More and more people are waking up to the power of resistance bands as an effective part of a serious exercise program.

Resistance bands used to be thought of as a bit of a joke, the kind of late night infomercial fitness gadget or gizmo that people only ever turned to what it was 4 AM and they were desperate for change that the infomercial guru promised them.

Nothing could be further from the truth today.

Today, thanks in large part to some of the most influential people in fitness (including Arnold Schwarzenegger himself), a lot of people have come around on resistance bands – and it’s good news that they have!

Capable of providing an almost identical set of results as traditional dumbbells and iron, but with an increased range of motion and flexibility that allows for different kinds of exercises without having to drop $2000 or $3000 outfitting a home gym with traditional dumbbells and barbells, you’ll fall in love with everything that resistance bands have to offer right after you start: the supply of resistance band exercises below.

Let’s dive right in!

Front squats build your lower bodyfront Squat

Even though most people love nothing more than to spend time building up their “beach muscles” – arms, abs, and pecs – if you really want to pack on pound after pound of lean muscle mass, lead a strong and healthy lifestyle, and look great (and symmetrical) you’ll need to work on your lower body and your legs.

Start off by standing on the resistance band with your feet spread slightly wider than shoulderwidth. Hold a handle in each of your hands, bring that band up to the top of your shoulder, and then begin squatting down and then pushing back up.

Lateral band walks build your glutes and your core

Lateral Walking

By strapping a resistance band around your ankles and then stepping side-by-side (laterally) in the have squat position will be to work all of the major (and the minor) muscles in your lower body as well as your core. Your hips will especially against a lot of worthy exercise that they wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, and when you improve your hips you improve your power in most every athletic endeavor you can imagine.

Build your back with bent over rowsBent over Row

A rowing machine will do the body good for sure, but most of us don’t have a few thousand dollars to drop on a high quality piece of home fitness equipment that will take up more space than we have available.

Thankfully though, bent over rows (one of the most important 5 resistance band exercises you can do) will get you almost the exact same results and all you’ll need are your resistance bands. Stand on the bands with your feet about shoulderwidth apart been slightly at the knees, and then begin pulling the handles up towards your midsection in a rowing motion.

A better push up is possibleBent over Row


It may not be possible to build a better mousetrap, but building a better push up is DEFINITELY possible when you add resistance bands into the mix.

Simply loop bands of the bands through each of your thumbs after draping the resistance band over your upper back and across your shoulders. Drop into the push-up position and start getting after it – though you might find this one of the best 5 resistance band exercises is a lot more challenging than you expected it to be.

After a couple of weeks you should be able to build up the strength and endurance necessary to reach your “old” maximum of push-ups without resistance bands, and after that the site really is the limit.

Military presses into dumbbell curls would last your entire arm

Military Press

Stand over the center of a resistance band with your feet spread shoulder width apart. From there you’ll want to grab the handles, lift them up to your waist, and then push the bands up past your shoulders until your arms are fully extended over your head.

Bring the bands back down to your waist (slowly and under your control) and then go up for a bicep curl. Once you complete a rep, bring the bands back down to the waist and then go back up into the shoulder press position, rinsing and repeating for your max reps.

With these exercise, the best 5 resistance band exercises there are, you’ll be fit and as strong as an ox in no time!

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