Waist trimming is not really a new concept as women have been binding their waists to create hourglass figures for centuries. The difference from today’s waist trimmers and compression products, however, is that they promise more than just a slimmer waist.Many trimmers available in the market promise to help you lose weight – but do they really work and deliver what they are promised to do?

What Does A Waist Trimmer Do?Waist Trimmer

Waist trimmers, which are usually made from neoprene, are designed to raise the body temperature during exercise. They are placed around the tummy prior to working out, and generate heat around the core once you start to workout. By building up heat and increasing core body temperature, it is claimed to help users burn more calories during exercise and melt fat around the abdominal area, thereby speeding up the rate of fat loss and tightening the tummy in the process.

Aside from tightening the belly area, wearing a waist trimmer also causes the area to sweat profusely. This leads to water weight and fluid loss, which eventually gives the appearance of a trimmer tummy over time. While experts argue that fluid loss is temporary (since you will eventually gain it back once you consume enough liquid after your workout), this temporary result can be a great confidence booster, and can be a quick fix if you are attending a social event where you need to be in good shape.

Raising Your Core Body Temperature

In addition to raising core body temperature and causing fluid loss, using a waist trimmer also helps you improve your posture. This is because it supports the back region during exercise. Because of its supportive features, trimmers are also recommended for people who suffer from spine and back trauma.

sweet Sweat waist trimmer Also, wearing a trimmer throughout the day (and not just during exercise) can also be very beneficial, as it may unintentionally remind you to eat better or less than you normally do. While you may not notice it, the constant compression on your waistline provides you with a reminder that you are trying to lose weight.

This constant pressure acts as a regular reminder of your fitness and weight loss goals, which in turn may help you make better choices when it comes to food. You can also wear it throughout the day to support your posture, especially when you spend most of the time sitting on an office chair.

While waist trimmers provide some great effects, they also have their fair share of disadvantages. On the flip side, wearing a trimmer can cause profuse sweating on the area and may cause dehydration in the middle of your workout. The good thing is that this disadvantage can be remedied by making sure that you take get sufficient water intake before, during and after your exercise.

Does It Really Work?

Indeed, waist trimmers provide a wide range of benefits – from increasing core body temperature to producing instant slimming results. However, common sense dictates that you cannot really lose weight and achieve results by just using the product alone.

To get the best results, you will still need to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet, so you end up burning more calories than you consume on a daily basis. So, if you can commit to regular exercise and diet, investing in of the best waist trimmers would make a lot of sense and will help you see results even faster.

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