Leg lifts is one popular exercise you can do to improve your core strength, not to mention that you can do it easily right in the comfort of your own home.

To do leg lifts, simply lie flat on your back, and with your spine in neutral, lift your heels off the ground. Lift one leg up at a time so that the knee for the corresponding leg is over the hip. Rotate from side to side and maintain a neutral spine, all the while relaxing your shoulders and breathing naturally. Do 10 reps on each leg and you will be learning how to fix your bad posture.

Yoga Exercises

Doing yoga exercises has been proven effective in improving muscle flexibility as well as rectifying muscle imbalances, conditioning Hero-Pose-How to fix bad postureyour muscles in such a way that makes it easier to assume and maintain proper posture. Yoga exercises can relieve muscle pains, strengthen the core, and realign the spine.

There is a wide variety of yoga exercises that can do wonders for your posture. The best yoga exercise to get rid of your slouch is called the Hero Pose.

To do this, sit on your heels and sit up straight with the top of your head pointing at the sky. You can place some padding under your ankles to reduce potential discomfort. Keep your knees together, position each foot to the sides and keep the toes pointed behind you. You can do breathing exercises and/or meditate while you’re at it.

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Sit Properly

Most of us who do work on a computer table have a tendency to slouch whenever we’re in the middle of an engrossing task. The Aeron Chair-How to fix bad postureresult? An aching back, an aching neck, and a tired body. This is because slouching can put unduly strain on your back, stressing muscles in places where they should not be stressed.

To learn how to fix your bad posture, assume the proper sitting position, keep your shoulders low and relaxed, your feet planted flat on the floor, and your back pulled back. To relieve pressure on the tailbone, you can place a lumbar pillow across your lower back. Adjust your chair’s height in such a way where your knees are slightly elevated and your eyes level with the top of the monitor. Of course, you will need the proper chair (like the ones we reviewed here) in order to assume this position.

Retrain Your Posture

Now that you’ve gone this far into the article, you must be thinking: “That’s easy enough. I can do that.” Fair warning: you’re not out of
the woods yet. As is often the case, a person can end up reverting to his old habits despite having formed a strong resolve to improve Neo G Medical Grade-How to fix bad posturehis posture.

To prevent this from happening, you’ll need to retrain your muscles every chance you get. What that means is that you have to set up the conditions that can maintain and facilitate the proper alignment of your body whether you’re sitting, standing, or walking.

Doing the aforementioned exercises can help retrain your posture. For better and long-lasting results, you can always use a posture brace. If you’re at a loss on which posture brace to buy, you can check the posture braces we reviewed here.

Final Thoughts

The benefits of learning how to fix your bad posture can’t be emphasized enough. Not only does it improve your health,  it also makes you look better, feel better, and work better. It translates into everything you do and can positively impact your life in more ways than one.

This is why every effort you make to improve your posture is more than worth it. There is no better time to start than now.

Bad sitting leads to bad posture

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