Easily one of the hottest new products in the world of rehabilitation, more and more people are waking up to the powerful benefits that simple foam rollers bring to the table.

Maybe the most inexpensive rehabilitation option out there, proper foam rolling can completely alleviate a lot of the aches, pains, and back problems that you’ve been dealing with – no matter how constant or chronic pain may be.


With just five or 10 minutes a day of foam rolling you’re going to be able to breathe new life into your back and reinvigorate your muscles in ways you never would have thought possible before.

Armed with these seven tips and tricks you’ll be able to completely fix your upper back in a hurry with this game changing new solution!

Let’s dive right in!Here are seven ways to fix your back with a foam roller

Start off slow by laying down on the foam roller

It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

All you have to do to change your life with this foam roller is to simply set it down on the ground and then lay on top of the roller with your shoulders situated squarely on top of it. Relax, allowing your body to kind of sink into the roller, letting it do all of the heavy lifting as far as massaging your back is concerned.

After about 30 seconds you’re going to feel a couple of snaps, crackles, and pops, and you’ll actually be able to recognize as your back muscles release all of their attention. It’s a wild experience, but it’s going to have you feeling better than brand-new in seconds!

foam roller

Slowly roll downwards towards the middle of the spine

After you have released the tension in your shoulders you are going to want to slowly begin rolling down towards the middle of your spine.

Go at a pace of about an inch or two every second, going just as slow as you possibly can while maintaining your momentum. This allows the roller itself to massage the tissue in your back muscles, working out any kinks and releasing all kinds of extra tightness.

Once you get into the middle of your back, however, hip the brakes!

Roll down your back to low and you run the risk of causing some pain.

Slowly roll downwards towards the middle of the spine

Rock side to side

Now that you have the foam roller situated squarely in the middle of your back it’s time to begin to rock side to side with your hands behind your head.

Slowly tilt your body from one side to the next, keeping your feet securely on the ground and you will be able to roll all the tension out of the mid back area. Go back and forth five or six times on each side and you’ll be able to feel a lot of extra tension go right out of your body.

Slowly roll back up to your shoulders

After you have rolled side to side for a dozen times or so you’ll want to slowly roll all the way back up to your shoulders. Keep the same glacial pace that you used previously, and once you hit the shoulders relax and pause there for about 30 seconds.

Let the tension go out of your body into everything you can to turn your muscles into jelly, really letting gravity pull you into the foam roller until you feel fantastic.

Slowly roll back up to your shoulders

Slowly roll up to the middle of your neck

After 30 seconds on the shoulders you’ll want to roll right back up to the middle of your neck and then pause. Once you are here slowly turn your head from one side to the next, letting the foam roller to the massaging for you.

You want to be particularly gentle on the neck areas so that you don’t cause any headache or hassle.

Roll all the way down to the middle of your back and then back up to the shoulders again

After giving your neck 30 seconds of attention cruise on down to the middle of your back at that super slow pace, but without pausing you’ll want to roll yourself right back up again. Do everything in your power to keep your muscles loose, to eliminate tension in your back, and to kind of will your muscles into the material of the foam roller.

This is where the facia of your muscles will be triggered and how you get the instant release – and instant relief – that you are after. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Keep things rolling on a daily basisseven ways to fix your back with a foam roller

As a general rule, you’ll want to roll your muscles with foam at least twice a day just after you wake up and right before you go to sleep.

Ideally be able to get between five and 15 minutes of rolling in every day, and so long as you stick to this program you’ll see noticeable results – and a much better back – in about five days or so!


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