Here’s how to guarantee you never deal with another sleepless night

According to information published by the American Journal of Science (information corroborated by multiple other researchers, reports, and studies all over the world), there are literally millions and millions of people – in the US alone – whose lives are turned completely upside down because they aren’t getting enough sleep or enough quality sleep.

And things are only getting worse.

We’re all working double overtime during the day, coming home stressed out more than ever before, and even if we try to hit the hay hours and hours early each night we find ourselves tossing and turning – staring up at the ceiling – and just waiting, hoping, and PRAYING for sleep…

… Sleep that never comes, or fitful and low-quality sleep that leaves us feeling even worse the next morning.

If you like to eliminate poor quality sleep from your life forever, and instead replace it with the ability to fall asleep almost instantly – on demand, whenever you want – you’re going to want to pay close attention to the insider information we have for you below.

Believe it or not, it’s a lot easier to pull off than you might have otherwise been led to believe!

Let’s get right to it.

It’s all about temperature

A great night's sleep One of the reasons that people are unable to fall asleep with any real consistency, and a major reason why so many people find the quality of their sleek lacking, is because we are sleeping in rooms that are way, way too hot.

The perfect temperature (according to numerous independent studies) for human beings to sleep in is right around 68°F, but a lot of us like to crank the thermostat higher than that – and it causes a world of problems without any of us being the wiser.

If you want the Sandman to pay you a visit earlier in the night, you’re going to want to drop the temperature to 68°F and holding and he’ll oblige.

Kill the impact of technology with technology

There is no doubt that all of the screens in our lives – our computer screens, our tablet screens, our TV screens, and our telephone screens – all have a disastrous impact on our body’s ability to go to sleep.

Blue light (a very specific spectrum of light thrown off by modern screen technology) changes our body’s biochemistry, triggering a list of hormones and chemicals that end up keeping us awake a lot longer than we would have hoped.

One solution is to stop looking screens so frequently throughout the day to limit the impact that the light spectrum will have on your sleep cycles, but another is to cut out using any of these screens about an hour before bed while at the same time listening to a sound machine.

Sound machines (like the ones we reviewed here) are capable of producing a very specific pattern that triggers brain waves and activity in your body to start the sleep cycle almost on autopilot.Definitely check these sleep sound machines out just as soon as you get a chance!

This is one pretty smooth way to use technology to defeat technology, giving you every edge and advantage when it comes time to get in a little bit of sack time.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

For a whole bunch of different reasons, we as a society aren’t even close to as well hydrated as we should be – and it’s destroying us from the inside out.

On average, people in the United States drink two or 3 cups of water a day – which is right around four or five times less than recommended. Sure, we drink other liquids (milk, juice, soda, etc.) to trick our bodies into believing that we aren’t thirsty, but the body knows that we aren’t giving it everything in the and are sleep suffers because of it.

Try to shoot for drinking 1 to 2 L of water every day, and you’ll find that you are able to nod off to sleep much faster than you were able to in the past – and the quality of your sleep will shoot up as well!

Closing thoughts

Sleep is one of the most important things in our lives, something that we spend (or should be spending) eight hours a night – one third of our day – on, a critical bodily function that helps us think clearly, recover from injury, and refresh us for the next day ahead.

People are zombies when they haven’t had the right amount of quality sleep, but thankfully there are a couple of different ways to fix the problem. Hopefully the inside information above helps you out!

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