Resistance bands are elastic bands that are used for physical therapy and training. Resistance band exercises were mainly created to help people with muscular injuries train and strengthen their legs or arms. They can be used almost anywhere, as they are easy to transport and comfortable to use. Exercising with a resistance band does not require a lot of space or effort, but it does require one to be persistent.

There are multiple types of exercise that can be performed with a resistance band. Using such an accessory, one can train their chest, shoulders, upper back, lower back, quads, calves and abs. If you are looking for complex exercise that will help you recover from muscle injuries or tone your muscles, see the top 10 resistance band exercises and choose the best for your needs:

Top 10 resistance band exercises

  1. Front squats

Front squats are some of the most popular exercises that require a resistance band. While doing this exercise, your feet must be placed on the top of the band while holding its handles up to the shoulders’ level. Squad slowly, until your quads seem to be parallel and then go back up.

Front squats are mainly important for your legs, but they also help you trains your abs and arms. Repeat this movement 10 times.

  1. Squat and Row

This exercise is also good for those who wish to train their full body and those who haven#t been training for a long time. This time, the resistance band must be looped around a pole or a door attachment. Start in a squat position keeping your legs wide apart and your hands straight ahead. Next, stand up tall and pull both arms to your chests’ sides.

Repeat the same movement as many times as you can.

  1. Squat and Press

This exercise is similar to the front squats but it requires you to bring your hands overhead and down to your ears’ level when squatting.

This exercise should be repeated 10-15 times.

  1. Glute Bridge

This is the best exercise for glutes. Tie the band above your knees and lie down on your back, keeping your feet at 90 degrees on the floor. Raise your hips, aligning your entire body in a diagonal position. Repeat this exercise 20 times.

  1. Lateral Band Walk

This exercise is as simple as walking. The resistance band must be placed right above the ankles, keeping your feet slightly apart. Bend your knees a little bit and keep your arms on your hips while taking side steps, first to the right and then to the left.

Resistance band exercices

  1. Bent-Over Row

Stand on top of the resistance band, bend your knees and upper body forward and start pulling the band towards you. This is one of the best back exercises.

  1. Lying hip abductions

This exercise is effective mostly for women. Lie down on one side and string your resistance band slightly above the ankles. Sustain your body with your arms and raise the leg up in the air. Return it to the bottom and repeat several times. When you’re done, flip over and do the same on the opposite side.

  1. Push-ups

These push-ups are similar to regular ones, the only difference being the use of the resistance band. Place it around your shoulders and sit on its other side with your hands. Start pushing straight up 20 times or less is that seems a bit too much.

  1. Lunge and Biceps Curl

Step on the resistance band with one foot while holding it with your hands at the hip level. Bend your knee into a lunge position and do a biceps curl at the same time. Repeat the same movement with the other leg and keep doing the same 20 times.

  1. Band Crunch

Lie down on your back, attach your resistance band around a stable object or pole and hold it with your hands. At this point, your hands should be positioned behind your head. Pull your stomach and head up and go back down, repeating the same movement as many times as you can.

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