Starting and Growing Your Mobile Massage Business

As a niche industry, the mobile massage and spa business has attracted and maintained its hold on a diverse clientele, and there are no signs of this trend stopping any time soon.Mobile Massage Business at Work

It’s not in the least surprising, really. After all, having a professional massage therapist pay you a visit instead of having to visit a spa or massage establishment yourself has its own set of conveniences.

As such, if you’re planning on starting your own mobile massage business, there’s no better time than now. If you take the time to set up and follow a concrete business plan, a mobile massage and spa business can be a lucrative endeavor.

Compared to stationary massage businesses, a mobile massage practice doesn’t require you to pay rent unless you combine your mobile outreach with a physical location.

Moreover, numerous state-of-the-art mobile massage equipment and supplies have proliferated in the market in the last few years, making the prospect of starting a mobile spa business even more attractive.

Find a Target Market
Mobile Massage Business Booth

It’s essential that you do some market research before setting up your own practice. This is where the Internet can get really handy. You can Google search for specific communities in your area that might have a need for your services. For example, if one of your specializations is sports massages, you can target a local gym or a sports business club should they exist in your area.

Does your friend own a real estate business or other such business where you could offer free 10 minute chair massage samples.  How about a local farmers market or local fairs where you can set up a booth to expose your business and find future clients.

Make Online Connections

It’s no secret that the business world has come to a point where the Internet is not onlyMobile Massage Business Website integral but also pivotal in helping a business thrive. To increase online awareness for your mobile massage business, you have to promote your business online.

You can do this by building a website and creating social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) for your massage business. WordPress is a very user friendly free website that you can create at little or no cost.

Also, I often see massage therapists advertising on Amazon local. This is a great way to get exposure and find new clients.

By integrating all these online tools, you can gain the leverage that can drive your marketing efforts. Pick a catchy business name that can provide you an advantage on a marketing and business standpoint.

Using Quality Supplies and Equipment Goes a Long Way

Chair Massage- Mobile Massage BusinessYou can be good at your job and have all the credentials to impress any prospective client but if your supplies and equipment set are not up to par quality-wise, don’t be surprised if said client doesn’t call you again for your services.

To ensure the safety of your clients, pick massage tables and massage chairs with a sturdy construction. Go for those that are lightweight and portable; you’re running a mobile massage practice, after all.

For superior comfort, those with cushions made of high-quality material such as memory foam are highly recommended. A functional design also assures that the client’s needs are met.

Here are the essential supplies and equipment you will need to run your mobile massage therapy business:

Portable Massage Table- Mobile Massage Business

  • Portable Massage Table
  • Portable Massage Chair
  • Towel Warmer Cabinet (for great towel warmer cabinets click here )
  • supplies – sheets, pillows, lotions, candles
  • clock
  • music
Advertise Your Way to Success

Advertising is the lifeblood of any business, and the same adage applies to running a mobile massage business. To attract prospective clients, you have to be clear and concise in your advertising. Focus only on the important details. Remember, most people have a tendency to skim through ads so you might as well make every detail count. Keep your ads short and to the point.

Mobile Massage Business Outreach

More importantly, focus on informing potential clients what you can offer. Also include your credentials, licenses, types of massages on offer, cost, hours of availability, and the areas you provide services to.

Avoid fluff at all costs. And since you’re just starting out and your main focus is to establish a client base, it might be a good time for you to offer discounts. People love discounts!

That said, it’s important that your ads stay consistent. If you make certain changes in your business in the future, it’s always advisable that you make the necessary adjustments in all your ads to prevent confusion.

Final Thought

To run a successful mobile massage therapy practice, you need to have all the bases covered. Namaste- Mobile Massage BusinessYou need a game plan for everything and use all the resources available (and financially practical) to you.. And make sure that you pick only high-quality supplies and equipment, especially portable massage tables, portable massage chairs, and towel warmers, to ensure high client retention.

More importantly, you have to provide exceptional customer service for every client you encounter. By always maintaining a courteous and professional attitude in dealing with your clients, you can foster long-lasting professional relationships which will  in turn help your massage practice thrive in the long-term. Focus on doing your best work and being completely present with each client. Serve their needs and your business will grow.

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