Merkur is a famous brand name when it comes to wet shaving. The history of Merkur started during 1920s in Germany and since then, it has been manufacturing safety razors consistently till the present day. It is no surprise that with the comfort and safety it’s product provide, it has remained to be the best choice of men.

Out of several safety razors of Merkur, Merkur Futur Safety Razor Polished Chrome is one of them and is also a best-selling safety razor. This razor is categorized under adjustable safety razor as it enables a shaver to fine-tune the gap of the blade. This helps in adjusting the aggressiveness of the razor depending on the skin type and the density of the facial hair. Invented in 1956, Gillette was the first company to produce adjustable safety razors commercially and soon, Merkur stepped in as well. Gillette marketed about 14 such razors in the next 25 years while Merkur brought out just three models which are still under production except Gillette’s.  And, one of them today is marketed as Merkur Futur Safety Razor Polished Chrome and we’ll have a look at this razor here in this article.Merkur 34C Heavy Duty Classic Safety Razor

As mentioned earlier, this razor allows you to modify the blade angle for the razor’s shaving aggression. You can either increase the aggression or decrease it. Merkur has given a modern look and chrome finish to the razor and is more than 4 inches long. These factors make this razor weigh heavy and is over 4 ounces in weight. Additionally, the length and the weight assist for an effortless and comfortable shave.

If you don’t know, it has an additional feature which is its six different settings which can be changed turning the handle to your desired setting that is numbered right on the handle bar. For instance, those men having thick and rough beard, a setting of 6 is recommended that exposes more portion of the blade fitted. And those with soft or sparse facial hair setting of 1 works perfectly with less exposure of the blade. This setting provides lower aggression in shaving which is very feasible for sensitive skins.

Furthermore, being a two piece razor, it has the ability to fit all type of safety razor blades because of its snap closure. So, you don’t really have to buy specific safety razor blades for it. Easy, isn’t it?

Now that we’ve known about few things about the functionality and properties of this razor, let us also have a quick look on how to use it.

More or less, it is used the same way as other Merkur safety razors. Apply shaving lather on your face covering you beard area properly. And then angle the razor’s blade at 30 degrees against your skin and with a little pressure slide it. Remember, you don’t have to apply high amount of pressure as the weight of this razor creates enough amount of pressure for a clean shave. With this razor, you can always change the blade exposure as different parts of your face have different beard density. Adjust the aggression accordingly and once you finish with your first shave, do it all over again to experience a super clean shave.


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